28 November 2012 @ 02:22 pm
{ Action - Starting at 1247 Williams road, continuing down the row of houses }

[He always slept with his rifle nearby and fully loaded. Such preparedness backfires for once, and Germany is confused as he gets up from his bed, takes the gun, and proceeds to walk about his own house. His body is not his own. It is...what is it? What does it want? ]



[He proceeds to keep yelling, keep trying to alert whoever is nearby. What does it want? He goes to the garage, finds a crowbar...finds instruments for lock-picking...finds things that would make breaking and entering quick and easy.] ...!! EVERYONE!!


[He can speak, at least he can speak. At least he has this loud, booming voice of his, at least. He continues to broadcast every move he makes outloud as he walks, trying to warn everyone within earshot no matter where he goes. He'll shout and shout until his throat runs dry, if that's what it takes... His eyes look where he wishes not to look, but his face is stuck, wide-eyed. Pure terror.

He does not stutter.]

I'm being controlled by Mayfield, and I am armed with a rifle and blade! Hide and run for your life! ...I'm being controlled by Mayfield, and I am armed with a rifle and blade! Hide and run for your life! ...I'm being controlled by Mayfield, and I am armed with a rifle and blade! Hide and run for your life...

(( OOC: Germany is extremely dangerous. He's superhumanly strong and semi-immortal, thanks to being a nation, as well as masterfully skilled at combat. I'd appreciate it if you linked to your permissions comment from the sign-up post (Germany's is here), or otherwise just mentioned permissions in OOC comments. Avoiding death when meeting Germany will require either taking him out, or hiding really, really well if he sees you, so please keep track of other peoples' threads to see if he's already been taken out. By taken out, I mean by whatever means necessary; he may be killed.))
14 October 2012 @ 12:05 pm
[Germany is at first confused when he wakes up in bed; Kallen always took the bed, after he insisted. Kallen is gone, in her stead a smiling drone. The faces in the hallway photos are all different. Checking outside, he notes he's been assigned to an entirely new house.

Within minutes after waking, he knows what has happened. He's been droned again, and brought back. For how long this time?

There's something off, this time, as well. He ignores it, but it feels like a subtle zinging pain keeps shooting through his head off and on. Like he hadn't slept right, wasn't all there yet.]

A - { Phone }

If you recognize my voice, please respond. ...I think I've been droned, or gone, for a time. Is Major General Armstrong still here? If not, I wish to speak to whoever is leading the resistance force. But before that, I seek to re-gather my bearings.

The last things I remember were... [He pauses. Westport and its cannibals. The highway. The dairy...] ...were complicated. It was April, year 195X+1 based on memory of my own first arrival and supplemented by information gathered from other captives.

I will compound a list of events soon, and will deliver copies to anyone who would like one. Leave your address, and you will receive it soon after. I'm calling in sick to work for the day.

B - { Action - 1247 Williams Road }

[Spends the day answering the phone, inspecting the house top-to-bottom, writing extensive notes, and rearranging his belongings that have appeared in the house since he woke up this morning. He ignores the droned "wife" entirely, without the blink of an eye even when she's speaking right next to him. He has to concentrate.]
07 October 2012 @ 10:43 pm
A - { Action - 1247 Williams Road }

[A tall, blond man of apparent German descent exits from the parents' bedroom this morning. His cheerful aura makes him difficult to tell him apart from the drones Mayfield's captives have had to get used to over time. The family photos decorating the house have changed, though, to one with discerning eyes. A swap has been made, from the previous drone "father".

But why swap for a new drone?]

B - { Action - Around Town, including Greased Lightning Garage in particular }

Mornin', skipper! Mornin', gramps! And a lovely mornin' to you as well, little miss!

[The new drone seems handy enough at fixing cars, but why is the boss acting like this guy "Ludwig" has been there for years? And wait just a minute; since when does Mayfield name its drones things like Ludwig?]

Hey there, what's on your mind that's got you going so quiet like that, eh?

Let me give you some advise, on the house, my friend. There's nothing worth worrying about as long as you've got a pair of legs still under ya, and your feet are planted right here in Mayfield. Ain't that right?

(( OOC note - Sorry to intro Germany droned, but I'll be busy vacationing for the next week! I'll tag back when I can, though! ))
19 August 2012 @ 10:05 pm
7th Book: Unicorn Take Flight  
Action: Outside 1247 Williams

(There is a purple hot air balloon placed right outside the house, as well as one purple unicorn tending to it as if she were preparing to put it to use. Despite any initial thoughts one may have about a pony using a hot air balloon, it's pretty clear Twilight's used this one many times before.)


(She marks something off of her checklist.)

And that covers just about everything. We're all set for takeoff!

Action: John Doe Park

(Since Twilight's regained all of her spell books, she's happily gone back to reading through them because YAY BOOKS FROM HOME! She can be seen resting under a tree in the park, reading through her books and occasionally practicing her magic. Don't worry; she's making very sure not to hit anyone close by with her spells. It's mostly harmless stuff, but occasionally she'll try an offensive spell or even try flying herself around a bit, giggling as she does so. It's great having some of her books again.)
25 July 2012 @ 09:02 pm
genius prince 20 - and it's been one year already  
[Action 1; at and around Kramden Road 1488]
[ It’s not like today is really any different from any other days he’s been waking up in Mayfield. But knowing he’s been here for an entire year, he sort of gets why Niou was feeling out of it a while back.

So to make things more fun, and because he feels like it, Bel has put on the pink and white dress he got back not long ago. With the dress, he’s also wearing net stockings and his regular knee-high white boots (and of course the tiara). He knows that he looks good in it.

Wanting to avoid Pinky Pie if he can, he jumps out the window. Well, it won't work if she's in the garden, but he's taking his chances. ]

[Action 2; Anywhere]
[ He’s grinning as he walks around, but there’s a hint of annoyance to it. He’s bugged by the town having been able to hold him here for an entire year, of course, and some of his favourite people to bug has been permanently droned, but he’s not going to let that bug him.

As he passes you, he might do one of the following;
a) if he knows you, he’s definitely going to come up to you. He’s probably playing with his knives, and if you’re not people like Niou or Madoka, he’s going to playfully place it against parts of your body.
b) if he doesn’t know you, there’s definitely more knives, and those knives are sure to be placed against your throat as he approaches you from behind.
c) there might not be any knives involved this time. Instead, he’s going to approach just to see what sort of reaction he’ll get by being dressed the way he is.

But no matter which one, he’s definitely looking like a pretty princess today. There’s nothing about him that looks like a boy. But he is definitely recognizable, considering he hasn't done anything to change his hair. ]

[Action 3; 1249 Williams Road; open to Niou and his housemates]
[ Look who’s come to pay a visit. It’s none other than Niou’s boyfriend, who today happens to be a princess instead of a prince. He comes in through Niou’s bedroom window (as usual), but as he doesn’t find him in there, he comes out of the room and explores the house until he finds the one he’s looking for. ]

Bianco Nata~le? You here~?
13 July 2012 @ 11:14 pm
9th Protocol--[Action sort of]  
[In front of 1248 Williams Road]

[Well, that plan hadn’t worked. Somewhere along the line Utsuho had fused Virginia’s “find Caesar or Balin or these other people” ideas, to the news breaking around the carnival that there were rifts opening to strange places accessible by those trinkets people were carting with them, to the fact that she didn’t have one of said trinkets. So she stole one.

It disappeared after she went across, and then—then there was nothing but fog, suffocating and dissolving at once. Like each particle of her body had broken loose from the bonds that held them in place and scattered in every painful direction.

Okuu did not exactly think her clever plan all the way through. But then again, she never really did. Thinking was bad!

And thus there’s now a pile of an…ash-like substance in the front yard, and has been for several days. Minus the blood everywhere aspect, it could be assumed that that was similar to what the hellraven looked like just before she revived. The ash is smoldering, very warm to the touch, and seems as much liquid as powder whenever it’s disturbed. It also stays heaped up over something in the center, no matter what breeze kicks up or when the drones try and sweep the mess away. The pile either stubbornly resists extraction or flows all around the broom or rake like some bizarre liquid. Other than that, it doesn’t do very much.

Utsuho hadn’t reappeared, so her precise location was probably easy enough to guess by now.

Today, though, was a bit different.

A blue jay, emboldened by the usual blue jay hating inhabitant’s absence, fluttered down to investigate and peck at this ash pile.

—but as soon as it does, the inert heap of powder comes alive, forming into a spit of molten, red-orange slag that surges up and out and consumes the bird completely, before it can do much more than a single alarm squawk. The pile returns to being properly ashy in a moment, though it seems to…ripple, like something liquid, even as it does so. The smoldering light has grown brighter, shining through all the cracks and crevices.

Though, aside from hating bluejays from beyond the grave, the ash-pile-that-was-probably-Okuu does little else.

For the moment.
11 July 2012 @ 10:52 pm
eighth ; never going to another carnival ever  

[ Warren is back! Awake, alive.

Also bleeding.

Yes, while his legs are no longer missing, he has fairly decent lacerations just above his knees, and the flow of blood really seems to not want to stop. He swears, hauling himself gingerly out of bed and towards the bathroom where he bandages himself up. Just as gingerly, he makes his way down to the kitchen, thinks better of it, and heads to the living room.

It seems to have taken its toll on him, because he collapses on the couch and falls back asleep. ]


Please tell me you're around. I've got a problem... make that two problems.


I never did like carnivals all that much- now I suppose I have another reason entirely to hate them.

Did anyone find anything useful in that place? It was-- I almost want to call it a Mayfield prototype. New and small, and malfunctioning badly. I didn't... last long enough to really find anything.

[ A beat ]

I would also like to learn the name of the young man who shot me.
Current Mood: exhausted
06 July 2012 @ 02:13 pm
match 19 | one year anniversary  
A. Action | All around town

[ It's been exactly a year since Niou's arrived in Mayfield. To be honest, with everything that has happened, it feels like a lot longer.

Instead of doing his usual morning training, he spends most of the morning lounging around the house, thoroughly lost in thought. Eventually, he decides he can't stand staying in the house all day, and goes on a walk.

Expect to see him wandering all around town, still looking distracted. ]

B. Action | The park

[ At the park, Niou sits on the back of his favorite bench, his feet resting in the seat. He has his elbows on his knees and his chin propped on his hands. Again, he's not paying very close attention to his surroundings. Go ahead and bug him, he probably needs it. ]

C. Action | Rec center tennis courts

[ The only time his behavior is different is when he's at the tennis courts.

Here, all of his focus is on his tennis. Not Mayfield, not the year he's spent here, not his friends and family back at home, just tennis. He's rallying against the wall, playing with all his strength. It's likely that he won't notice anyone's presence right away. ]
16 June 2012 @ 05:40 pm
Tablet 1  

[Meanwhile at 1248 Williams, the door will slowly swing open as a familiar figure steps outside for a brief moment to go and get the daily newspaper that apparently he had forgotten to do earlier. It was when he had knelled down to pick it up was when a dawning realization had just hit him.

Looking to the left.

Looking to the right.

And now looking above.]

... the gods truly do have a cruel sense of humor to summon be back to this place again.

[And then glancing back down to the paper-- oh look, it's Father's Day.]

I suppose I should go investigate and see what changes has been made from the last time I've remembered anything.
17 June 2012 @ 11:12 am
12th great power stolen - what's up with this father's day  
A: Outside 1250 Williams, early morning. OPEN

No, I don't-- [ Argh! Why was his so called kids looking at him with those friggin' puppyeyes and why were they trying to cling? ] I don't want to go to dinner with your mom, now let me go, damnit.

B: Around Mayfield. OPEN.

[ After having snuck out of the house after his "children" and "wife" tried to coax him into something called "fathers day", Basco wasn't the most pleased. Sure, if they had been normal and not drones - it was still weird to watch their faces and think that they didn't actually have those personalities, and then it had been quite some time - then it would have been alright. As it was now, he's a bit irritated at everything in general. ]

C: Olney's Tavern, later afternoon. OPEN

[ He's all but collapsed against the bar, and has buried his fae against his arms. So.. tiresome... Not only had he run into his "kids" when they were out playing, but he'd also run into his "wife". And they all requested him to go on a dinner in the evening. Drones just didn't listen did they? Augh! ]

D: Phone, evening. OPEN

...I don't think I like this "fathers day" thing.. I really preferred the zombies.

((( I have a terrible deja vú about B for some reason... Either way, Basco's not!family seem to not be affected into doing anything the father want them to... He's quite pissed at me for that but no matter no matter~ )))
08 June 2012 @ 07:04 pm
Seventh Heist [Phone and Action]  
Cut for FF 9 spoilers )

a) Phone

[A deep breath ] ...Hey, Rika and Ukraine? I’m not sure if you guys wanna talk to me right now and that’s okay. [No, the whole incident wasn’t his fault and he knew that but he understood if they wanted to avoid him] All I can say is that I’m really sorry for how I acted the other day. No matter what I apparently said and did back then....that wasn’t me.

If you guys want a better explanation, I’ll be happy to give it. You deserve it, anyway. Same with that other guy I hurt. [Since he doesn’t know Locke’s name]

b) Action – in front of 1247 Williams Road.

[Zidane is later seen building a large bonfire. The jack-in-the-box, which is is covered in blood, lies a few metres away from him although he plans to throw it in there. He wants to get rid of the wretched thing as soon as possible. It has done enough harm, already.]

[OOC: Residents in 1247 Williams or people passing by the house for Option B will notice that Zidane now has regained his monkey-tail. Feel free to stare at it. Or pull it if you’re a troll.]

07 June 2012 @ 02:35 pm
third circulation  
( phone )

[ There's a pause, as if the person who just started the call isn't sure whether they should really go through with it in the end or not, but.. she does speak up after a little while, a little hesitantly as always. ]

U-um.. that strange thing that was going on last weekend is over now, isn't it..? [ she 'hmms' a little to herself, trying to work up the courage to go on. ] Y-you see.. it's a little strange, since my birthday was Sunday and everyone was.. really strange, so I didn't want to say anything about it..

[ her voice slowly trails off. ]

S.. sorry. I don't remember w-where I was going with this either, so.. I'll just stop now, good day..

( across town )

[ After that rather embarassing moment, Nadeko is just going to flee out of the house and go out, trying to avoid people while walking through town. She's not difficult to spot though with that characteristic hat, so if you want to approach her, now's your chance. ]
01 June 2012 @ 09:23 pm
AU Swap under cut! FF IX spoilers )Phone

[Good morning, Mayfield! Isn’t it a beautiful day? The sun is shining, the birds are singing and Zidane seems to have made an accidental phone call to the whole of Mayfield!

Or at least it sounds like Zidane. Something seems a little off...]

I’m so bored. Man, I can’t believe I’m trapped in this dump with a bunch of losers. I’ve gotta find a way to get back to Terra and report to Garland. That old geezer better not do something while I’m gone – can’t let him and Kuja reap all those Gaian souls and leave me out of the fun.

[A pause...] Hmm.....that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun here, though. Hee hee hee....

[Later in the day, you can find Zidane in the street, looking like he is having difficulty trying to drag.....a small box? If you see him, he will call out to you]

Hey, can you give me a hand with this? I need to deliver it to 1247 Williams.

[No, the box isn’t really a jack-in-the-box that shoots out sharp knives right at you. What are you talking about?]

[OOC: If you want to do Action, just let me know if you want your character to get injured by knives. I’m not actually planning for him to kill anyone but I don’t want him hurting anyone without other people’s permissions!]
26 May 2012 @ 03:26 pm
Match 19  
A. Phone | Filtered from Belphegor

Date ideas. Go.

B. Action for 1249 Williams.

[ Well household. Niou's been pretty damn cheerful lately. There's a certain bounce in his step, his tone is lighter and a little less sarcastic than usual, and he's even whistling. He hasn't been this happy since January. So either something awesome has happened, or he's planning something really, really bad.

Sometime that morning, he can be found sitting in the front yard playing with his cat. He's smiling, lying on his back and dragging a piece of string around for the Calico to chase. ]

C. Action | Locked to Bel

[ Hey Bel. Guess who's throwing rocks at your window like a boy in a cheesy 80's film? It's this kid. ]
16 May 2012 @ 02:46 pm
Backdated to Mother's Day!  
A. Action | Locked to 1247 Williams

[ Magnus has spent most of his morning cleaning the house and attempting to cook breakfast. Although the last part hasn't turned out too well. It's mostly burned. But he has gotten flowers for his drone!wife and for Twilight! ]

B. Action | All Around Town

[ Magnus has never celebrated Mother's Day. Sometimes, he forgets it even exists. But today, he finds he has the impulse to please every woman he comes in contact with. For the girls he knows well, he'll probably offer to take them out for lunch or buy her something nice.

But while he wanders around town, he'll stop every single girl he comes across to talk to her. ]

Excuse me. Can I just say you look great today?
12 May 2012 @ 03:22 pm
{first aria} -- lost and found.  
[A] ACTION -- 1246 Williams Road
[There's a groan and a gasp before Celes jolts herself awake, beads of sweat slowly running down her temples. She reaches a hand upward to wipe some of the sweat away and blinks, trying to take in her surroundings. The room is unfamiliar to her, and she begins to ponder whether she's actually awake or not. After all, the last thing she remembers happening is falling to the shore and finding a pigeon with a bandana wrapped around its wing, and clearly, she is not anywhere near a shore right now.

She proceeds to get out of the bed and once both feet are planted firmly on the floor, she looks at her current outfit. A simple sundress, it appears to be, with equally simple (yet matching) shoes. Her old outfit is nowhere to be found, which makes the entire situation even stranger.

Exiting the bedroom and walking down the stairs, Celes notices a few pictures hanging on the wall. One of them appears to be of herself and a man, both in wedding attire.]

Who is this? Wh ... what exactly is going on here?

[She carefully touches the frame, curious as to whether it's really there or not. After determining that yes, the picture is, in fact real, she pulls her hand away and continues down the stairs. She then proceeds into the kitchen, a bit overwhelmed by all of the strange and new things contained therein. Right when she begins to open the refrigerator, though, she hears the voice of another and stops cold.]

Hello? Who are you?

[B] ACTION -- Around town.
[Celes is just wandering around town, a bit in awe from the amount of people and buildings she sees. The world must not have been completely destroyed!

Every once in a while she stops and looks up at the blue sky, a thoughtful look upon her face. Feel free to interact with her!]
22 April 2012 @ 12:00 am
11th great power stolen // Not very well liked irony  
A )) 1250 Williams Road

[ Basco got out of his bed in a very good mood. Yesterday, he found lots of flowers. He should have suspected something, since the flowers had probably been the cause of those weird relationship effects.
But when he get into the bathroom, and see himself in the mirror, he just stare. This is almost as odd as waking up in Greed's body. But a gloria? And white wings? Why? And just what ---- that wasn't a tail, was it? A black one with that typical painting-devils tail. ]

What stupid irony is this town playing at now?

B)) Phone

People running Mayfield? There are a lot of messed-up stuff's happened during my year here. But, I don't like this irony, thank you very much. I don't want these things.

C )) Rec Center

[ Having cut a hole in the back of a pair of his pants given from the town for the tail to stick out, since it was really uncomfortable with it stuffed into his pants.

He's at the shooting range practicing, since it ease his mind. He is still wondering about the choice. Why angel? Devil, he can actually understand. He's betrayed more than one. But he's far from an angel.

Idiotic. Fucked-up. Town. ]

D )) Around

[ He tried to see what happened if he removed the gloria – if it was even possible. And yes, it was possible, but the moment he took it off, his world toppled over and he felt like puking. His arms are so wobbly that he can't even put the thing back.

Now he's just sitting leaning against the wall, trying his best to regain his strength, although it's not really working very well this far. ]
20 April 2012 @ 10:23 am
A:) phone.

[there's a small voice on the line belonging to a little girl -- but she sounds rather mature (or maybe compensating) for her age. her tone is polite, anyway.]

Good day. [...] My name is Schierke, and I have just arrived in this town several days ago... I understand that we cannot leave, and whoever is responsible for our situation has somehow also stolen certain things from us. [outside the obvious of 'freedom.' you can hear a hint of distaste in her voice at that...]

I have been separated from my companions and my magic; for this reason, I would like to make a request. [here, her tone becomes a little tentative. she misses them -- is more than a little overwhelmed by this place without the comforts of home; her magic and her friends. but! that isn't going to stop her from figuring this out and finding them, plus a way back.]

If... anyone has heard of a tall man named Guts? [...] Or-- perhaps a woman named Casca, or Farnese? There is also Serpico and Isidro... [she wonders if Puck and Ivalera might even end up here by this strange... concept of kidnapping.]

Please inform me. I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer to their locations.

...Thank you.

B:) action - around town // open.

[that over with, Schierke is now dressed in the uncomfortable garments the town provided for her in place of her usual witch's garb Flora had given her. she doesn't have so much as her staff! it's a truly deplorable situation.

you might see a less than enthusiastic little girl with green hair traveling the town today. she isn't quite sure what she's looking for, and she's never been great in crowds, so she might accidentally bump into you while distracted! or, maybe you'd like to say hello? whatever the case, it won't be hard to spot her in her travels if you'd like to.

C:) action - 1248 Williams // closed to housemates.

[this girl has kept to herself since she woke up here a few days ago and ran into Vash -- she hasn't seemed very fond of being a part of this 'family unit' deal and seems apt to look after herself. but, today, she'll be poking her head in the various rooms of the home in search of her 'family.' maybe it's time to admit that this isn't some trick or illusion and she might want to address the others stuck in the same position as her. except for the tall idiot, of course.]
17 April 2012 @ 11:36 pm
Fourth Heist [voice]  
[Well, Zidane had a pretty awful start to the day. He had bumped into Dagger – which would, in most circumstances, been a very good thing.
Except that she had been droned.

Just like Keine had....

No no no this was not happening!

How long would this last for? Was she going to turn back?

Later, when Zidane returns to the house, he decides to give the rest of the town a call. So far, he had not found a way to reverse the droning on his own, but that does not mean that it was not possible – right? ]

[Voice, public]
Hey, if someone you know gets droned....is there any way to reverse it? Or do you have to wait until they just snap out of it randomly? [While Zidane is trying to keep his emotions in check, it's easy to tell that he doesn't sound his usual self - he sounds more serious and quiet than normal]
15 April 2012 @ 10:17 pm
[001] The Sixty Billion Double Dollar Man  
[A: 1248 Williams (Closed to Housemates)]

[Vash would be the first person to say that many of his dreams involved waking up next to a beautiful woman (though sometimes this beautiful woman was made of doughnuts) and so for a long second when he opens his eyes, he thinks that's what this is. Wriggling a bit closer to the poor hapless Makoto, she'll surely appreciate his drool-mumbles... right?]

...'mnot... delicious jelly filling, and...

[Except this dream was just growing more realistic, and Vash was very suddenly aware of two things. The first of which was that he was IN BED WITH A STRANGE WOMAN, and the second of which was that HE WAS ONLY WEARING BOXER SHORTS! The peaceful slumbering air of the room is shattered by a piercing and girlish SCREAM as Vash leaps out of bed and takes the sheets with him, wrapping them around himself to hide his scarred torso... that isn't scarred, wtf Mayfield?!]

[B: Phone (Open to All)]

[Having had things explained a bit more, and after spending a few hours wondering if he'd finally lost his mind to hallucinations and madness, Vash finally decided the time was ripe to introduce himself to his fellow residents. If what had been said was true, and nobody here knew him, then he had a chance to make a good first impression. So the voice that comes over the line is deep and very deliberately manly, with an attempted hint at suave.]

Good afternoon, assorted men, children and, most importantly, beautiful women. The days have been dark here, the nights long and cold so far, and you have been in dire need of some brave soul to rectify all these wrongs.

A man of style. A man of extreme manliness. A man of...

[Wait, he doesn't have another descriptor. He fumbles for a second, before giving a manly cough to cover the awkward pause.]

And what do we call this man among men, this seeker of the elusive mayfly of love, I hear you cry? I am Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gombigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andri Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III.

[C: Bakery (Open to All)]

[They say an army marches on its stomach, and after giving his very impressive introduction, 'Valentinez' has decided that he most certainly deserves to put something in his. Following the inner glutton compass that pointed directly at sugary goodness, Vash has found his way to the bakery and all its tantalizing smells...

...before realising he has no money. Observe, if you will, the not-at-all-pathetic sight of a grown man with tears running down his cheeks as he presses his nose to the glass.]