01 May 2012 @ 04:31 pm
man, I don't even care about numbers anymore [phone / action]  
[A: Phone]


How could I have forgotten an entire half of April? Did-- did something happen...? I'm not even wearing the same thing I remember I had on last. But the mirror shows me as exactly the same, so it can't have been--

[She didn't take on a different body like Zidane had, did she? But he didn't lose two weeks in the process, did he?]

Time couldn't have skipped around suddenly, could it? Was this a result of that census everyone was speaking about?

[B: Action, on any given sidewalk of your choosing]

[As soon as she comes back to her senses again, Dagger discovers there is a pair of peculiar wheeled shoes sitting innocuously near the door that had apparently been intended for her as of a few days ago. A job as a carhop; it was basically like being a waitress, which didn't seem especially hard on its own... if it weren't for the addition of roller skates to make things all the more complicated, that is.

Naturally, Dagger has never skated in her life, much less had to maintain balance on anything more shaky than an especially thick, solid tree branch. She may be able to swing on ropes to get from point A to point B well enough, but this is a whole different kettle of fish.

She figures it would be in her best interests to practice. Parking lots are big, open, paved areas, but the cars coming through at any given time makes avoiding them more problematic than it's worth. Avoiding people is slightly less challenging than avoiding cars, but it's still not that simple. Although balance is difficult, direction is even more of a hassle, and stopping is the hardest feat of them all.

Issue 1: Falling over in embarrassing displays of imbalance is a lot easier than staying upright for more than five seconds at a time.

Issue 2: There... isn't a whole lot in Dagger's wardrobe in Mayfield that isn't a skirt of some sort. She never bothered to change out of what her drone had put her in this morning, and she's stubbornly putting priority on conquering the skates first.

After coming this far, she'll stay here until sundown if she has to. And by the looks of things, that may very well turn out to be the case.]
10 March 2012 @ 08:26 pm
[001] what do you mean it's a "telephone"  
1) Action, backdated to this morning (for 951 Beulah) )

2) Action, out in town a few hours later

[By now, it's early afternoon. Garnet's chosen a set of clothes she's deemed tenable for now (though it still feels wrong, like she's unwittingly stolen them from someone else entirely) and has taken to getting the lay of the land now. This place is like a small kingdom as well, but it's only similar to Alexandria in core concept. Everything from the society to the technology to the layout of the area is foreign to her. She still can't decide if this city itself is just strange in its own right, or if she's the real foreigner.

Originally, the idea was that she'd walk around to ease her nerves a bit and see whatever was outside to see, but she seems to have already forgotten about that. Now, she's just wandering on a whim, staring mostly at the sidewalk in front of her and looking completely out of it.

...To the point where she's not really paying attention to where she's walking, and will probably wind up brushing against or full-out colliding with someone from how absorbed in her own thoughts she is.

Also, she's probably singing to herself while she walks, with such determination that even when she gets to the end of the song, she just goes back and starts from the beginning, over and over again.]