06 April 2012 @ 07:34 pm
Prayer Two: The Burned Man  
[Joshua ignored his orders to prank people and thanks to that, died. Mayfield managing to do what even Caesar could not. However this being Mayfield, he's soon back.

He does receive an envelope in the mail. Opening it up he finds himself looking at a picture of a very familiar flag. He barely has time to say anything before he's hit with intense burning pain.

A. Hello Mayfield. There is a man sitting on his front steps, looking like he's getting his breath back. He's covered in horrific burns and has a piece of paper clenched in his hands.

B. Walking around town. Argh...it's the Mummy...no wait. Just a man wrapped in bandages from head to foot. Stop and stare? If you look at him for long he'll ask if he can help you with something.

C. The Church. The Burned Man in the church, reading a bible off to the side. Yes, there is a man wrapped in bandages sitting in the spot Joshua Graham usually spent his time reading.]


How kind of the town to return some of our things after that. I had almost gotten used  to things too. Thank you for the reminder of reality Mayfield.

On an unrelated note, would anyone be able to tell me if the town has a source of bandages aside from the hospital?
09 February 2012 @ 07:39 pm
Prayer One:  
[Waking up the first thing he notices is the pain. Or rather the absence of pain. Getting out of the bed he looks around. It looks like a pre-war house. One untouched by the war and the passage of time. That, while nearly impossible is not as bad as his own lack of burns.

After discovering the drone wife and children he nods politely and takes the phone she offers when he asks about getting in touch with people. Hey Mayfield. Have a new voice.]

A working phone? Now that is peculiar.

Hello? I'm not sure who I'm talking to but the strange woman in the house said I could contact other people with this. If there is anyone there, I'd be most appreciative of some information of where this place is and how I was brought here.

If this were Ceaser's doing, I'd be dead, not merely relocated. So I am forced to assume that the someone else is behind this. In which case, on the off chance you are listening... Getting past the Dead Horses is not something easily done. If you hurt any of them or Daniel and the Sorrows, in getting to me, I will not be pleased. That is all I have to say about that. 

[A. Later on that day. There is a man in the gunshop examining the wares. He doesn't seem pleased.]

Is this all you have?

[B. The Church: Well he managed to locate an actual Pre-war Church. He's inside looking around curiously. If he see's anyone standing in the Church he'll go up to them.]

Excuse me. Might I have a word?