11 February 2012 @ 04:49 pm
δΈ€ [ action/phone ]  
[ Action | 503 Ricardo Street ]

[When Japan first wakes up to realize he's in clothes that are not his, a room he doesn't recognize and surrounded by things he may not have seen prior to now... Well, it'll be quite loud. In fact, first thing, he falls right out of bed (without stopping to even notice if anyone happened to be beside him) with a loud "Uwah!" and scrambles around trying to figure out where he is.

He's not really making much sense at first, stuttering things about opening his borders and America being too demanding and forceful, but feel free to greet him! Or stand there long enough and you'll catch his attention. You can also catch him after he's calmed down a bit! He'll be sitting somewhere and just trying to think it all through.]

[ Phone ]

[It's after the initial shock that he's able to pick up the phone (albeit a bit shakily) and speak. His voice comes across as hesitant and... well. Worried. At the same time there's a certain sort of determination to present himself well. To... whoever would be receiving this. He wasn't quite sure yet.]

H-hello? Ah, surely this must be a mistake of some sort... Is this a city of America-san's? [Westernization wasn't supposed to happen overnight. There's a pause as he tries to work this out in his mind.]

I-I did not agree to this, so if anyone is hearing me, please explain this immediately! Ah... that is... [It seems like he's struggling to come up with a way to fix his wording, so he sort of fumbles. It's a few moments before he properly hangs up.]

[And of course action can be open to anyone who wants to stop by or pass by etc!]