04 June 2012 @ 09:54 pm
imitation/fake 02: an unlit forge [broom?]  
The forge is unlit/the steel unrefined/still as derpy as ever. AU details within. )

[Morning - 768 Bunker - Housemates and Unexpected Visitors]

[Another day, another morning in the bizarre and slightly alarming town of Mayfield. Shirou didn't really quite understand a lot of events that happened when he thought about it. Apparently, some girl he knew in high school told him a lot of things at some point...Rin, was it? It seemed pretty important in his memory, but he never really thought much of her, even back then. A lot of things in his memory in Mayfield and what he knew of himself didn't add up...which was amazing considering how little time he had spent here.

Oh, well. He figured his 'wife' would be awake soon so he was busily putting together a breakfast for both The Handmaid [he really DID need to ask if she had a name that was easier to use in conversation] and himself. In an apron. While humming a jaunty tune to himself and looking unrionically at peace. Even though Mayfield was a pretty stressful place, something like his old hobby of cooking was very therapeutic for him. So the smell of some delicious omelets are floating around the house...and near the window for anyone passing by.]

[Afternoon - Main Street Barber Shop - Open]

Um...good as new! I think.

[Shirou really hated this job. He knew absolutely nothing about cutting, styling, or anything else involving hair. Him being such an abysmal failure at it might have explained why his hair whitened so early. Or if one needed less cosmic evidence for how much he sucked at being a barber, one only need look at recent drone customers. The lucky ones have a few misshapen hairdos. The truly horrific ones have nearly lost all of their hair with some messily-bandaged cuts here and there (he himself having applied said bandages), and some have somehow gained afros. Of course, drones being drones, they don't seem to mind.]

Oh thank you, Mr. Emiya! I look positively wonderful. [Quote the drone woman who's stereotypical 50s hair had been reduced to a boyish crew cut. Shirou would just laugh nervously and wave at her as she left with a plastic smile on her face.]

Ahahaha...sure. No problem. [He really wishes he was somewhere else right now. Approach him or the horrible abominations he has created?]

[Evening - Phone - Unfiltered]

Hey, uh...is it just me or have a lot of people been acting more strangely than lately? I mean, yeah, this place is pretty weird already with a lot of weird people...erm. I mean that in a good way. I think. But, yeah, is everything alright? This is a creepy and messed up town already. It doesn't do any of us good if we're restless, right?
12 May 2012 @ 10:19 am
imitation/fake 01  
[Morning - 768 Bunker Street - Action/Phone]

[Out of one hell, into another. The last memory Archer had was fading away at the end of the Grail War and hearing Rin promise not to let his past self follow the same road he did. He smiled at her and spoke with his old voice, then faded away. It was a nice, hopeful memory. But that was the first thing that was wrong as Archer slowly came into consciousness...he shouldn't have been able to remember that so vividly if he had truly resumed his role.

Shouldn't in a flesh and blood body, either.

Or in a bed.

Or in really, really terrible nightwear.

Archer's good at hiding how he feels about things, so while he looked like someone had only stepped on his toe, Archer was rapidly trying to piece together where the hell he was and why he had somehow been demoted from Counter Guardian to some random person in a suit. Once the initial confusion wears off, he eventually finds his way over to the phone and makes use of it.]

Alright. I'll bite. Where is this, when is it, and why am I here?

[The very blunt way of asking this did a poor job of masking both the head-spinning confusion of suddenly being human again and the irritation he had apparently entered the bizarro world of the 1950s.

Boy was he in for a few unpleasant surprises.]