14 July 2012 @ 10:14 pm
♔ 6  
1. 767 Bunker (closed to housemates)
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2. 767 Bunker (open to everyone)
( Spain will be sitting on the front step, petting a large, black bull. The bull looks pretty agitated and whenever a car passes or someone walks by, it'll let out a confused roar and kick the ground. For some, it takes a little longer to settle back into Mayfield. )
09 April 2012 @ 02:22 am
♕ 5  
1. Bakery
( Spain thought he would stop by the bakery! Mostly he just wanted to see if his friends were working today but while he's here, he might as well buy some things to take home too. )

2. Phone call
( Today was bath day for Toro but it looks like after days of being penned up, the last thing Toro wanted to do was stay still and take a bath. Some time in the afternoon, an awkward phone call goes out, )

Has anyone seen a bull? He's harmless, really. But if you have, let me know.

ooc: Toro's most likely just trampling on some flower gardens or something harmless. If you leave Toro alone, he'll leave you alone! Spain has trained him (relatively) well, so it's very well behaved around women and children. But any guys that try to bother him might get chased around a bit. Your move.

3. 1129 Taylor
( After finally getting Toro back, Spain and Toro can be found in the front yard. Toro is huffing rather loudly and kicking at the ground as Spain gets things ready. )

C'mon, Toro, I promise the water isn't too cold.
04 March 2012 @ 09:02 pm
♕ 4 ( Forward dated to Monday )  
1. Phone

This is Spain.

I'm sorry for any trouble that happened! And I'm sorry if I hit you! Unless you're Holanda or Inglaterra. I don't know if those two are still causing trouble but if they are, it's okay to punch them. Really.

But, ah. . . you can have your town back if you want. I don't really want it. ( A pause as he considers keeping the town or not. ) Hm, yes, I'm sure I don't want it. And since I claimed the entire town that includes the streets everyone else took away, right?

2. Phone ( filtered to anyone who was involved with this log )
Everyone else gave everything back, right? And what are we going to do about the mess?

3. Mayfield Elementary
( Today, your cheerful teacher arrives to class rather late. You probably spend the first half of the day with a drone substitute teacher. When you return from lunch, Spain is back though, albeit, looking a tad beat up from the weekend! But he's cleaned up well so the class won't worry. )

What did I miss?

4. Around town
( Even though the effects of the candy have worn off, whenever Spain sees a poster or sign posted by one of the other nations (most notably, England or Netherlands) he tears it down and continues walking as if nothing happened. )

10 February 2012 @ 03:55 pm
♕ 3  
1. Mayfield Elementary
( Spain's class might have noticed that he's been a little off since the week began. For the most part, the effects of Mrs. Johnson's surgery wore off but instead of running around and being active in class, he's spent most of the week at his desk sleeping. The last week was very exhausting, okay!

But today, Spain has a project for you, class! There are bags of dirt, some styrofoam cups, and different types of seeds (tomato, bean, marigold, and nasturtiums). When they're finished, they'll be asked to put their names on the cups and line them against the window at the back of class. It's a simple project that he thinks they'll have fun learning. It's also very obvious that he'll have extra supplies and he'll let the students take a few home if they want. It looks like he's back to his old self.

. . . Sounds pretty easy, right? It'll be fun, I promise. Are there any questions?

2. Around town
( After school, Spain can be found walking with Toro. His friend is carrying the leftover bag of dirt and whatever supplies Spain had left over. Spain will be carrying a few potted plants. Originally, he was going to take them home! But if you're curious and want one, he'll be more than glad to give a few away.)

3. 1129 Taylor Rd
( There's a row of dirty cups by the kitchen window. Spain will be in the living room this time. The guitar he just regained is on the couch next to him but for now, he's working on another project: He's taken the box of paper flowers out from the back of his closet and has begun to make some new ones. )

4. Phone
( Speaking of Mrs. Johnson's experiments. Spain's been wondering about something since those began and now that he's back to his old self, he really has to know: )

Hola! How is everyone this week? Hopefully everyone is feeling better.

Ah, but I was wondering. . . who is this "Rory" person?

( And why did that crazy lady keep talking about him )
28 January 2012 @ 05:34 pm
♕ 2  
1. 1129 Taylor (backdated to wednesday)
( Anyone in the house will wake up to things being quite normal in the house. Normal, that is, if you ignore the bloody sheets that have been tossed away. Shion or Nezumi can find Spain in the bathroom, shirt off and first aid kit open on the counter. )

2. Around town
After being allowed to leave the factory, Spain really just wants to get home. Some times he staggers or stops when the world begins to shift around him but for the most part,  nothing seems too off about him. Those familiar with Spain might notice his smile is missing. )

3. Phone
All of this to fix a machine. . .

( And he really doesn't care to go into more detail than that. )

4. 1129 Taylor
( All of the food is in the trash, the dishes are broken, and well, the house in general looks like a bit of a war zone. Anyone who visits will find the door unlocked and Spain on the living room couch. )

ooc: and just a note! spain will be prone to violent mood swings. let me know if you'd rather not have to deal with this. he will also hallucinate the world is a Dalí painting at times, have depression, and think everything he eats tastes like scones.
20 January 2012 @ 11:42 pm
♕ 1  
1. Phone
Does anyone drink?

2. Olney’s Tavern
( Spain isn't a regular but he does show up from time to time. He can some times be seen with a pair of drones, smiling, laughing, and nodding along when he's supposed to but he never really enjoys himself.

And on some evenings, like today, he can be found sitting alone and wondering if he should order one more or leave before it gets too late.