19 July 2012 @ 03:09 am
1st petal.  
✿a) early morning: action ; 1338 Benny Road ; housemates

[When Ib opened her eyes, she expected to be back in her world, in the art gallery with her parents and Garry. Instead, she found herself in a foreign bed in what looked to be a foreign house.

...Was it a trick? She'd gone through the painting once to get to that other world, but did going back through bring her here instead of home? If that was the case, well...it was time to get to work.

She gets up and examines her room, dresses herself, brushes her hair, and goes out to the rest of the house. The first thing she notices is the family portraits. At first, she stares in disbelief at the fact that she's there and her parents are not. Even stranger, she has no idea who those other people are. Her next instinct is to turn around, walk a few steps away, and then whirl around, as if expecting something to happen. She stares it down before walking away, casting a wary glance back at it.

Maybe it was because she didn't have a rose...

Right. She doesn't have a rose. That unsettles her. And since Garry went through the painting, too, she might as well look for him while she was at it.

Housemates can either find this little girl performing her little ritual with the pictures and possible paintings around the house or looking through cabinets, opening doors of all kinds, all the while looking like she's searching for something in particular.]

✿b) afternoon: action ; annie's flowers ; everyone

[You can find Ib staring intently through the window of the flower shop, close enough to where her nose is almost touching the glass, but still far enough away to mind her manners (and the window's cleanliness).]

✿c) evening: phone ; everyone

[Well, her search around the house and around town shows her that it's more than just her here this time.

There's a tiny yawn before a small, quiet, and rather young voice speaks up.]

...Hello. My name is Ib. There are a lot of people here, but I was wondering if anyone's seen a man with purple hair that talks like a lady.

[The comment about the man doesn't sound like she's poking fun, but instead carries a sense of innocence and naivete.]