05 May 2012 @ 09:30 pm
2 - Ideas of a bored teenage superhero  
[A - 506 Ricardo Street, Saturday Mid-Morning]

Oh good. I'm still here.

[Sarcasm alert! Jaime is not impressed at still being confined to Mayfield. He was kind of hoping his superheroes companions may have broke him, as well as Ted and Booster, out by now. No such luck. After washing and getting dressed he heads down into the kitchen ready to meet Ted.]

Morning 'Dad', I've been thinking about something while I've been in school here.

[School. If losing your abilities wasn't bad enough whoever ran this place made you STILL go to school, talk about pure evil...]

If there's you, me and Booster here... I was wondering who else we know is? And if there is more of us around, maybe we should have a meeting, or 'Dinner party' as the drones would say. I know we don't have powers but maybe if we joined forces we could figure something out.

[Doubtful, but it would at least feel like they were trying something new at least.]

We could even form the JLM - the Justice League of Mayfield!

[That sounded more excited than it should of, but really in this place... it probably WAS the most interesting thing that had come to Jaime's mind of things to do.]

[B - The Malt Shop - Saturday Lunchtime]

[Jaime is sitting alone in a booth of the Malt Shop, stirring his drink with his straw and looking into space. He still hasn't really made any teenage friends in Mayfield, mainly thanks to holding himself back a little while he was adjusting.

Now he is used to Mayfield... he is kinda needing a pick me up. Apparently this was a good place to meet fellow teens, so he has come and is waiting to see if anyone approaches him or if there is anyone who grabs his attention that looks at least mostly sane that he can confide in who is his own age.]
23 April 2012 @ 05:38 pm
Day 1 - In Blackest Night, In Mayfield's Brightest Day  
[A - 506 Ricardo Street, Monday Morning]

[Jaime wakes to find himself in a strange room, totally different to the one he has in El Paso. He practically jumps out of bed on full alert, has he been captured by one of his crazed rogues gallery!?]

What the! Where am I!?

[Why oh why do I always get into these situations!? One minute I am fighting the evil zombie version of my predecessor Ted Kord, the next I am in some strange room that looks like its been caught in a time warp...]

Where are we... Hey Scarab, wake up!.. OK this isn't good...

[Khaji-Da isn't responding either? What is this place?]

I guess the only thing to do is to find out who or what else is here, outside the door...

[Jaime heads to the door, opens it, and proceeds into the hallway, not sure what he will come across now...]

[B - Around Town, Later that day...]

Man I feel like I am in a movie walking around this place...

[Jaime is aimlessly wandering the streets. He is still unnerved about waking up in this strange place without his powers. Hopefully some fresh air will clear his mind and let him take everything in.]

I guess I should be thankful the things keeping us here are friendly... Small mercy's I guess.

[He comes to a halt at a random bench and takes a seat, not sure what to do next. This is one of those times where he misses Milagro, his little sister. It must be bad, if he is really missing her so soon...]