26 October 2012 @ 09:37 pm
✧ 02  
[A. 1333 Benny Road]

[Lauranatis family, your favorite neighbor is here. He'll just let himself in, no need to trouble yourselves with getting up.]

Liet! I heard you were like totally diseased and stuff so I made my wife make you something to make you feel better!

[Hope you like Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese Surprise!]

[B. Phone - Filtered to Stone 456]

Hey Lizzy! Ditch your obnoxious husband for the afternoon and lets go shopping, I'm bored.

Oh and while we're out I want to annoy the shoe salesman who was harassing me about wanting to try on the polkadot heels before I bought them last week.

We can make him pull every pair of shoes in the store to fit us with--you take the ladies side and I'll take the men's side-- and we won't buy any of them! I figure we can make him break down and cry after an hour. Maybe forty-five minutes if we're totally on our game.

It'll be fun!
05 October 2012 @ 04:23 am
✧ 01  
 A. Action - 1332 Benny Road

[Poland didn't care much for nightmares, especially of the dream within a dream variety. One moment he was happily laying in the ryefield of his dreams, only to shift to a nightmarish one where he woke up in Mayfield.

Although he had to admit waking up in Mayfield again was one of the more vivid dreams he'd had in a while. The out of date pajamas he'd woken up in felt itchy to him. The set up of the master bedroom was exactly as he remembered. Even his assigned drone wife was there, chipper and unnerving as ever. If it weren't so terrible, he'd commend his rem state for it's attention to detail.

The problem with nightmares though, was that you couldn't do anything about them until they ran their course. Trying to force yourself awake didn't really work. No matter how much arm pinching or cheek slapping  or shouting "wake up" repeatedly at your reflection in the bathroom mirror one tried. All of which Poland tried regardless, to no avail.

Waiting to wake up, Poland got up and riffled through his closet. At least this nightmare was kind enough to remember the clothing he'd gotten back from home the last time he'd been here so he didn't have to wait while looking like a dork.]

B. Action - 1333 Benny Road

[Good morning neighbors! You have a vistor from next door of the equestrian variety, poking his head through the kitchen window and trying to snatch fruit off your counter.

You weren't going to eat all those apples yourselves. Mr. Pony is just making sure they don't go wasted. You can thank him when you wake up.]

C. Action - Around Town

[Reacquainting himself with Mayfield was not how Poland anticipated spending his day. It didn't take long to recognize everything and relearn his way around. Compared to finding his way around some of his larger cities it was relatively simple to remember.

His cities were definitely better though. There really wasn't much to like about Mayfield in his opinion. Hence why he decided to reacquaint himself while riding Mr. Pony around. Might as well make something about it enjoyable! Nothing brightens up stuff like including ponies after all.

Don't mind the less than bubbly blonde taking up half the side walk riding around on his pony. Or do mind. Up to you.]
11 July 2012 @ 11:41 pm
[010] Not yet lost?  
[A. Outside 1332 Benny Road - Backdated to the day after the end of Welcomefield]

[After spending the morning droned as Mr. Feliks Łukasiewicz, Poland actually smiles at the three boxes that showed up in the mail later on in the day. Lithuania said that Poland would get his nationhood back soon and it actually seemed like he would now!

Not even bothering to take them back into house, Poland just plops down on the front lawn with them. He'd already done his waiting, like months of it. He couldn't wait another minute. He runs the serrated edge of his house key along the tape securing the top of one of the boxes and pulls the cardboard flaps back.]

. . .

[Poland tilts his head as he looks down at the pull toy Ukraine gave him at America's Halloween party last year. The memory it brought back was nice, but... time to move onto the next box.]

. . .

[Which was full of clothes. Of course they were fabulous clothes, they were his after all. Any other time Poland would have been happy to get them back. But now they just left him with one box.]

. . .

[Poland hesitates slightly, his heart fluttering in his chest a little. It'd been a while since he'd felt this anxious over something. He was so carefree normally anyone would find it hard to believe that he actually did worry over things. And not getting his nationhood back was something he thought was worth worrying about. Taking a deep breath and scraping together the last of his optimism, Poland tears into the box and throws it open.

Sitting in the middle of the box is a single cup, filled simply with dirt.]

A cup. Of dirt.

[Poland picks up the cup to stare at it. When you spend a good portion of your life feeding the majority of Europe, you got to know dirt pretty well. Picking up a dirt clod and letting it break up in his hand, Poland recognizes it from home from just the feel of it.

This was his land.

But. Without his nationhood it was just... dirt.]

No. No way. No freaking way.

[Poland tears through the box of clothing one more time. Maybe he missed something. Maybe there was something else in here. There had to be something else in here. He can feel his hands shaking and his breath catching in his throat as he flings shirts and skirts and pants haphazardly all over the lawn, not caring where they land or that he'll have to scrub out grass stains later. The box empties quickly and he's left staring at nothing.

It wasn't fair. He'd never gone this long without knowing how they felt or what they looked like or what they were saying. He'd been wiped from the map for 123 god damn years only to be wiped out again a few years later and still he'd never been isolated from them like this. He was able to rise from the ashes of a ruined land because of them. They kept him going, they kept him fighting, they kept him alive. It was their belief in him that made him who he was.

Who the hell was he anymore without them?

He'd died.

He didn't want to admit it. The idea of dying was so utterly foreign to him that he refused to believe it had happened once before, right after coming to Mayfield. He'd died. And it happened again just yesterday.

He'd died because he'd tried to find a way out of this town and Mayfield sent a harsh reminder of what his existence was now. Mayfield's Mr. Łukasiewicz; Head of 1332 Benny Road, town tailor. That's who he'd spent the morning as anyway. Fixing his tie and shining his shoes. Greeting his wife and doting on his children. Maybe the happiness he'd been forced to feel this morning wasn't so terrible.

At least compared to the hollowness he felt trying to cling to the belief he was still Rzeczpospolita Polska...

....and the realization that without his people, there was no longer a reason for him to rise again.]


[Poland simply lays in his front yard holding the cup of dirt; surrounded by torn open boxes, discarded clothing, and the tipped over pull toy. He can't find the energy to do anything else right now.]
06 June 2012 @ 09:04 pm
[010] - Are you trying to seduce me Mr. Łukasiewicz?  
 [1333 Benny Road - Locked to Lithuania - Backdated to AU-Field ] 

[After his confrontation with Koharu, Poland was kind of agitated and upset. Anyone would be if they thought their husband was wavering in his commitment to them by flirting with cute girls.

Their 444th wedding anniversary was even coming up in July! Seriously what the heck Liet, totally unacceptable.

Still. Marriages take two. Flirting wasn't technically a crime, maybe it was just a sign that things had just gotten too complacent between them. Something just needed to be done to keep things fresh.

So, he has prepared a night of epically romantic proportions! He'll just be sitting in Lithuania's bed. Waiting.

Poland was a lot of things, but he was not at all boring or predictable. Not even after four centuries.]
11 May 2012 @ 11:28 pm
[009] - Paint it pink!  
A. [Action - Around Town]

[Poland's on his way home from the hardware store after loading Mr. Pony up with a pretty hefty pile of wood, nails, paintbrushes and some tools. Despite how heavy the load looks Mr. Pony seems fine with it for being such a small pony. Poland's at least helping with the load, swinging two large paint cans back and forth in his arms as he walks.

Care to bug them?]

B. [Action - 1333 Benny Road]

[Lithuania had made up with him, but things still weren't really back to normal. Relationships heal with time.... or something. So he thought of something fun to do that might hurry time along.

He'll ring the door bell and hop back down the steps to wait. Just incase Lithuania had a lingering urge to punch him off the front porch again.]

C. [Phone]

Um... so I have like a bunch of totally un-used wood and stuff from this thing I was building and I don't really need it so if anyone else wants it you're like totally free to take it. Also pink paint, but I think I might keep that and paint my house with it. A pink house would be super cute, right?
13 April 2012 @ 10:27 pm
008. This was not what I meant when I said I wanted visa free entry into America  
A. Morning | Location: where ever it is America lives 1445 Mitchell Road

Oh you have got to freaking kidding me!

[Out of all the things Mayfield had done so far, making Poland wake up in America's body was probably in the top five worst things.]

Is he seriously this blind without his glasses, I totally can't see anything!

[Maybe the top three depending on how petty Poland was feeling.]

Ew, when was the last time he scraped out the dirt under his fingernails?! Ew ew ew!

[He was feeling pretty petty.]

B. Phone:

Whoever has my super fabulous body better get on this phone right now! [Wow that was super loud. America's vocal chords really don't have any volume control do they.]

Oh my god, this is so totally gross.

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04 April 2012 @ 04:46 am
[007] Chain, chain, chain, chain of fools~  
An ominous bright pink envelope has mysteriously appeared in your mail slot.

Should your hands stop trembling long enough to open it you will be greeted with a horrifying note inside.

It is written on a terrifying shade of light pink stationary and faintly scented with the frightening aroma of strawberries.

A chilling message is scrawled on the stationary in an unsettling shade of hot pink ink and cute handwriting.

Do you dare read it?

[A. Victim: Crowley]

Read more... )

[B. Victim: Gawain]

Read more... )

[C. Victim: Oerba]

Read more... )

[D. Victim: Keith Goodman]

Read more... )

[E. Victim: Maladict]

Read more... )

[F. Victim: Anyone]

[With these five chain letters circulating around an unintended target could have also received one! Or more! Will you continue the chain or... suffer the consequences of your inaction?]
22 March 2012 @ 07:12 pm
[006] Boo!  
A. Town - Anywhere [Backdated to March 21]

[All this fighting was lame. Poland's decided it's time to have some fun and get out of this grody mood once and for all! What's the best way to uplift one's mood?

Pranks, duh.

Apparently everyone in town is going crazy over ghosts of all things, so it's provided a perfect opportunity. Grabbing a bed sheet and making a few simple modifications Poland's masterful fantastic completely realistic ghost costume is complete!

He's just going to hide out and bounce out from behind objects around town to scare people. Prepare to be totally terrified!]

[OOC: Since Poland's hiding under the sheet, his usual shyness shouldn't be a factor. So if you're new and he hasn't met you before, expect no mercy! Unless the sheet is somehow removed of course.]

B. Town - Tailor's: Later [Backdated to March 21]

[Poland's back from pranking and laughing about how much fun he had.]

Kyahaha! That was so much fun! So many hilarious faces! Like as if there's any such thing as a real ghost!

[He's so caught up in laughing he doesn't even notice his sheet brushing up against one of the sewing machines, which seems to have turned on by itself.

Apparently ghosts don't appreciate being mocked, which Poland will find out when the possessed machine suddenly starts sewing him into his sheet, turning it into some variation of a straight jacket.]

What the heck? AHH!

09 March 2012 @ 06:10 pm
[005] Polish-Lithuanian War: Mayfield Edition  
A. Town - Tailor

[If you've dropped off any white or red articles of clothing to be altered, mended, or pressed since the weekend Poland will inform you that they've gone missing. Maybe the town stole them! He's not really sure. All he knows is they're not here so he can't return them to you.

Oh well. White really wasn't your color anyways and red is just soooooo last season. Besides the cut of that dress made you look a little chunky and that tie was way too long for your short torso. Poland losing it actually did you a favor!

Likewise, if you would like to place an order for a custom made article of clothing all forms of red and white fabric are out of stock. Sorry for the inconvenience!]

B. Benny Road

[It'd been almost an entire week since Lithuania and Poland first had their huge fight and from the general look of Benny Road it was apparent that their stand off wasn't ending anytime soon. Regardless of whether or not the other residents on the street like it, the street has been divided in two between both nations. Lithuania on one half, his territory clearly marked out with the signs he'd made over the weekend and Poland on the other.

Poland decided he'd claim his territory with little red and white Polish flags in everyone's yards just to one up Lithuania. It looked better than some dumb sign. He'd also made a huge flag to drap over the side of his house facing Lithuania's. It's a complete patchwork of various fabrics and if you look closely you can make out the shapes of dresses, shirts, and even... is that underwear?

Anyway. None of the other residents on the street mind, right?]

C. Anywhere

[Ever since the weekend, Poland wasn't himself. He was irritable and cranky and not feeling the least bit fabulous. He tried to keep up appearances, but it was obvious that something was bothering him deeply.

He didn't like being in a fight with Lithuania. He didn't like the idea of Lithuania being mad at him. Worse still he didn't like that Lithuania had justification for being mad at him.

Poland knew that what he'd said to Lithuania that day in the middle of the street was wrong. He hadn't actually meant it or anything, he was just aggravated that Lithuania was being so unreasonable and stupid and kept pointing that sword in his face. It wasn't funny. Especially knowing what Lithuania could actually do with a sword. Worse still he was acting like a stubborn jerk trying to control everyone on the street like that. Lithuania should have known better than to try to screw around with Poland's independence. Stuff like that wasn't supposed to be messed around with unless you wanted to start a huge fight, it was like an unwritten rule. Lithuania was just so intimidating and so infuriating and then...

"The only time you were ever worth anything, was when you were under my thumb!"

The words just flew out of Poland's mouth before he'd even realized how hurtful they were.

But Lithuania was the one who took it even farther than that and kept smashing him into that wall over and over and over again. Maybe a punch in the face or kick in the stomach could have been an adequate punishment, or even throwing him up against the wall once or twice to get his point across... but that's not what Lithuania did. Lithuania knew that he had a huge advantage over Poland with the latter still being human. He just didn't care. He seriously wanted Poland to die. And not even a quick death with that sword of his, Lithuania wanted to brutally smash the life out of him with his own hands. If Ukraine hadn't shown up when she did...

That wasn't right. That wasn't fair. He didn't deserve to die for just saying something stupid. Poland would have apologized for it once he realized he'd stepped way over the line.

But not now. Poland had every right to be mad at Lithuania too, and there was no way he was apologizing for anything he said, before or after Lithuania tried to kill him. Poland didn't care how out of control he'd gotten, or the look on Ukraine's face every time he'd opened his mouth. If Lithuania hadn't done what he did, Poland would have never gotten so angry in the first place to say those other awful things.

It was Lithuania's fault and Poland wasn't apologizing. Not first. Not even if Poland did feel a little sick to his stomach over the whole thing.]

D. 1333 Benny Road [Locked to Lithuania & Forward dated to Saturday]

[Poland knew from Christmas that if you traded in something you'd regained at the Post Office you could get back something else. The problem was Poland didn't really want to part with anything he'd finally gotten back. Trading back his quick healing ability in this town was practically suicide, his rosary beads gave him a peace of mind he really needed living in hell Mayfield, sending Mr. Pony home would make him too lonely especially under these circumstances and the packet of rye seeds he'd gotten didn't seem nearly important enough to trade with.

But apparently there was another way, at least according to the Postman. Poland just had to sign on the dotted line and the Post Office would figure out something for him so he could get back what he wanted from home. It seemed simple enough.


Two severed pinkies and some bandages later, Poland walked home from the Post Office holding an old official government document.

An official ultimatum sort of worked the last time he'd fought with Lithuania, right? Just a quick change to the language for this new situation and neither of them had to apologize this way. They could just move on already. All Poland had to do was make Lithuania sign it and things would be normal again.

He'll knock on Lithuania's door and wait for him to answer it.]

03 February 2012 @ 01:13 pm
04. My Little Poland, My Little Poland Ahh ahh ahh ahhh~  
[a. Outside Mayfield Hospital-back dated to January 31st]

[Poland's standing outside Mayfield hospital with a cardboard box over his head while clutching to a prescription pad and a pen. He swiped the prescription pad off a counter and found the box in a hospital supply closet. No matter what, he's not taking that box off his head. He doesn't want anyone to see what that terrible doctor did to him, even if it means he has to walk home blind. There wasn't anything he could get his hands on that was sharp enough to cut through the box, so it lacks eye holes for him to see out of.

Hopefully he'll manage to find his way back to his house, stumbling around stubbornly along the sidewalk.]

[b. 1332 Benny Road]

[Only after getting inside his house, closing and locking the door and pulling all the drapes closed on the windows does he hesitantly take the box off.

In place of his head, rests a pony head sewn to his neck with infected sutures.

Poland knows that cleaning the stitches is important, the incision wound is still oozing slightly of blood and yellow pus and it's been causing him a lot of pain and nausea, making him feel disorientated. He digs around the house for something to sanitize them with, pulling apart the cabinet under the kitchen sink for peroxide or betadine... when he feels something brush up against his back, gently.

Poland nickers something softly, to say "not right now," since he can't verbalize the words thanks to his new appendage, but it brushes up against him again. Turning he expects to see his pet pony trying to comfort him.

Instead he turns suddenly realizing where Dr. Johnson had gotten the decapitated equine head now sewn onto his shoulders. He was face to face with his own human head sewn on to Mr. Pony's body.

Even with everything in his house shut, locked, and hidden away; Poland's horrified scream echos through the neighborhood.]

[c. Phone]
[Oh, right. Poland can only make pony noises. The phone is utterly useless to him.]