09 February 2012 @ 02:44 pm
001 ♞ action/phone  
[Action: 306 Miller Street]
[The past year and a half or so had gotten Ron Weasley plenty used to waking up in odd places. From waking up in a tent after half bleeding to death to some cart in a muggle subway in one of his recent missions. But never had he expected this. There was only one female he was used to getting any form of kisses from, even if they were rare and tied with embarrassed newness. So being awoken in a bed, by some lady, with her lips pressed to his cheek was enough to wake him up.]

[First instinct was to scramble for the wand that was no longer on him, or anywhere he searched. Panic arising in his body, he tried remembering all the things that happened in the last year, including his minimal auror training. Tongue rolling over his lips, his way through the house caught sight of the telephone. Older than he remembered the ones his dad showed him, but a telly, nonetheless.]

[No wand? He was screwed. Double screwed with no owl. Someone was doing something fishy. Maybe he could at least call that 'operator' person Hermione had explained about ages ago and get where he was at... Running hands over his jeans warily he made his way for it.]

Got it--Now how do I--Mad these muggles, are. [Sound of shifting before a clicking sound as he tries to figure something out.] That should do it--

Oy. Hello? There an opurater person on this thing? Seem to have lost my wa--gotten lost. Dunno how, lot in my team are awful jokers. Any idea where I am?--[A beat.] 'ello?

[On his end he scowled, frowning slightly.] Maybe Harry and Hermione have it wrong and I should've yelled.

[He waits a minute longer while the panic once more begins to swell up in him.]