12 May 2012 @ 03:24 am
☆ Duty 7 - Sweet time passing by  
A. Action | 5719 Cunningham Lane

[ It was a new day. Hayate just knew today was going to be a good da--wait. He steps backwards a bit and glances at the calendar. ]

...Has it really been a year already...?

It feels odd to say the least. I've met so many people, yet also lost some along the way. [ he'll heave a sigh remembering Keima and Elsie. ]

I wonder if the mistress is worried about me...

B. Action | School

[ After classes had ended, Hayate decided to go to the Home Economics room. It was there that he baked millions of sweets. He just had to bake something after having being preoccupied by the fact that he was in mayfield for a year now. ]

C. Action | Around Town

[ So after making those tasty treats, and throwing the burnt ones away, Hayate ultimately decides to give them away. ]

...Um, excuse me. Would you like some homemade sweets? ...T-they're on the house just so you know. Eheheh.