17 September 2012 @ 04:52 pm
8th Book: The Universal Foundations of Pain and Comfort  

Hello, everyone. My name is Twilight Sparkle. As we all know, this most recent of Mayfield's events came with many losses...perhaps more than the carnival. Friends, family, fellow captives to Mayfield's will...our numbers are plummeting as we step closer to the end and I worry that by the time it happens...there won't be anyone left to escape.

I'm not claiming to be an expert in how Mayfield works. Some of you may choose to laugh at what I have to say and I'm okay with that. What I have to say is strongly based on the beliefs I've held true to my life long before Mayfield, beliefs that extend beyond Equestria and to all of our worlds, to all of our hearts...that faith lies in the power of friendship.

We're only going to make it through however much time we have left if we pull together our efforts, our strengths, our weaknesses and our hearts. This isn't about any one being, human or otherwise, being better than the others or having any better chances of survival than the others; this is about coming together and picking ourselves up from each tragedy the town throws at us. Right now, I believe the most important thing is helping each other recover through these dark times so we can better brace ourselves for whatever may happen next.

I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't hurt from this event. I may not have gone through the portals, I but had friends who did...and many of them didn't return. I'm one of the many in need of comfort...and that's why I'm willing to lend an ear to anyone else who's in pain. This isn't about comparing who's worse off and who's not; this is about reaching out to each other and helping everyone stand back up, no matter how far they've fallen.

If anyone needs someone to talk to about anything at all...I'm here for you. I'll be here for you for as long as I possibly can.
19 August 2012 @ 10:05 pm
7th Book: Unicorn Take Flight  
Action: Outside 1247 Williams

(There is a purple hot air balloon placed right outside the house, as well as one purple unicorn tending to it as if she were preparing to put it to use. Despite any initial thoughts one may have about a pony using a hot air balloon, it's pretty clear Twilight's used this one many times before.)


(She marks something off of her checklist.)

And that covers just about everything. We're all set for takeoff!

Action: John Doe Park

(Since Twilight's regained all of her spell books, she's happily gone back to reading through them because YAY BOOKS FROM HOME! She can be seen resting under a tree in the park, reading through her books and occasionally practicing her magic. Don't worry; she's making very sure not to hit anyone close by with her spells. It's mostly harmless stuff, but occasionally she'll try an offensive spell or even try flying herself around a bit, giggling as she does so. It's great having some of her books again.)
24 June 2012 @ 01:53 am
6th Book: Shambling Voices  

I...couldn't catch everything that was said over the radio, but I was able to jot down the basics, for everypony that's interested:

(A slight rustling of papers before she clears her throat and reads aloud.)

"Hello? Can anyone hear me?
Insane. I don't know if you can hear me.
Glitches. It's not perfect, not even for us.
Chance to strike back. More dangerous that ever...unstable...only gotten worse since.
Losing control, not only for themself.
Some kind of carnival...trying to hurt you...
...find the answers you're looking for.
Codes in the system.
Holes through Mayfield. I know, I'm...Mayfield...
I don't know if anyone heard this...
Get out of town now, for all our sakes...
...signing off."

And I believe I heard the name "Richard Grey" somewhere in there, but I can't be certain. Can anyone confirm this?
20 May 2012 @ 03:17 pm
5th Book: Arcane Ascension  
Action: John Doe Park; locked to Patchouli Knowledge

(It's already been three months since Twi and Patchy became student and teacher. Isn't that something else? The time certainly goes by...

...but after three months of studying everything from those grimoires, the unicorn finally decided to test them out. The park was always a good place to test out powers; this time was no different. After giving the books one more look through, she closes them up and returns them to her bag, giving her teacher a confident nod.

Okay, I'm all set!

Action: John Doe Park; after the previous action; for everyone

(After several practice runs, Twilight needed to stop and take a breather. Unicorn magic was physically exhausting and magic from Gensokyo was definitely no joke. In any case, she and Patchy are here, discussing a few things and pretty much not blowing up anything else. It's safe to approach this time!)

((OOC: Since this is a joint post, replies will come from both Twilight and Patchouli. Please specify in the subject line if you want to speak with them individually. ))
07 April 2012 @ 01:57 pm
4th book: A Newpony's Guide ot Pranking (Backdated to April 2nd)  
(Twilight was expecting the town to descend into madness because of April Fools day, especially since Rainbow Dash was confirmed to be out and about, but Mayfield dared to send her a list of people for her to prank! Being the pony that she is, Twilight was clearly opposed to taking part, so she crumbled up the letter and tossed it.

It wasn't until after the strange marks started appearing that she realized she didn't have a choice in the matter. Reluctantly, she made out to complete her list...

For [personal profile] reflames

You're up first, Mokou! )

For [personal profile] princecreepshow

O hai, Belphegor! )

For [personal profile] wafels

You're up, Belgium! )

For [personal profile] battymadam

Good day to you, Madam Foster! )

For [personal profile] notquitegeisha

Prepare for a pony surprise, Inara! )

Action: All around town

(The generic thread for those who want to poke at Twilight or even prank Twilight for this event. She's all over the place, so have fun with pony pranks~)
20 March 2012 @ 12:32 am
3rd Book: Stealth in Hindsight  
(Not long after Twilight snapped out of being droned did her mentor, Princess Celestia, end up getting droned herself. It's something that's been bothering her for a long time, but on this specific day...she just couldn't take it anymore. With her idol and teacher gone, she finally snapped, and anyone who knows Twilight knows she doesn't think straight when she snaps. That was why, out of desperation, she finally turned to the post office...)

Action: All Around Town

(Guess who now has her horn back? Twilight does! But can you guess who also flipped her shit? Twilight did!

She has on a strange looking stealth outfit for an occasion that doesn't exist. Where did she get the outfit? What happened to her mane? Why is the eye patch over her right eye particularly bloody? And why is she sneaking around Mayfield?

All of which are reasonable questions. You're more than welcome to ask her...if you can catch her. She's hiding in shadows and teleporting from the ground to rooftops and back, so while she might be tricky to follow for some, others might be able to hold her up easily. She's also not moving particularly fast.

06 March 2012 @ 03:08 pm
2nd book: Late Spring, Early Cleaning  
(Through reading and asking just about everypony she could, Twilight has learned that, with little surprise, Mayfield has no Winter Wrap-Up. The closest to it is spring cleaning, which she's interpreting as the same thing, but to an obsessive compulsive pony like her...)

People wait a full year to thoroughly clean and organize their homes? That's just unethical! Impractical! Unhygienic! That's not going to happen in this house!

Action: 1247 Williams; Open to all

(Anyone in the house will easily be able to spot Twilight running about as she cleans and organizes every inch of the house to her specifications. This means she'll be rearranging books, pictures, furniture and everything else she can move. Unfortunately, a lack of magic means she's having a rough time doing so, which anypony can see and most likely hear, not just housemates! If you peek through the windows, you'll see this lavender pony cleaning and probably making a mess of things at the same time. You'll also be able to hear her causing a commotion because let's face it, Twilight's too accustomed to using magic for this sort of thing. The windows and doors are open in case anyone wants to drop by and complain about the ruckus.)


Holding a phone with hooves isn't exactly the most comfortable experience in the world, but after a moment of shuffling and movement, she's managed to get a decent enough hold on it! Even if it's more like propping the phone on something so it doesn't fall.)

I think I'm getting used to doing things without magic, but it's not easy with so many things inaccessible to those without hands or the ability to grip something. I'd love to continue my science and magic experiments, but thanks to Mayfield, I can't even manage that. It's one thing to try and force people to live together in a mysterious and ominous place like this, but to deny them the opportunity of proper learning and acceptable learning material? It's like this place wants me to go insane! I can only read about cooking dinner for the family so many times before I have to wonder how badly they want our brain cells to drop into the single digits...
11 February 2012 @ 07:25 pm
1st book: The Famillarization of the Unfamiliar and the Formerly Familiar  
Action A: 1247 Williams Road; locked to housemates

(For those who've been in this particular home for a while, you may have noticed a lavender unicorn droned into acting like a cat. Not only is she now fully conscious and aware of her actions, but she's now walking through the house as though she's seen it all before. She has memories of her previous adventures in Mayfield, but they're fuzzy at the moment. It might take her a moment to remember you, but it could happen! Maybe.)

Action B: Around or inside the library

(Part of her Mayfield memories have started returning and while she remembers the collection at the library being...less than preferable, it's where she's most likely to figure things out. Anyone who wants to help jog her memory or say hi is welcome to do so~)