16 March 2012 @ 06:51 pm
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[Action ✍ Library; Late Afternoon]
[ After work, Raleigh is in the library and is surprised to see... that most of the books she finds are all informative. No fantasy, no mystery. Only educational books on cooking and cleaning.  There has to be something else here, right?

Now Raleigh is trolling the library, combing every aisle.  Every once in a while she'll take a book out so as to appear inconspicuous.  Of course, then she feels self-conscious about taking it out in the first place, so instead of putting it back she takes it with her. 

Yep, just a normal housewife, slowly circling the library with a ... a tower of books.  Yep.  Nothing wrong here.  ]

[Phone ✍ Evening]
... So. Um.

Heh, so this is going to sound pretty odd but is there any other place clothes? I-It's not that these clothes suck, I'm pretty appreciative that I have them but... well, I don't like them either. They make me feel old. It's like this real weird feeling of deja-vu, and I don't like it. So, like, does anyone know if I can get anything different? The shops in town aren't doing it for me. Like, I'll go for anything really. I'm not picky, not under these circumstances at least.

... well.  Just anything other than pencil skirts. I hate them.

[Action ✍ Park; Past Midnight]
[ Raleigh can't sleep.  No one really gets used to nightmares.  So Raleigh, despite her better judgement, decides to take a walk through the park.  The park is dark at this time, but there's enough light for her to make her way.  Once in awhile, Raleigh will stop to look up at the sky.  If there was one thing she liked about this place, it was the sky at night.  It was so clear. ]   
16 January 2012 @ 02:29 pm
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[Action Throughout town ; Early Morning]
Raleigh woke up to the sound of alarms, but she does not fully realize the situation until she pulls herself away from the dairy. The alarm is buzzing in her mind, but despite the headache Raleigh begins to search the town. For what? Clues mostly. Seeing as she's having little to no luck just wandering, and that she has absolutely no idea where her house is so...

She tries talking to others. Of course, that's going to be a challenge for her. The best she might give someone is a tiny 'hello' that is completely covered by the sirens. Or maybe she'll say nothing and just give someone a very blank, wide-eyed stare. Feel free to bother her. Or feel unsettled/have a staring contest, whichever.]

[Action ✍ 338 Brady Lane; Early Morning]
[Raleigh is dead tired from walking around all night. Thankfully she manages to find the street she woke up on.  Locating the house is pretty simple after that.  She opens the door and steps in. She wants nothing more than to just go back up stairs, get in bed and fall asleep, with the false hope that when she wakes up she'll be back home. She knows that isn't going to happen given the alarms, but she's pretty much still convinced this is all a dream and this is the best idea she could come up with.

She passes by a room and sees someone sitting in it. She gives them a glance and keeps on walking.

Then she stops, turns and walks back. She looks back into the room she just passed, confused.]

... hello?

[Phone Evening]
... So.

Someone told me about this place. I'm honestly still confused. I think that's the point though, maybe I'm supposed to be confused?

Anyway, that's not the point. Listen. Just. Does anyone know where I can get a ride out of here? I know that's futile, asking that, but there's got to be a way. I'm not supposed to be here. I don't know where here is, but I know that I should be elsewhere. Anywhere but here. I just need to go. My mom's waiting for me. She's probably worried sick.