13 April 2012 @ 01:33 am
1st Petal [action]  
[Action - 1666 Nelson Street]

[The first thing Sakura realizes as her consciousness slowly returns to her is that she's alone in bed. Shirou liked to get up early to continue his training before breakfast, but over time, Sakura's become accustomed to waking with him, so that she could have breakfast prepared by the time he walked into the kitchen. She blindly gropes around next to her, and... huh. Did the futon get smaller somehow?

When she finally opens her eyes... well. She has to blink twice, hard, to make sure she's not seeing things. This... this isn't her room. Not her room at Shirou's house or her own. Pushing the growing uneasiness to the back of her mind as best as she can, she slides out of bed - in pajamas that aren't her own, what in the world is going on - and opens the door.

More unfamiliar surroundings. This isn't good. Slowly, uncertainly, she calls out.]

Hello? Is anyone there?

[Action - Around town!]

[After getting filled in on their situation by Rider (she was still confused as to how it was possible that her Servant was here for so long, and yet she never knew), Sakura is out and about! She may be a familiar face to some; to others, she has the appearance of just one of the people who had been permanently droned. Nothing unusual, right?

Except instead of the blank, cheerful expression the droned version of herself normally wore, this Sakura's face was confused, even a little worried. She had gone out of the house hoping that she'd be able to take everything in, to get a mental map of this place... but it was a lot to take in, and her uncertainty showed clear on her face.]