02 April 2012 @ 10:28 pm
In a Daze  
1. 1766 Beaver Street
[The first weird thing was waking up in a bed at all. She hadn't used one for so long she'd almost forgot what it felt like. A normal bed of all things. She'd be less surprised to wake up in a coffin. But even waking up was a little unusual. She'd kinda fallen out of the habit of sleeping.

Then she noticed the strange room. The furnishings she'd never seen before. The unfamiliar nightgown on herself. A rather pink one.]

What? Whaaaaaat. Whaaaaaaaaaat?

2. Phone
Operator, please connect me to the police. I want to report myself kidnapped by some weirdo.

3. Anywhere
[Later, she's walking around the streets in a pretty obvious daze. Also in the ill-fitting men's pink shirt and pants she'd pilfered from the closet. She didn't mind wearing a skirt and all, but what she'd found in her own closet was just too weird. No, those were too weird, too, and she was beginning to regret wearing them.]