10 July 2012 @ 09:43 am
Observation 9 - DEAD  
 [Action - 630 Topper]

Or at least, he was. It's not something you forget, particularly when you have a photographic memory running for you. The last thing he recalled seeing was the wall of house number '501' in that strange other Mayfield, and message 'you kille'. Which was really not much to go on at all when you were sealed in a vacuum of space and holding your breath as long as possible.

As long as possible being... ...Under two minutes.

Needless to say he died, and at the moment found himself awake and staring at the ceiling of his bedroom in shock, coming with a pounding headache in his possession. Residents of the house will find him sitting on the couch downstairs with his cards in silence- though anyone passing will likely catch him outside later on, with his guinea pig. Evidently someone managed to survive the time he was gone by nibbling the food bag through the bars...



It seems a fair amount of time passed between 'death' in that Alternate Mayfield and now... I have little doubt that others were more successful than I in potentially uncovering any secrets to this place, but for now, I feel it would be more suitable to ask how any others fare aside from the obvious.
16 June 2012 @ 06:42 pm
Observation 8 - Time, what time?  
[Action - Bodine Fashion]

Now that school is out for the summer, Astral is suddenly finding himself with far more time than expected. He's completed a number of decks by this point- even planning to make a call later- and he's got piles of drawings back home...

But for some reason, rather than stocking up on crayons and things, he's filtering through the racks of the clothing store for a few things. One might notice that he's picking some rather... Oddly coloured things actually.

In fact, there seems to be very little connection between the articles he's looking at as a whole! Just what is he doing?



When last I made a call, a few of you mentioned you would be interested in being notified should I complete enough duel monsters cards. Due to the spare time received with summer, I have finished a fair number of them- I have, completed now, a 'Photon' deck, a 'Water' deck, a 'Railway' deck, and a 'Butterfly' deck. If anyone is interested in looking or perhaps playing with these, please tell me.
22 May 2012 @ 08:33 pm
Observation 7 - Pick a card, any card!  
 [Action - 630 Topper]

Astral is sitting on the floor of the living room using the coffee table to draw on it looks like; numerous sheets of card are littered (albeit 'neatly') around him, some of them decorated with statistics and blank squares and others completed with fully rendered monsters of some sort.

At the moment, he seems to be drawing something that looks like this, before staring at it a moment and sighing.

"Hahhhh..." Remembering all the cards he saw in his world just isn't the same as actually having them here... But it's just not fun to have the deck of real cards and be unable to use them...


Hello? Does anyone happen to know of a proper material for use in colouring on card? I don't want to ruin any of the drawings I've made thus far, but I would like to add some colour to them...

Also, when it is done, I should have enough cards to make a variety of 'duel monsters decks', provided they do not vanish without warning. They of course will not work with a d-pad when I have it returned, but if anyone is interested in a tabletop card game, I will gladly join them.
04 May 2012 @ 10:33 am
Observation 6 - Parental Guidance is -Required- [Phone-Action]  

Ah, hello everyone. As I have heard recently, there is a 'prom' event coming soon- from what I have gathered, it's recommended to dress nicely. I was told that a 'suit' would be fine, but I am somewhat stuck as to what sort of suit. I was recommended by one to try a 'tuxedo', but I have also heard those are rather expensive...

[Phone - Filtered to Dualscar]

If it isn't a bad time, I was wondering if it would be alright to talk about troll etiquette at all. I should have called rather than simply arriving unannounced at your home last time, I feel.

[Action - 630 Topper]

As usual, Astral is preparing to cook some lunch for himself, and possibly his housemate if possible. However...

"Now what's this then?"

"Ahh..." DRONE MOM. This house isn't so easy to cook in since the 'parents' were... Yea. "...I am making lunch..."

"Ohhh... You don't have to do that dear. Don't worry about a thing, I'll make something nice and special for you and everyone else!"

"Ah, but you only make sandwiches..." That's not good! He was making rice and carrot flowers and and and-

"Out you get dear, the kitchen is a place for women, not for boys mhmhmhmhm!"

". . ."

Astral can be seen standing outside the kitchen sighing now.

[Action - Bodine Fashion]

Astral is staring at the rather nice looking suits for the moment, frowning. Normally, buying clothes probably wouldn't be a problem. But Astral would rather not come here with a drone parent, which means that buying the EXPENSIVE SUITS (which all of the suits are, arguably) is a bit of a problem on a '13 year old's allowance.

Whoops. The thought probably occurred to him ages ago but...

Well, why is he HERE then?
13 April 2012 @ 11:37 am
Observation 5 - ....This isn't- What. ...What.  
[Action - 950 Beulah]

 Was The Captain even in his bed this evening?
Oh well, he got there at some point, and now Astral is very confused. The fact that this is a different body is immediately apparent- for a number of reasons. As to how different, he quickly finds that out upon stumbling, rather drunkedly, into the bathroom.
His reaction isn't loud, but it's certainly shocked. Eyes widen for... A few moments, and he's holding his head...
Looking at the clock... (Oh, it's early in the morning and- How did he not notice the not-wife, drone or not?)
...Well, he feels REALLY ILL, dizzy, more than confused for both obvious and not obvious reasons (ahh, the symptoms of alcoholism and drunkness...)...
He mind as well at least do some part for whoever is in this house. Even if it's not his, and not his body. Maybe it's like a human dream..?
Regardless. Not-daughter, take a look; someone is cooking you breakfast and possibly even making you a lunch for later. And despite difficulties in moving/thinking/doing much properly... He's not doing too bad.
...He has yet to realize he's been floating a few inches off the ground the entire time. Old habit from his (Well, Astral's) world apparently.
[Phone - 930 Topper]

This is Astral. Ah... Not Astral's body, but it is me. Sorry. If the one present in my body at the moment is there, I would like to apologize for anything that might have caused this.
As to what that is, I am not entirely sure...
...Also, please try not to cause too much damage to my body. I myself have been careful with this one.

[Not that it likely needs it, uh-
...Wowwwwww it's strange hearing this tone of voice from The Captain isn't it..!!]
[Action - Around Town]

While his observational talents have been more or less inhibited by a still present headache, discovering that The Captain could fly has made this much much much much... Much. More enjoyable.
You really don't realize how much you miss something until you lose it, and then get it back in some sort of bizarre circumstance. The point is though...
The Captain can apparently be seen high above, flying and looking below with a strangely glazed look.
13 April 2012 @ 11:23 am
8th Fifth - The Captain is now Astral!  
A) [Action | 630 Toppers Street]

[This is not his beautiful house. That is not his beautiful wife. Also, why is she so tall?

He sneaks off to the bathroom and notices he is blue.

Well then, time to act rational. By rational, I mean Astral goes running screaming through the house.]

☠☠☠☠! Where the ☠☠☠☠ am I? What the ☠☠☠☠?

B) [Phone | Unfiltered]

[Astral's voice comes over the line, with a lot more emotion and cursing. Also, concerned over his lack of genitalia.

Not really aware he is calling the entire town.]

☠☠☠☠, come one. Oh, hey! Lucas! Ken! Tsubaki! And... uh...

Uh... ☠☠☠☠, guy I work with at the pharmacy... ☠☠☠☠. I forgot your name... I am the worst ☠☠☠☠ friend.

Anyways, guys! I don't know what's going on and I am freaking the ☠☠☠☠ out.

And I don't have a ☠☠☠☠ anymore and I am not sure if that's dangerous or not.

C) [Action | Olney's Tavern]

[Astral walks in trying not to look nervous.

Moving up to the bar, even with the displeased looks from the drones.]

Uh... hey. Could I get a shot of whatever whiskey you got? I've been having a terrible day.

D) [Action | Anywhere | Late afternoon]

[Astral is going around town. Even if he didn't get shots at the bar, he stole some of his not!dad's alcohol and a flask.

Astral is stumbling about with that flask now, having a hard time walking straight.]

☠☠☠☠... I'm a lightweight...
02 April 2012 @ 09:15 am
Observation 4 - April... Fools? [Backdated to April 1]  
[Action - Not far from 2235 Stevens - Terezi ]

In light of many recent events, it would seem that what was thought to become something terrible does not appear to be so. Rather than being asked to, as feared, hunt down many others with harmful objects... ..He's being told to prank them?

Astral isn't entirely sure how that will work. But nonetheless, it's supposedly in good fun..? (The people in the book he's looking through appear to be having fun at least, and-)

And not long later he's attempted to hide whatever he smells like as best he can to hide in the bushes with some sort of pie with him. Evidently, while throwing pies are greetings in one world (no one seems to have told him that the man in the bakery was pulling his leg), they also qualify as pranks.

So he's outside Terezi's house.


He's patient enough really, though if it works or not is an entirely separate matter.

[Action - Park - Benson and Miakis]

[[ooc - fun fact- I actually looked into if these sprinklers existed at that time. THEY DID. :D So this prank is entirely possible. ;u; ]]

Some of the other targets were ones he recognized! ...Sort of. He recalls them passing through the park often enough at least, so hopefully that works in his favor.

Actually, he really thinks it will work in his favor, and the fact is, this seems like a way to meet people; and he did agree to try and 'socialize'. (This is how some humans socialize right??)

Somehow, he has found a way to, with a small object lodged inside the device, rig a number of the sprinklers to spray much much MUCH farther than they should. The resulting pressure required makes it far more than a light sprinkle as well. Typically, the sprinklers are only supposed to spray the grass as, well... Sprinkles.

But if he's timed it right, then when these go off, they'll hit at least one of his targets.

Key words being if he's timed it right, of course. He can hardly predict when people come to the park.

13 March 2012 @ 07:30 pm
Observation 3 - Transferable Skill  
[Action - Park] 

Today, Astral is sitting in the park with a large pad of blank paper and a pencil. He seems to be staring at various objects for certain amounts of time before looking at the pad of paper and starting to draw- and this goes on for quite some time in fact.

The interesting thing however, is that something that most would pop out a 'gesture drawing' from is coming out as a full scale, heavily detailed and accurate pencil sketch, and he doesn't even seem to be finding this difficult unless one counts the fatigue his fingers are beginning to feel.

For the moment, he might actually have just finished a picture of a bird, the playground equipment...

Or perhaps you, in whatever pose you were in a few moments ago.

It really depends.
17 February 2012 @ 09:33 am
Observation 2 - Delicious [Action/Phone]  
 [ 630 Topper - Saturday Morning - Action]

The smell of something cooking might wake residents of the house up, but the source might be a little surprising. Evidently Astral, having watched Yuuma's sister and Grandmother enough in his own world, has decided to encourage actually speaking to his housemates by making them breakfast.

Unfortunately, it's not likely anyone in the house is familiar with a breakfast of rice and wonderfully cooked fish.

More unfortunate, it is five o'clock in the morning, and if he hasn't woken you up by cooking the food, he'll have set the table, dished things out, and then moved to sitting outside your bedroom door so that he can make sure you know the breakfast is there.

In fact, it's likely that when you open the door, that's what you'll see.

Astral, sitting beside it, doing nothing.

[Phone - Saturday Afternoon]

I was wondering... What sorts of activities are 'available' on the weekend? Typically, I would be with Yuuma, playing Duel Monsters, or observing the various occurrences in his city, however as I no longer have with me a deck of cards, I would be glad to know of any sort of activity to momentarily replace this.
12 February 2012 @ 09:25 pm
Observation 1 - This is not the inside of the Key  
 [(A) Prose/Action - 630 Topper - Locked to residents]

Perhaps most others would have given more reaction to waking up in a location and wardrobe entirely different from the one they 'slept' in, but Astral for his part seems to simply be staring at everything. He opens his eyes and immediately makes note of the fact that he's in a bed- like the one Yuuma has in the room below the attic (but never uses), though more... 

Simple? Standard? Basic?

Immediately after realizing he's in a bed, he comes to another conclusion.

He's solid. And sitting up, the fact that he's wearing clothes is put to the back of his mind as he inspects this new 'solidness', tapping his hand on the bedside table, on the bed, making the bed (it's supposed to be made right?), marveling at the fact that he can make a bed...

But as he walks out of the room and into the hall he looks around, confused.

"...Where is Yuuma..?"


[(B) Prose/Action - Elementary School Halls]

Alright, so this is school, the thing he is meant to attend for five days of each week here. Okay then.

It doesn't look at all like Yuuma's school, but then again nothing in 'Mayfield' has looked at all similar to 'Heartland' thus far. As it is, he's at the lockers right now, and organizing things neatly inside before looking at one of the books with a somewhat blank stare.

"...'America'?" Oh. Um.

He's never heard of 'America'..!


[(C) Voice - Phone]

...Hello? Is this working?

This is my first experience using a 'phone' for myself... So I'm not entirely certain. I would like to ask if there is anyone who would happen to have additional information on what this 'Mayfield' place is, and how I came to be here. It is... More than confusing, as I was not aware that anyone other than Kaito or Yuuma and his friends knew of my existence.

[Well, at least he's calm about it...]