14 May 2012 @ 09:55 pm
[action] Gardening (Backdated to Mother's day.....)  
[Oichi has no idea what mother's day is, but she does like the proliferation of flowers it seems to bring. And having received one of her neighbor's trees for a Valentine's day gift from her not!husband several months ago, she has decided that she likes having flowers in the yard.

Which is why she's doing a little gardening today. Oichi can be found in two places.

A)Around town, collecting flowers. Which means that she is wandering in and out of shops, with shadowy arms picking up various flowers and holding them up for her to inspect. The ones she likes are retained, while the ones she doesn't are cast unceremoniously aside. But it seems that her current decision between petunias and mums. Which is why two shadow arms are holding the choices up in front of you.]

They are both such pretty flowers....

Which should I keep?

[ B) And later, back at 1668 Nelson street, Oichi is planting her new acquisitions. She making quite a mess of the yard, and giving little thought to placement or aesthetic. She seems to think that more is better. But she does seem to be in a good mood. Bother her?]
14 February 2012 @ 05:00 pm
[Action-park] The fate of love on this fair day...  
[Anyone near the park today might see a woman sitting on one of the benches, humming to herself. That in itself is not strange, but there are shadowy hands sprouting from the ground and nearby trees all holding different flowers, and swaying in time to her melody. Occasionally, she is presented with one or more of the flowers for inspection. Those unlucky flowers are then shredded, and there is a growing carpet of petals at her feet. Sometimes her humming rises into actual lyrics.]

Petals fall and flowers wither,
Voices call 'Come now! Come hither...'

[OOC: Yep, this is choose your own terrible, terrible adventure. Pick any flower effect you like. Fair warning though, pitcher plant and hyacinth are likely to be dangerous choices. You have been warned...]
05 February 2012 @ 01:56 pm
[action] She's only doing what he told her too....  
[Well, the man on the phone said that breaking things would help all people who had been hurt recently. And Little Oni was one of them. So let's break things. She starts by putting the phone down and destroying her own living room. Then her shadows tear the door off it's hinges and carry her out.

From here, her shadows are going to take her on a somewhat roundabout path that eventually takes her downtown. Where she enters the first building, and simply stands in the middle, ignoring the drones while shadow hands tear the place apart. When she's satisfied, she'll move on to the next building.]