15 April 2012 @ 09:58 pm
001 // Beautiful Morning  
Morning; 2237 Stevens Road; locked to Haruko
[Asleep in his new bed, Naota has yet to realize that he's no longer in Mabase. It's still early on a Sunday morning and all but his bare feet and a shock of tousled brown hair lie buried under a mound of blankets. Lately, sleep has been his only escape from the endless monotony of life in Mabase. Naota sighs into his pillow and continues to slumber. On one corner of his bed sits Naota's obese housecat, Miu Miu, with his stubby legs tucked beneath him.]

Late morning; locked to housemates and friends of 2237 Stevens
[Finally awake, Naota sits slumped over the kitchen counter on a retro bar stool where he sips juice from a glass. He's wearing shorts and a vintage Pepsi T-shirt and while he doesn't like the cut of the shorts, it's the closest match he could find in the closet to what he'd normally wear. Resting on the counter before him is a framed portrait of himself with his "family". His housemates may discover early on that Naota has a bad habit of speaking aloud to himself.]

This is just disturbing...


So you just pick up the phone and start talking? That seems really strange but whatever. This whole place is strange. Is this what it's really like to be in the United States? I never imagined I'd see it in person. I guess, for a while, I've been wanting to see it for myself if only to get a sense of what's so great about it and why the people who come here from somewhere else never look back. What is it about America that makes people forget what they left behind?

Everything here looks so much alike. It's just row after row of the same house in every direction. At high noon you can't tell west from east. I don't see how anybody can know where they're going, but I guess it doesn't matter.

Anyway, can somebody tell me if there's a motel around here? Or an empty room someone's willing to lend for cheap? I don't really care. Just as long as I don't have to live in the same house as her anymore...

Action - Afternoon; Around Mayfield
[The shadows have grown long and Naota has "run away" from home. For a while, he was sure he'd be able to find his way back if he just counted the houses and noted the sun's placement in the sky. But after crossing a few streets and rounding a few corners, he's genuinely lost and feeling mighty stupid.]