13 February 2012 @ 12:28 am
First Strike; Action  
[Action; 342 Brady Lane]

[He woke with a gasp, tumbling out of bed as he braced for impact---? wait. Why was he in bed? The Shiva was falling, yet there was no sign of smoke, or anything that looked remotely like the airship. His armor was replaced with odd... clothing... and.... His weapon was no where to be seen. He hadn't bother suppressing the snarl-- Where is Nightmare?!

Perhaps he was in the infirmary of whoever bothering to pick him up-- though who in their right mind wold house him...? He manage to survive the crash, afterall? Highly unlikely, considering the last thing he remember... wait. Were were his wounds? It didn't feel like anyone had cast white magick on him... Which didn't explain him being here. Wherever here was. It certainly doesn't look Dalmascan. What was that smell?

Here's Vossler cautiously making his way to the door, now, intent on investigating wherever here was, and hopefully finding his armor and Nightmare in the process.

[Action; Around Mayfield]

[Those Mayfieldians on the street may see a scowling man marching down the streets in hopes of finding a familiar face-- hell, even crashing into sky pirates sound appealing at the moment! Where was he?! Nothing here looks remotely Archadian! While he'd briefly entertained the thought of him being held hostage (his weapons were gone, afterall--), his 'wife' had let him out the door. Nothing about this world he woke in made any sense. Hell, even the way they carried themselves was different!]


[Under any other situation, he'd keep his head down and attempt to find his princess more discreetly... however, this situation in itself was not just any other situation.]


[Ignoring the stares he was starting to get, he hurried on, trying to figure out just what exactly this place was. And. hopefully find someone less 'odd' then his 'wife'.

While he'd manage to scrounge up some odd-looking clothing after meeting his 'wife'-- (that thought alone was unsettling enough) before attempting to find a familiar face, she'd cheerfully mentioned about something about a Job before shoving some decidedly odd clothing and food at him.

... he'd figure out what's up with his so-called 'job' later.