06 October 2012 @ 09:28 am
Third Brainstorm  
A - 850 Goldberg

[Oh, that's nice. There's a package in the mail for Cliff once again. He's a little leery of it; the last time he got packages, while he did get some of his powers back, he also got a killer headache and a heck of a nosebleed. That had come from a very small package, and this one looked to be about the same size.]

Well...here goes nothing.

[He opens up the package, and inside is simply a picture of a brain...and it's also given Cliff another headache...so he'll just lie there in the front lawn until it passes.]

B - John Doe Park

[Cliff's feeling a bit better now that the headache's passed and he's realized what he's regained. His mind control powers are back in action, although he's still trying to gauge how strong they are. Controlling drones doesn't seem like it would be very beneficial, seeing as how they don't have any special powers and are somewhat dumb anyway. So now he's just looking for a non-drone to practice with, and he just might try to get your attention.]

Hey, could you help me with something?

[Not that he'll actually reveal what he's trying to do, of course.]

((OOC: His mind control powers are at the level where he's basically just going to be making very strong suggestions. Feel free to realize what he's trying to do and let him have it.))
14 July 2012 @ 08:07 pm
Second Brainstorm  
[A - 850 Goldberg, locked to Chell]

[Cliff wakes up, just like he does any other day. He is a bit surprised that the drone wife isn't in bed as she usually is, seeing as how he's usually up before she is in an attempt to avoid her banal conversation. He shrugs it off at this point, figuring he overslept or she got up early to make breakfast. She'd been yammering on about pancakes the night before, and something about one of the children having a birthday? He'd tuned her out.

He got dressed as he usually did, the fog of the morning and his own complacency blinding him to the fact that the family in the pictures was different from the family of drones he'd had before. Once he's dressed, he's just going to head downstairs, fully expecting to be greeted by his annoying drone wife.]

[B - Outside 850 Goldberg, open]

[Despite his sudden change of residence, the mailman seemed to know exactly where to find Cliff. In fact, two packages had arrived for him in the mail that day. He'd opened the larger of them first. To his surprise, it contained the getup he usually wore when he was operating as The Thinker. It was a welcome change from the clothing he'd been bumming around in.

The second, however, was only a small envelope. Upon opening it up, a few microchips and a picture of a human brain slid out. As soon as they touched Cliff's hand, they vanished.]


[It's hard having microchips suddenly re-implant themselves in your brain. After crying out in pain, Cliff seizes up and passes out face-first in the front yard, blood streaming out of his nose. Maybe someone should check on him.]
08 June 2012 @ 07:46 pm
First Brainstorm  
[A - 1669 Nelson]

[The last thing Cliff could remember, he was basically getting the microchips in his brains blown out. He didn't remember much, if anything, save that last fight with Firestorm. He thought he'd finally won, but no...he opened his eyes, fully expecting to find himself in a prison somewhere.

To say he was surprised to wake up next to that strange woman was an understatement...as was his surprise that her mind was absolutely closed to him, as was his surprise that there were a bunch of creepy family photos he didn't recall having posed for...and so on and so forth. Typical Mayfield stuff.

After a brief conversation with his new not!wife that leaves him more confused than he was before, he emerges from the bedroom looking quite displeased. He managed to find clothes. They fit, but they're not like anything he'd dream of wearing. But they beat going naked, so he'll wear them. Even his glasses have been replaced with thick black plastic 50's eyewear...which actually appeals to his inner hipster, so he's slightly less irritated with those.

Looks like someone's off on a quest to find some answers. But first, breakfast. Cold cereal and coffee, because he doesn't trust the cooking of the strange woman upstairs.]

[B - Downtown]

[Cliff is just standing there, taking it all in...and looking like he might be on the verge of having some sort of spastic fit. Surely you can help calm him down.]

[C - Various Shops]

[Cliff is trying to get an idea of what sorts of technology he can find here in Mayfield. He can be found poking at radios or TVs, grumbling under his breath about something. He can't find anything advanced enough for his needs, and it's frustrating.]