17 July 2012 @ 12:27 am
14th Guitar Drive-By - Action, The Park  
[Today is not a good day for Haruko.

Oh. The whole disappearing carnival wasn't so bad. Hell it was kind of fun the way Haruko saw it. What was bad was what was waiting for her at "home".

There's a big rule Haruko operates under or at least endeavors to. And that rule is to keep away from attachment. It was something she just picked up during her adventures due to how often she'd go from place to place and how disposable she'd come to think of people. You hang out with people for a time, use them up for what you can, then leave on when you have what you want or all you can get. That was the ideal for how she operated. But it'd be a lie to say she always accomplished it. Fleecing kids was part of her shtick in trying to find Atomsk, the being that held the power she so craved. And while she'd always try to keep as impersonal as she could while getting them to trust her it was hard. And in a way she always felt SOMETHING about them. Hell. Even in this town she was growing fond of people which she recognized was a bad thing.

But Naota had been...something special. Her favorite of the kids she guessed. It wasn't even because he was the one who had gotten her the closest to capturing Atomsk so much as the fact that there was a spark in him. Despite all his pouty, whiny bullshit he actually could grow with a little prodding. Haruko had to admit she liked that. Hell she'd even admit if pressured enough that she was happy he was in Mayfield.

Or had been. It's a bit easier to tell she's less happy he's gone now, at least mentally. She doesn't even know if she wants to call whatever is in front of her when she looks at him a drone. The whole thing is just so tasteless. So bland and stupid and obnoxious and so obviously meant to piss her off.

After almost nine months the town has for the very first time hurt her. But she won't admit it. At all. Instead she'll deal with this the most proactive way she can think.

She'll be taking Naota's drone to the park and give him a baseball bat. Hell she even seems almost nurturing as she gets on a knee and takes a handkerchief out of her pocket.]

Gee mom it sure is swell you're going to help me practice baseball! But don't you think dad would be better for it?

Sorry Ta-kun. Dad's busy right. And I'm pretty sure I know a thing or two.

[Her voice is her usual tone but deep down...there's something wrong. The people who've known her the longest in town, in fact, would possibly tell that it sounds like she's forcing her voice. As if it's some kind of shell with something else waiting underneath it.

Haruko takes the handkerchief and ties it over drone!Naota's eyes, leaving the boy confused as she walks back towards a sack of baseballs.]

Haha mom! Is this some kind of prank?

Oh, no prank.

[Haruko takes one of the balls out, tossing it up and down for a moment. Feeling it. Testing it.]

We've just got some hardcore training to do.

[The speed of the ball as she throws it at the drone is incredible, and the crack it makes against the drone's side as it hits is audible. The drone cries out in surprise and pain before falling to the ground, clutching his side.

Haruko just laughs.]

Oops! Looks like you weren't ready, huh?

[She takes another baseball out of the bag, gripping it so hard her knuckles go white and one of the seems on the baseball pops. Haruko cusses a little under her breath as she tosses the ruined baseball away and picks up a usable one. Her eyes turn to Naota's drone, still down on the ground, and she glares.]

Get up.

[Get up dammit. Get up and get the bat and hit the ball. You did it back in Mabase. You proved you can do it. Show her that there's something of you still in there dammit.]

I said get up!

[And she's throwing another ball.

And another.

And another.]

[OOC Note: Attempting to interfere with Haruko at the moment can be incredibly dangerous. She's extremely volatile and likely to attack people who refuse to move, and is an astoundingly physically powerful fighter. The possibility of injury and harm is pretty high in this case, so please specify if you want to avoid it.

I apologize for how late I was to getting this warning up. That was my bad.
11 June 2012 @ 12:19 am
13th Guitar Drive-By - Phone/Action  
[Every little girl has their dreams as a child. Each one is a special, a tribute to their own creativity and desires. It's a natural thing for children to have an idea of what they want when they're adults and can't help but believe that's what their lives will be like in the end. As time goes on and as they age those dreams fade and they begin to learn to compromise.

But today one person's childhood dream is going to come true.

Today Haruko is going to kill a shit load of zombies.]


[During this time of crisis many people are using the phones to try and help others. To give out information as to what to do in this time of crisis or check up on loved ones.

Haruko simply has this bit of wisdom to share with you all, her voice cracking and horse and creepy but also hiding a giddiness too it.]

They're coming to get you, Barbaraaaaaaaa!

[Action - Around Mayfield]

[It's goddamn Christmas in July June.

It's not unusual for Haruko to just tear around on her Vespa at breakneck speeds in Mayfield. Nor is it unusual for her to try and bat people away with her guitar while she engages in this behavior.

What is odd is how focused she seems at the moment. Because God help her she is striking down zombie after zombie at the moment and will go out of her way to run some over at the same time while she does if it seems feasible to do so. If your character is having trouble there's a chance she may have just helped them out of a pinch due to the fact that she's running down and brutally striking down any zombies she sees. And she'll be happy to accept thanks but it'd be a lie to say she meant to do this.

And you may want to be careful because all things considered? Haruko isn't a careful driver. And there's a good chance in her enthusiasm she may just be about ready to run into you.]
27 April 2012 @ 03:02 pm
12th Guitar Drive by - Phone/Action  

Alright. We got a lot of business to get to so let's get down to it!

FIRST! I have the results back from you kids and teachers physicals we had back in January. And the verdict is......you suck! You all fucking suck! So we're gonna start us a new plan to make sure everyone at school is healthy and promoting a healthy lifestyle yessiree! This will include, but is not limited to: random physical evaluations, random check ups, random reflex testing, a change in the cafeteria food, personal inspections of your own lunches and that they may be confiscated if I choose to do so, and so on and so on and so forth. You better get ready cause this is serious business.

ZWEI! Prom is coming up! Now, I know some of you probably aren't from around Earth and don't know what Prom is. So I, being the wonderful, kind, and beautiful person I am will teach you everything you need to know! Even if you are from Earth and don't know what prom is, ask me and I'll explain all you need to know! Which also brings up another point.

EVERYONE MUST GO TO PROM! I don't know or care what the deal is, if you aren't an asshole I had better see you at Prom. Prom is a tradition, and everyone must be there.

TRES! Finally, I am looking to start up a baseball team in town. Or teams. I dunno. I and some dorky guy in a baseball hat have been thinking about it. So if you can even so much as throw a clod of dirt or swing a stick around, I wanna talk with you about this. Because you're playing baseball now.

[Action: Mayfield High]

[Throughout the day during classes you may get a special visitor.

That visitor will be a pink-haired woman in a nurse's uniform wearing a baseball cap, glove, and holding a ball.

Or rather, she was holding a baseball. She's know tossed the baseball at some unsuspecting person in the classroom the moment she kicked the classroom door open. Better think fast, because you might be the person she just tossed the ball out. And if you're a teacher? Don't worry.

You're not excluded from her throwing a ball at you at all.]
12 March 2012 @ 01:19 pm
11th Guitar Drive-By - Phone/Action  
[Action; Mayfield High Cafeteria]

[For all you lucky students who may be brave enough to try the school provided lunches (or who have just gotten screwed by some circumstances and need to eat there), feel free to notice that one of the usual lunch ladies looks...off. In fact, it appears one of them isn't a drone lunch lady at all. Haruko has gone through the trouble of knocking a lunch lady unconscious (and leaving her in the teacher's lounge) so she can make sure that those unlucky few who eat the school prepared lunches can have a decent one.

In fact, she's made a specialty: curry. Extra spicy curry. Like volcanic curry.

And she's just going to keep piling it up onto your plate. And if you aren't in the lunch line? Well, there's a good chance she's just going to walk around the cafeteria and dump it on your actual food. Because you clearly aren't eating enough.]


Eat up.


[Most people think phones are made for talking but that's a fallacy and Haruko's going to prove that shit wrong right now. There is just a squealing guitar riff blasting over the phone, and the rhythm is just kept up for a few seconds before falling into a still hard, but more even rock beat.

And then comes the shrieking.]


This is Mayfield 6.09 AM, the HRKO! We're glad to have you all hear as we go live our first day and pump out some real jams! Gonna put those musty old tunes in the graves and get some live beats in here! Alright boys and girls here is the how the game works: you tell me a song you want to hear and I play it! Shocking I know! But we here at the HRKO are all about entertainment and about serving you, the listener! So lets get things rooooolllliiiiinnnggg.

[Action; 2237 Stevens]

[Once all the other shenanigans of her day are down, Haruko settles down a little. In fact, she's taken that bunny girl outfit she got back out and has proceeded to go through the trouble of hand washing it. For something that would seem so frivolous and silly to most, Haruko seems to show it a lot of care. There's also a fat, black house cat following her around. That'd be Miu Miu, one of her regains from Christmas she didn't bother to open until now (and was amazed at how it still survived).

Once night falls, Haruko puts the bunny girl suit on and, taking the cheap guitar she's bought, sits on the porch playing the following song. The song comes naturally to hear as she plays the song. She's played it so many times before that she barely needs to even think about what she's playing.

But still, it looks like she's concentrating hard on it. Or deep in thought.]
18 February 2012 @ 12:08 am
10th Guitar Drive-By - Phone  

Alright, alright, so it's come to my attention there's probably a bunch of you all with your panties in a bunch over Valentine's Day. Lucky for you, you all have a wonderful, beautiful altruist like me to help you. Yep. That's right. I, Haruko Haruhara, Love Doctor, Md., certified in 37 state, 20 countries, and 5 of 7 continents, not to mention intergalactic qualifications, am here to give you all the advice and wisdom on matters of lovelorn or confused hearts you could ever ask for.

So c'mon. You all need someone to talk to before you stupidly ruin every relationship you have, and I'm here to help you. I promise a policy of complete non-disclosure unless I find it just that damn funny so you can trust all your tepid and horrible gossip with me.

So hey! Let's get crackin'! You've got hearts that're cracked and I've got the clue in my whimsy and insight and all that corny asshole shit, so get talking you mooks!
13 February 2012 @ 03:21 pm
Ninth Guitar Drive-By - Action  
[Action - February 13th | Around Town | White Daisy [Effect locked with Scout]]

[Valentine's Day is almost here. And that means love. Love everywhere. And there's nothing Haruko cares about more than love. Well, okay. There's several things Haruko cares about more than love but that will not change the fact she is a messenger of love, goddammit. Especially today. And she takes that very seriously.

So seriously that she has, in fact, wrapped a few sheets around her to do her damnedest to look like Cupid. She also went to the trouble of buying a bow and arrow set at the sporting goods store, and is currently firing arrows at anyone she sees around town, standing on top of her still moving Vespa as she goes, making sure to bring love to all.

She's at least had the decency to attach rubber hearts to the end of her arrows, so they're at least not fatal. And it isn't hard to hear her coming, since she decides to scream.]


[Before firing one. Either way, feel free to get hit, or just avoid it, and get into a fight with the self-proclaimed cupid. She's also wearing one of the white daisies in her hair, but it hasn't gone into effect for her yet.]

[Action | Locked to 456 Stone | Lily [Effect locked to Clover]]

[Hey, Clover. Funny thing about your pal Haruko. See, she kind of has a way of getting places she isn't meant to be. Specifically, in this instance? She's in your closet.

Holding her guitar.

Which she's getting ready to swing at you the moment you open it in the morning.]


[OOC: Anyone can reply to the first prompt, although the only one the flower will be effecting her interactions with is Scout.]
22 January 2012 @ 02:54 pm
8th Guitar Drive-By - Action/Phone  
[Action - Around town, Morning]

[See Haruko.

See Haruko staring at a street lamp.

See Haruko staring at a street lamp for a minute on end.

See Haruko leap towards the street lamp with incredible speed and begin to climb it in a swinging motion in a few seconds flat. She reaches the top of the lamp incredibly fast and, with one open palm, holds herself up on it, body straight and composed, before swinging off of it and landing on the ground gracefully, still standing.

See Haruko looking smug and pleased.

See Haruko after she's gone to the Post Office and regained her true body in exchange for a few memories. Not that she knows she's lost them.

See Haruko proceeding to do a bunch of flips, kicks, and acrobatics as she breaks her body back in. It's been a long few months without it.]


Alright, alright everyone listen up! Especially you folks who call yourself teenagers cause I've got some important news for you! It could even save your lives. Seems I got a call back on Friday that I'm gonna be getting a new job. That's right. You've all got a new school nurse. Aren't you lucky?

You are. That isn't even a question. MOVING ON!

I dunno how things are done there now, but it's gonna change when I get there on Monday. Oh yeah. First thing we're gonna do? PHYSICAL EXAMINATION TIME! Gonna make sure you're all developing healthy and being healthy and all the other shit I'm apparently supposed to care about. And so we're not leaving anyone out? This goes for teachers too! In fact, your teachers are even more at risk to be out of shame, shameful slugs because of their soul crushing jobs of teaching a youth who neither cares about their own futures nor has any aspirations of their own.

This is not debatable. It is mandatory and by God I will see to it with all the authority a high school nurse might possess.

See ya Monday.

[Phone, Filtered to Mart]

Hey kid. Got my shit back, and I could use some sparring practice.

Wanna brawl?

[Action: High School, forward Dated to Monday]

[She wasn't joking.

During class, students and teachers might be alarmed as they here a loud slamming noise as a pink-haired woman dressed in a nurse's outfit barges through the classroom door, pushing a tray full of medical items with as many stethoscopes and tongue depressors as she has scalpels and needles. She even has a saw on it. Not a medical or bone saw. Just a saw like you might buy from a hardware store.

And she's currently blocking the door.]

Examination time!


14 January 2012 @ 12:18 am
7th Guitar Drive By - Phone  
[Hey citizens of Mayfield. Hope you're enjoying those sirens and your headaches, because to compliment both is a woman screaming at the top of her lungs over the phone line.]



[Just a deep breath. And then.]

In Dixie Land, where I was born in,
early on one frosty mornin',
Look away, look away, look away Dixie Land.

I wish I was in Dixie, Hooray! Hooray!
In Dixie Land I'll take my stand
to live and die in Dixie.
Away, away, away down south in Dixie.
Away, away, away down south in Dixie!

[And she'll just keep on going.]