10 February 2012 @ 06:12 pm
♈ >Aradia: Be a tough cookie ♈  
♈ AA: Morning; Phone

Oh no...

I think I've been gone for quite awhile!

[There's some rustling and a clatter. Aradia went to check the calender.]

I'm sorry about not being around! I guess I...I don't think I've died? I could be wrong. Maybe I got droned? I'm back though. I'm pretty sure I'm back! Hehe, I guess I wouldn't be making this phone call otherwise.

Oh I have to get off the phone now. I'm going to be late for school!

♈ AA: Afternoon; School Cafeteria

[Aradia is just sitting at one of the lunch tables with her lunch baggie. She's munching away at her sandwich, happy and bliss. She missed all the operations. It was probably a good thing. Aradia would have been upset, and with her psychic powers available at her disposal...

But what Aradia doesn't seem to know is there's a wad of gum shoved into her hair.

She had gotten into an argument with one of the kid drones. He wouldn't let her play sports with them! The nerve of these drone kids. She didn't realize when she turned and left in a huff, he had shoved gum into her hair. Poor thing. It was stuck pretty badly in her hair now.

Someone better tell her, before leaves and gunk get stuck in it too.]