30 January 2012 @ 06:09 pm
2nd Sermon - forwarddated to the morning of the 31st  
[A - The Factory]

[It's been twenty-four hours since the Signless was taken to the factory. It's been the longest, most painful twenty-four hours of his life, every detail of the surgery and the aftermath clear in his mind. He looks exhausted as he walks out of the open gate, even more so than usual. Along with still wearing the rumpled, now slightly bloody clothes he was taken in he's had a few...modifications done in the past day.

The most noticeable are the rotting fins attached to his face and the gills on his neck. Well, not so much attached as stapled to his skin. There's another set of gills under his shirt, spread across the sides of his ribs, there the small blood stains seem to be coming from. Tyrian purple stains.

That's right. In a single day he's gone from a null blood, a mutant freak to be culled on sight, to the highest color on the hemospectrum. He's technically goddamn royalty now and it. Is. Terrifying.

He should really get home, contact Psiioniic and Disciple, check in on Karkat, let them all know he's okay. Well, alive. But normal breathing is still near impossible and the sharp stabs of pain he keeps feeling in his chest aren't helping. He flops down onto the ground, just far enough away from the electrified fence not to get shocked, and pulls one of his knees into his chest.

He's tired. He's so damn tired, his body feels dry and itchy and wrong and the whispering voices in his head are getting louder and more persistent. He tilts his head forward to rest his forehead against his knee, closing his eyes. He'll just rest a few minutes then he'll go. Just a few minutes and hope no one he knows sees.]

[B - Phone]

[Signless's voice is barely above a whisper but the panic in his tone speaks louder than his volume.]

Everyone, this is the Signless. Humans, trolls, every other species in Mayfield, you need to stay away from me. Far, far away from me please. Your lives depend on it. They took me to the factory and they did something to me, to my blood...

If you see me out on the street run and run fast. If I'm out it means something is wrong and I can't guarantee I won't- [His voice cracks.] I can't guarantee I won't hurt you or worse just by being near you.

[I don't want to kill anyone else.]

[C - Locked to 945 Beulah Street]

[All the salt in the house is missing. Every container in the pantry, even the salt shaker. The bathroom door is also locked tight, the sound of running water coming from behind the door. It must have been running for a while because there's a large pool of water coming from under the door and the carpet is soaking wet.

A note is taped to the door, hastily scribbled in pencil and stuck to the poor with a bit of tape. 'PLEASE DON'T TRY TO COME IN. STAY AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN. I DON'T WANT TO HURT ANY OF YOU.']

[ooc: Signless has been released from the factory with some nasty side effects. Please let me know if you want his psychic powers to accidentally kill/injure your character.]