11 July 2012 @ 10:57 pm
1st Song [♫] Not quite the family I had in mind  
1764 Beaver Street               

[Considering he ran on Mother's strength and sleeping did nothing, waking up in a bed had been the first oddity of the morning for the Other Father.

Sitting up in his bed, he had raised a hand to where his buttons would usually sit, all sewn into place and as glossy as they always had been; so when he found out they weren't there, he was quite confused. Feeling around more, he found eyes sitting in for the little black circles he had only ever known, wondering how this could have happened and- was this what happened to Others when they were destroyed? He had been destroyed, right? Last he remembered he had fallen into the stream as it had dried up and had gone with it.

With what he had done and the anger he had expected if he ever made it through the ordeal, to be 'alive' was a pleasant surprise. The lack of buttons, the real skin and the need to breath were surely new and welcomed! In the darkness and change between the children, he had sometimes wondered what it would be like to have eyes, and now he was blessed with them! A smile emerged on his lips as he took it all in.

It was when he took it all in that the sleeping figure next to him became apparent.

Oh god, was that her? Why wasn't she punishing him for what he had done?]


[And then she rolled over.

That wasn't the Other Mother.]

ACTION • Beaver Street               

[After the initial shock, the lady who claimed to be his wife turned out to be a lovely woman. She had explained that they had always lived here and that he had a job and he couldn't quite understand it all. And then, when he was told they had children, he didn't quite know what to feel.

He had always wanted a family, but what with his wife eating their 'children' all the time, they hadn't really gotten it. This woman looked to be the perfect mother, but wasn't the fantastic yet absolutely terrifying woman that had created him and he had come to love. He was created with the intent to love his wife, their children and be a fantastic husband... but he just couldn't love this woman as a wife.

His mind went from topic to topic, trying to figure out the situation. He expected Mother to come and find him and drag him away soon, seeking revenge for what he had done. He was her puppet after all.

He decided to wait in the garden for the Other Mother to come and find him. Seeming quite emotionless when people weren't looking, he quickly changed to a smile when people were around. Always be perfect.

Mother would come. Or she could forget about him and make a new husband.

At least he's not dealing with the dilemma on whether or not he should save his wife or child anymore, right?]

PHONE • Open call                        

[Eventually he ended up on the phone, wondering whether he could contact anyone.

A middle-aged man began to speak with a chirpy attitude, his words smooth and unfaltering.]

A~nyone there?