14 April 2012 @ 09:47 am
Scene 13: Freaky Friday!  
A: Action: 311 Miller Street

[This is not Toni's beautiful house. This is not Toni's beautiful hair. This is not Toni's beautiful wardrobe... although this lady clearly has taste.

Toni manages to stave off the panic long enough to explore the house and get her bearings. There are clowns. And wizards. Everywhere. Now that freaks her out a little. Fortunately, it also doesn't take her long to find the alcohol. Toni's not a big drinker, but, man, she's stuck in someone else's body. In a house full of clowns. This is a special occasion.]

B: phone:

[Receiver in one hand, martini in the other.]

Hey, this is Toni. I think Mayfield's being Mayfield again. I'm not sure who's body I'm in right now, but I really love your scarf! I hope you don't mind, but I kind of helped myself to some drinks. Sorry! I'll pay you back when this is over!
20 March 2012 @ 09:12 pm
Scene 12  
[Action: 457 Stone Street:
Toni is not much of a morning person. Understandable since, well, werewolf. Still, she manages to drag herself out of bed for work at a decent time. She marches downstairs and heads out the door to go to work, but instead of stepping onto the sidewalk, she ends up squelching into something wet and slippery. Her foot slides out from under her and she tumbles to the ground, landing in more of the slime that has inexplicably appeared on the front stoop of her house.]

Ow! What the hell is this stuff?

[All things considered, she wasn't in a bad mood a moment earlier. Now, though, as she looks down at her ruined outfit and with her backside throbbing with pain, her entire demeanor sours. She grits her teeth and begins swearing and muttering angrily as she tries to stand up. Stupid slime. Now she was going to have to change her stupid clothes, and she was going to be late for her stupid job because they gave her the stupid morning shift. She's so pissed off at the world, she feels like she could kill someone.]

[Action: All around town:

Toni has skipped work, because fuck work. She has better things to do. Like get all up in your grill.]

Hey, asshole! Why don't you look where the hell you're going!

[If you're unlucky, she might shift into spectral skeleton werewolf mode. If that happens? Run.

If you're REALLY unlucky, instead of meeting Toni, you'll get a snarling, ferocious... fluffy puppy, ineffectively attacking your pants leg or shoelaces.]