07 August 2012 @ 01:23 pm
[Action A - 1649 Albright Lane]

-Charlie has decided that he would start a routine work out right after breakfast. His housemates or neighbors are welcome to question the rather impressive flips and kicks that he's performing.-

-... If you're lucky enough, you might see him pull off a move he thought was taken from him by the town. Just make sure you're quick enough to dodge a spinning arc of energy. That's right. He accidentally set off a "Sonic Boom" attack. Whoops.-

-... If you didn't get the chance to see him accidentally set off the move, fear not! Now that he knows he's got it back, he'll strike out with a punch now and again to perform the attack. What's he attacking though? ... Apparently he's using the garbage can as target practice.-

[Action B - Elsewhere in Mayfield...]

-He's decided to take a better look around the town. Maybe there's something he's missed. Every now and again, he reaches into his coat pocket to take out a notebook to look things over, or jot something down. He can be seen mostly within the downtown area. Care to approach and question him? ... Or, make a comment on his choice of hairstyle.-
19 July 2012 @ 07:00 pm
[Action A - 1649 Albright Lane]

-It was just like last time. Charlie had awoke that morning in an early fashion as he normally did. Getting dressed and going to make a pot of coffee. It was almost a habit by now, but it helped to keep his own mind in check. Pouring himself a small cup he went to sit outside on the front porch.

There it was again. Sitting just at the bottom of the steps, one of those regained items from home... both addressed to-- Oh, he wasn't used to seeing two packages. Setting down his cup, he reached down to pick them up and calmly opened them. Of course, he was met with that symbol code and his eyes narrowed. Shaking his head he set it aside and went to the next package. Opening that one, left a small smile tug at his mouth. He placed the glasses on his face and tidied up the small mess caused from paper bits.-

[Action B - At the park]

-He's decided to spend some time at the park. When the urge to do so strikes him, he can be seen training. A few kicks and punches to the air. Nothing fancy, other than those Flash Kicks he performs now and again. He's doing his best to keep to himself. After all, he didn't wish to accidentally hit someone, as it's been known to happen to him every now and again...

If you're too close, he'll simply stop.-


Excuse me, Mayfield. An odd request, if you don't mind. I am curious, if any of you out there have anything worth reading? If so... I would very much like to borrow a book or two...
14 June 2012 @ 03:58 pm
[Action A - 1649 Albright Lane]

-Charlie would have to get used to another... house mate, but that should be easy enough. Eventually. That morning, after getting dressed he went down to make himself a cup of coffee. After going about the process of making it, he poured himself a cup and headed outside to sit on the front porch.

That's when he noticed the small package. He frowned as he picked it up to look it over... and raised a brow at the fact it was addressed to him. He set the coffee down and carefully opened the box. Inside was an envelope... and opening that, a small piece of paper was removed. Upon reading what was written, Charlie was left simply confused.-

[Action B - Anywhere]

-The guy with the large forelock of hair is going about, minding his own business while he runs a few errands. Feel free to talk to him as he's making his rounds, he might even ask about regains. After all... he still doesn't understand what he exactly regained.-
01 June 2012 @ 05:01 pm
[Action A - 1649 Albright Lane]
-It was unfortunate that he had to go through this... but upon waking up, Charlie was clearly not his usual self. It was early, when he dressed and headed downstairs. It was there he stayed for a good hour or so, before finally leaving.

It was almost as if he were waiting for something... or someone.-

[Action B - Around Town...]
-The man could be seen walking around the streets, looking rather emotionless. However, he would usually react in some manner, be it a friendly nod or a gentle hello. Today, he ignored practically everyone. Even talking to him didn't cause him to take a glance.

If you're lucky, you can catch him clutching at his head in a disoriented manner before shaking it off.

20 April 2012 @ 07:04 pm
[Action A - 1649 Albright Lane]
-It should've just been another morning like any other day, only this time around things were a little different. For starters, he found himself in a bedroom with a stranger. That put him off a bit, and he quickly got out of bed. He was also a little concerned about the lack of his clothes. However, around his neck were a set of dog tags... Things seemed somewhat familiar, but he couldn't place it.

He dressed, fixed his hair, and headed downstairs into the kitchen.-

[Action B - Around Town...]
-His mind raced as he wandered the streets. There had to be some explanation for all this. There were folks who seemed all too cheerful and everything seemed to match that of the 1950's. He knew about this place, didn't he? He stopped and gave a puzzled look... maybe someone should talk to him.-