12 February 2012 @ 12:00 am
my castles stand upon pillars of sand  
[action; locked to the residents of 766 Bunker]

[Of all the unexpected scenarios--just what is this place?

After Lelouch wakes up, he begins to explore the house. He isn't looking for anything in particular, but he can be found throughout the house in various rooms looking through cupboards or drawers, seemingly at random. Shouldn't he be frightened, or at least panicked? No, the surprise of the situation seems to have more of a numbing effect on Lelouch.

He continues to search the house impassively while collecting his thoughts. At some point, he expects to run into the members of his new "family."]

[phone; later]

My name is Lelouch, and I'm a newcomer. I woke up in Mayfield for the first time today.

Is there anyone who would claim to be a representative of the people here?

My first assumption would be that those of you trapped here have united in some way to oppose your captors. Am I wrong? This prison seems to be rather quiet and somewhat placid, but having just arrived, who am I to say?

I would like to open a dialogue and take anyone's opinion on the current state of affairs in Mayfield. I'll leave this line open. If you want to refute anything being said, then you are welcome to. No person should hold an opinion that he or she is not willing to defend. If that prospect doesn't scare you off, then I would be happy to hear your thoughts.