26 January 2012 @ 01:19 pm

[Those who have met Haku already may or may not recognize his voice. It is much more serious, low and clipped and militaristic, than he normally speaks, and it's pitched somewhat deeper, more obviously masculine. This is the srs bsns voice.]

I don't have my normal abilities right now, but my medical training still holds. Anyone who needs assistance, please come to 1646 Albright, or call and I will come to you. I'm no doctor, not really, but I have some training and I want to help.

I may not know much about this place yet, but if people are being hurt, I won't just stand aside.
14 January 2012 @ 08:31 am
[1646 Albright Lane]

[Haku wakes up confused, and feeling decidedly ill besides. What happened? The last he can remember...

The last he can remember is not exactly pleasant either. Is this what happened... after? With all he's been through, with all that life has thrown at him, is this what happens not simply beyond but beyond that?

He rises from bed, staring down at the unfamiliar pyjamas, and then focuses, trying to run through some of the medical techniques he knows, when he gets the second rude shock of the morning. His chakra's gone. He can't move any kind of personal energy, can't even feel that he has it.

He's too disciplined to panic openly, but deep inside, this is looking very, very bad...]

[Outside 1646 Albright Lane, around 8am]

[Haku's managed to dress himself, although the unfamiliar clothes are constricting and kind of boring. With his long hair hanging loose down his back and feminine features, you'd be very much excused for thinking he's a girl in her brother's clothing. He's walking slowly, taking in everything around him, with a look of deep worry in his eyes. What is this place...?]