18 March 2012 @ 08:58 pm
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[ phone ]

[ By now, Selina has a fairly good idea of the situation she's found herself in. She's been lying low, always with one ear to the ground. Now she picks up the phone to speak to the rest of the town for the first time, but there's no demands for information. She's plenty capable of gathering it herself, overtly or otherwise. ]

So, Mayfield, [ There's a sort of playful tone to her voice. ] What do you do for fun around here? It can't all be quilting bees and drive in movies. What I wouldn't give for a decent nightclub.

[ afternoon ; pet store ]

[ The very idea of spending time as "Homemaker" was enough to send a chill down her spine, and had her pounding the pavement in search of some sort of job as soon as she knew the option was available.

She's actually quite happy here in the Pet Store, though she doesn't cater much to the human clientele. To her, making sure the animals are well taken care of is much more of a priority than handing hamsters over to creepy drone children. She's taken a few liberties despite her "entry level" position, and the environment is considerably more... free.

Don't be surprised if a dog or cat trips you up on your way to the pet food-- if you can even manage to find it now that she's begun rearranging things. ]

Mind your step!

[ night ; around mayfield ]

[ Despite the painful lack of nightlife, Selina just can't keep off the streets. And in some cases, off the rooftops. She's been casing this place for a few days now, and it seems anything of actual value lies with the displaced residents.

It'll take some skill and a sharp eye to catch her doing anything suspicious, but she spends plenty of time meandering the sidewalk as well. ]