28 February 2012 @ 04:23 pm
School Days Gloom  
[Action: Morning - School]

[It had taken Drone-Mom a few days to break into Chrome's room and the young girl had started to feel a little....odd. Or was it just that she was feeling more normal? Whatever the emotion, she'd been more than happy to walk herself to school and go to class.]

[Until she actually got there and snapped back into her normal mindset as the day went on.]

[She was starting to suspect that the natives of this illusion were mind-controlling her somehow...but she couldn't be sure.]

[Next time she would just have to barricade her door better.]


[Acton: After School - Around Town]

[At the suggestion of Hibari-san and several others, Chrome is dressed and without her rake/broom/other random cleaning appliances.]

[She feels very paranoid, but the people seem friendly enough....though some of them are a bit too cheerful. It's.....a little disturbing....]

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14 February 2012 @ 09:45 pm
STOP! ...in the name of LOVE.  
[Action: Morning - 306 Miller Road]

[Chrome has been holed up in her room for the last three days and is finally starting to feel the affects of hunger. She's mostly gotten used to that though, so there really is no reason to leave her room again except to find something more suitable for defending herself (if it comes to that) than the broom handle she filched from the closet.]

[With this thought in mind, she steps out of her room and almost trips over a vase full of flowers.]

Who...would leave flowers...?

[She picks them up, holding them away a bit in case they're poisonous or something. They seem harmless enough, so she brings them towards her face and takes a breath.]

Hmm....smells like peppermint candy....

[She places the vase by her bedside before turning to continue her mission out into the rest of the house.]


((ooc: Come on. Say hi to her, housemates. I dare you.))


[Action: Later in the Day - Around Town]

[If you happen to be out, you may notice a young purple-haired girl wandering around in a nightgown carrying a rake. Feel free to talk to her -she's feeling very friendly right now.]

[At least until the flowers affects wear off.]


{{ooc: I am so sorry this took so long. My internet crapped out on me for two weeks.}}

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