17 June 2012 @ 02:22 am
2nd Mission: Swagger  

As much as it sucked to have to deal with them, all of those zombies at least gave me something to do. Now that it's Father's Day...I'm just going to be bored shitless, aren't I?

(Because he doesn't see a real reason to celebrate it in the first place. No thanks to daddy Spardra, anyway...)

So I have an amp, I have a guitar and I have nothing to do. Know what that means? Means I have something to do. I'm gonna go right on ahead and treat you guys to some of the sickest solos you've ever heard before at the park. Anyone who wants in, just hit up the park. That goes especially to the ladies; come on by and witness the amazing spectacle that is me.

Action: John Doe Park; all day and night

(And true to his word, there is a Dante in the middle of the park, amp by his side, a cooler with beer and alcohol at his other side, guitar in his hands and shirt nowhere to be found. Hell yeah, he's going for the rock star look! Sad to say he doesn't have much of a stage to work with, but there's nothing wrong with using a bench or a tree, right? As long as the audience can see him, he really won't mind.

And if you're lucky, he just might stop give a few of you ladies a wink. He'll be here all day and night, so everyone's more than welcome to hit him up!

Action: Around town; nighttime

(So what's a guy to do after a full day of kicking back and partyrocking? Why kicking back some more, of course! If you catch him playing his guitar, he'll be playing much more somber tunes since he can respect people trying to sleep...unless you make a special request, by which he'll totally do it since the alcohol will probably have lowered his inhibitions enough for it.)
12 April 2012 @ 07:04 pm
1st Mission: The Crapshoot  
837 Hastings; morning

(Well well well, Dante woke up in a place he's entirely unfamiliar with...and based on the pictures around the house, he's apparently married? Must've gotten drunk in Vegas again...

Though he did find it surprising that he was without any of his belongings or even his powers...

Heh...I guess this is what getting a divorce is like.

Greased Lightning Garage

(Dante's not letting something like being robbed of all of his powers get his ego down. The only thing actually getting him down is the crappy clothing selection. As such, he's showing up to work shirtless. One of the weird drone people told him that he apparently worked there, so once he arrives, he's just going to look at those ancient looking cars and scoff.)

You gotta be shitting me. It's one thing to make me entirely human, but this is the crap they want me to drive? This is crap...

Outside 837 Hastings; open to all

Not like I can't have fun with this place while I'm here, right? It'd be a crime not to!

(Says the guy who's standing on the roof of his house with an electric guitar in his hands. Anyone passing by or trying to sleep will hear some of the sickest riffs you've never heard of before. He's also managing to twirl that guitar around him as if it were a toy, all while still continuing to flawlessly play amazing guitar solos. Yeah, this guy is boss.)


(And to top off an exciting day, he's going to order what he loves most...)

Let me get a large pizza with pepperoni, extra cheese, sausage, pineapples, bacon, onions, garlic and jalapeno peppers, but no olives. Absolutely no olives; I will not be happy if I find a single olive on my pizza, got it?