29 January 2012 @ 10:36 am
First Paradox  
[Action: 433 Peepers]

[Araya is sitting beside the window, watching as the town outside seems to be in an uproar. He watched peculiar people pass by whose bodies and limbs were replaced with different objects. Something had happened here involving them, he assumes. Of course, he has no power to help one way or the other. And so, Araya for once limits his role to that of an observer. With a cup of earl grey in front of him, sitting on top of his table, he continues to watch with a cold, distant face that conveys both disgust and pity.

Anybody passing by may catch a glimpse of the stern, former Buddhist monk looking at them.]

[Action: The Hospital]

[Araya, who had some time ago been appointed as a doctor, stepped in for work today. There isn't much else he could possibly do, after all. The town has given him the position of a doctor at the hospital. He sees this nothing more than being given further access to a place that would have once excluded him. There, as he walks past the patient wards, he notices that this is from where these strange people have appeared. Something had happened in the facility that he had just entered. Narrowing his eyes, the man continues to walk throughout the halls. The oppressive aura that surrounds him seems to grow stronger by each passing second.]</small>