11 April 2012 @ 08:09 pm
first whiplash  
[ When "Mother" woke her up for school this morning, her instinctive reaction? Was to bar the door with as much furniture as possible and start tearing apart the room she'd found herself in. And that's when she discovered the photo album beside the bed, filled with images of her and her ~happy family memories~ ... and not a single image of her actual family. Her parents, her brothers, not even her adopted brother, Jace.

And search as she might, not a stele or seraph blade to be seen.  She'd been stripped of every weapon, even the one that had been strapped to her thigh.

She flumped down hard on the bed, staring at the topmost picture, and rubbing at her temple, trying to figure out what in the world could have happened to make her hallucinate this bad. It hit her with a groan, and she dropped the album next to her on the quilt. ]

Great. Demon poison. Juuuuust the cherry on top of an already perfect day.

[ Further movement outside the door caused her to perk her head up again, and this time, she slid to her feet and looked around the room for anything that might serve as a weapon. A long silver baton looked like it would do the trick - even if it had two very not-intimidating tassels hanging off either end. Holding the baton like a bat, she shoved the furniture tower aside with a swift kick, and threw the door open. ]

[ Yeah, fuck this noise. The mindless student body and faculty manages to be ten times more creepy than even the picket fence routine, so Izzy doesn't even make it to lunch period before she decides to make a break for it. She slips out for a 'drink' and then makes her way through the halls, casting surreptitious glances around as she attempts to locate the closest door out of here without being spotted.

This was all way easier when she could turn invisible. :|

Feel free to intercept her in the halls as a teacher catching her, or a fellow student. … Somebody should probably warn her about this droning procedure thing before she skips and finds out the hard way. ]