08 August 2012 @ 06:17 pm
Twenty-Seventh File.  

[ Well, hello, housemates! Did you expect to see the robots suddenly drifting to and fro in the house as if they own the place or taking care of things? No? Well, they're there and making as little noise as possible. On top of that, the basement is now transformed into Diana's lab with all of her supplies in it. So, then, where is Diana herself?

Still sleeping in her room until she wakes up, which would be now. She takes a look around and finds that she's not home, but her mind is still loud as ever thanks to people's thoughts buzzing around in it.

Great. She was back here again. How many times did this make it now - three? Where was her frequent flier miles card? ]

...Well, guess I ought to see where I've been placed in now.

[ She stumbles out of bed and walks down the stairs, sitting down at the kitchen table. Anyone expecting her to cook breakfast is wrongly mistaken. She's horrid at cooking for herself.

So, housemates. Wish to meet your new mom? ]


[ Today was the last straw for her job, apparently. If she was serious about being a nurse, she had to get her butt immediately to the hospital ASAP. Coworkers, doctors, etc - you can expect her to be flitting here and there in between rooms changing sheets and also making sure that people are taking their prescribed doses of medication. Don't worry, she's a woman of science and can do the other things herself.

When there's a lull, she'll be in the main entrance and lean against the counter while looking to see if anyone needs help. ]

Need a hand?


[ After her shift, Diana is observing her surroundings to see if anything has been changed since her time in Mayfield. That, and she's also checking to see if there's any old faces around. So, if your character remembers Diana or had interactions with her, she'll be around investigating. ]


Hello once more, Mayfield. For those who don't remember me or are new, I am Diana Ethelbert and I hope that you've all kept yourselves relatively out of harm's way. Would anyone care to fill a girl in as to what's been going on since my departure?

If it'll make things easier, I was last here in June. I believe it's August right now.

Though, to the newbies, should you have any questions, I should be fine with telling you the basics.

Have a good day.
01 June 2012 @ 12:46 pm
Twenty-Sixth File.  
[ Action: 1335 Benny Road. ]

[ SUP, HOUSEMATES? Were you expecting to get up on your normal hours? Yes? Well, Diana has a different idea by making things suddenly levitate and crash into the walls, the windows - anything and everything she can get her hands on. While she's doing this, she definitely doesn't look like the refined and calm lady she used to be. In fact, she actually looks deranged. ]

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you--!

[ Care to see what has her all riled up? ]

[ Action: Anywhere. ]

[ Diana seems hellbent on making her name known in Mayfield as she's walking down the streets, flipping cars over, bending street signs, breaking windows all with her telekinesis. She doesn't care that she's abusing her powers since she thinks that humanity deserves to be punished. Humanity is the one who caused the near-destruction of Epyaxa, even though they promised they would change.

But, it was just that - empty, broken promises. Everyone eventually used each other and she was determined to make them see the error of their ways.

You're free to try to restrain her, but she will fight. ]

( OOC: In her AU, Diana never came back after sacrificing herself and the green discharges eventually made their way into her brain, and therefore, caused her to go crazy and made her hate humanity as a whole. If you'd like to be the one to take her down, feel free! )
06 May 2012 @ 03:13 pm
Twenty-Fifth File.  
[ Action: 1335 Benny Road. Morning. ]

[ Diana expected to wake up in her room, on her comfortable bed, and surrounded by curtains around her bed and pillows to block out the light. However, she doesn't find that to be the case as seeing that the sun is peeking out through the windows and she stirs, groaning as she wipes the sleep from her eyes.

Upon further inspection, this isn't her house, much less her planet. She can't hear what it wants, after all. So, then...

Ah, damn it all to hell. Is she really back at Mayfield? ]

And here I thought I was done with you, you rotten town.

[ That hand will now make its' way slowly down her face with her giving off a long, drawn out sigh. ]

All right, so where the hell have I woken up?

[ Phone | Filtered from drones. ]

Right, hello everyone. To those who are new, I am Diana Ethelbert and it's a pleasure to meet you to those who are new here. Despite what the drones say, I am not Mrs. Chulainn or Diana Chulainn. If you need me, I'll be at 1335 Benny Road now and working at the hospital as a nurse.

...Also, I hear there's a prom going on. When is it going to be held and where?

[ Phone | Filtered to Rin Tohsaka. ]

... Speaking of which, Miss Tohsaka, how do you deal with Lancer other than throwing him into walls? I have a feeling this will be a while until we're out of here, and since I've been...privy to his behavior, I want to know what's the best way to handle him.

[ Phone | Filtered to Edward Elric. ]

Been a while, hasn't it?

Listen. I know you're going to have questions and I'm ready to answer them. Just let me know when.

[ Action: Hospital ]

[ After she received a phone call saying she was late for her job, Diana automatically thought that it had meant her ticket girl position, but she lost that job when she grew up. Either way, she'll be dashing her way into the hospital and given an old fashioned nurse outfit to change into (since she apparently lost her's.) So, if you're a coworker, doctor, or a patient, expect her to try to get into the role necessary as she'll say either the following: ]

COWORKER: Hello. Is there anything pressing on the roster we need to get to?

DOCTOR: Are you in need of any assistance?

PATIENT: Hello, I am Diana--

[ ...

She's going to strike through the last name Chulainn on the chart and write in Ethelbert. ]

Diana Ethelbert. I'm here to change your sheets and check if there's anything else you need taken care of. How are you feeling today?

[ Action: Bodine Fashion. ]

[ Diana's sure that her clothing doesn't fit her anymore, so she's out shopping for some new ones. And even though she seems displeased at what's there, she knows that it's better than nothing. So, those around can find her holding up article after article of clothing, inspecting it rather thoroughly to see if it'll fit on her. ]
13 April 2012 @ 01:29 am
Twenty-Fourth File.  
[ Action: 1649 Albright Lane. Morning. ]

[ Diana expected to wake up normally in her bed, however the first thing she notices is that she's suddenly around seven stones heavier than she should be.

Okay, what the crap was going on here? That, and it doesn't seem like she has her normal headache to deal with at this time of the day. Now that was weirder than anything else. However, she manages to at least get into a sitting position before looking down at the sheets that tumble off.





Sup, housemates? Did you wanted to be woken up by a loud scream this morning? Sure you did. ]

What the hell--?!

[ Action: Mayfield High. ]

[ Okay, Diana. Play it cool. Even though she was mentally freaking out, surely things couldn't be that bad, right? It wasn't as if this was permanent or anything (or so she hoped). Though, some of the drones were trying to get a stir out of her, she did her best impression of an Ed glare to them. Yeah, that'll teach them!


Well, okay. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. After all, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

So, she decides to stroll through the hallways as if the confusion just went away. Though, carting around automail is not a walk in the park. Dammit, Ed, how do you get through the day like this? ]

[ Later on in the day, though, she notices that the automail is squeaking and creaking in a few areas and has to smack her hand against her face and decides to move into the shop classroom to begin working on it just for now. She's not too sure how well Ed's fingers are when it comes to maintenance, but there's always a first time for everything. Ohhhh, does she want to yell at Ed right about now, but she's not too sure who he got swapped with. ]

[ Action: John Doe Park. ]

[ Another joy she's experienced: she can now do alchemy like a boss. So, while she decides to use her teaching to good use, there's several pillars and statues just popping out of the ground like magic. For months, she's been telling Ed to teach her practical uses, but nooooo. She had to wait.

Well, waiting was over. She wanted to create stuff, dammit, and by god, she was going to do it. ]

Why didn't he teach me how to do this before?! This is awesome!

( OOC: Replies will come from [personal profile] everythingforscience! )
12 April 2012 @ 08:23 am
Twenty-Third File.  
[ Action: 913 Bilko Boulevard. Morning. ]

[ There was another one of those packages waiting for her, and after her telepathy and her library had been returned to her, she wasn't sure as to what was in this one. However, as eager as she was to get to know what was in this one, she couldn't help but feel the hesitation forming in her stomach. Regardless, she takes the box into the kitchen and opens it slowly to find...

Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

However, suspiciously, things start to float up from the countertops and around the room.

Guess who got their telekinesis back, Mayfield? ]

[ Action: Mayfield High. ]

[ Okay, so dealing with her telekinesis being back wasn't an easy task. In fact, she's trying to mentally tell things to go down so that she doesn't attract attention to herself. Mentally, she's cursing her luck for being this bad as well as cursing the fact that she doesn't have too much control over it in the first place. ]

Dammit, will you go down already? [ She says to a book that's harmlessly floating in the air as if that would help matters any.

Though, as soon as a break rolls around, Diana excuses herself to go into an unused classroom to start attempting to control her powers. Though, that's obviously easier said than done... ]

[ Action: Makeout Point. ]

[ Since it seems like it's the most deserted place in Mayfield, Diana decides to try to do more practice with her telekinesis since she doesn't want it to go out of control like it has been. She moves a few stones to hit at a couple of trees, as well as a few sticks. Her hands are out in front of her and she's concentrating quite a bit to move these objects over. Perhaps you could help her or just observe her work. ]

[ Phone | Filtered from Drones. ]

Hello, Mayfield. If I may be so bold to ask... Theoretically, would anyone be skilled in dealing with psychic powers, specifically telepathy and telekinesis?

Before you ask as to why, I'm just conducting a survey of sorts.
15 March 2012 @ 08:18 pm
Twenty-Second File.  
[ Action: Mayfield High. ]

[ Those who are in Diana's classes will find a new little companion on her desk just scuttling around as she moves it around with the eraser of her pencil. She's trying desperately to hide her smile. Hey, at least it's better than listening to yet another droll lecture of stuff she already knows.

During lunch, though, she can be found in the music room busy playing the piano in there with her companion on the top part of the piano. It seems like it's happy to be with its' master.

Any other time, the companion can be found making his home in Diana's suit, being carried along for the ride. ]

[ Action: 913 Bilko Boulevard. After School. ]

[ It's a project she's been working on for months now, but Diana can finally feel the fruits of her labor paying off. She places a few wires in where they need to be before sitting back in her hoverchair, sighing and wiping the sweat off of her brow. ]


[ She decides to admire her work a bit more before heading inside. ]

Hey, N! Mokou! Nall! I've got something I want to show you guys!

[ Phone | Filtered to Emmett Brown. ]

I heard you wanted to speak to me, Mr. Brown?

[ Phone | Filtered from drones. ]

I've been wondering if there was any sort of engineering team or club set up in Mayfield. I know we have a few people who do build things, however, as far as I'm aware, there is no central area to meet at or to discuss plaans with. It could be of great value for those who cannot obtain materials easily, such as those who are treated like children and women, who are unfairly subjected to the rules Mayfield has set up.

I wouldn't mind setting something up, but before I do, I would like to have some prior interest first.

Thank you for your time.
23 February 2012 @ 12:44 pm
Twenty-First File.  
[ Action: Mayfield High ]

[ Having her library back was not a walk in the park. Trying to quell her headaches in a way that she was used to was not helping manners any. Unfortunately, she has to attend her classes today to avoid being droned. Needless to say, she is not happy and it shows with how grumpy she seems to be.

To add on to her already soured mood, it seems like the drones want to pick a bone with her, too. ]

Neeerd! Hey, you're a nerd!

[ Diana merely sighs, shaking her head. Just walk away, self. Just walk away.

The drone decides to place his hand on her shoulder and backs her up to the lockers. This causes her books and other supplies to fall to the ground, which includes the blank book for her library. She knows she can't let that book fall into the wrong hands, but dammit - she is tired of being pushed around by the drones. ]

I'll only ask you once: Please leave me alone.

[ The drone laughs in her face and leans in close. ] Only if you promise to go out on a date with me.

[ Logic fail much? Seeing as she's not in the mood for this, she glares and shoves the drone away from her. And so, when she does, she instantly goes to pick up her supplies and moves on. The drone doesn't look so pleased, though, so he's chasing after her while shouting names at her. When it seems that she's lost the drone, she slides down one of the walls with her head in her hands. Why won't her head stop hurting already? It's not like she's actively looking up information as freely as she was before... ]

[ Action: Grocery Store ]

[ After school, Diana's in the pharmaceutical section to search for a powerful enough pain killer. She's reading the backs of boxes to try to figure out what would work, if only for temporary relief. ]

You'd think they'd make this clearer...

[ Phone | Filtered FROM Drones. Filtered TO Close CR. ]

...If anyone heard me screaming around a week ago, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause a scene or worry. If... I can make it up, please let me know.