23 October 2012 @ 07:13 pm
[Magical girl night job aside, Sayaka is pretty weak-willed.  She can't keep herself together when she's hunting witches without someone there beside her holding her hand, she's easily influenced into making bad decisions, and even worse - it's really easy to shake her confidence in herself.  She may have gotten through that Soul Gem incident a few weeks back with a little help from her friends, but part of her still can't shake the dark thoughts that led her down that path in the first place.  And thoughts like that are fertile ground for the sort of memory manipulation Mayfield inflicts on its hapless denizens.]

[Action; Mayfield High; music room]

[Anyone who remembers the last time Sayaka tried to play a violin should recall her complete inexperience, and the fact that she was only able to produce sounds that might remind one of yowling alley cats.  But today is a little different.  Today, she's playing
Pachelbel's Canon in D major in a recital in front of the entire class, and actually managing it quite well.  It's not exactly technically perfect, but there is certainly a great deal of emotion behind the performance.  When she's done, she lets out a satisfied sigh and bows her head before returning to her chair.

Those who continue to pay attention to her after she's taken her seat might catch her sneaking a look at the drone that plays first chair violin during the school recitals, smiling softly and faintly blushing.]

[Action; streets of Mayfield]

[Later, Sayaka can be found taking the long way home from school.  She's spending a lot of time staring at the shining blue gem hanging from a silver chain around her neck, holding it gently in front of her in the palm of her hand.  It looks like she's pretty deep in thought about something or other, but she doesn't seem to be suffering from the headaches plaguing those people who try to remember something from their real history.  She's got that same dreamy look from class in her eyes, though.]

10 October 2012 @ 07:22 pm
[It's been a few weeks since Sayaka's first encounter with a witch in Mayfield, and it didn't exactly go as expected. Maybe it was because she was caught off-guard because this was the first one she'd met that could talk, but she actually managed to get inside Sayaka's head. A rather dangerous seed of thought was planted that day - that Sayaka herself uses magic to exterminate witches in exactly the same way witches use it to prey on humans, and that maybe she and witches weren't so different after all in that respect. And true to form, she's spent the past two weeks obsessing privately over that thought without ever voicing her concerns to anyone else.

Normally, this would result in pretty terrible things for a puella magi - falling into despair is the fastest way to becoming a witch, after all. Unfortunately, Mayfield isn't nearly as merciful as that. Sayaka has most of her powers back, but the potential to transform into a witch is not among them, and therefore there's no release available to her for all the depressing feelings that have been welling up inside her heart. She's missed school for the past several days entirely, and finally on the evening of the second day she can be found slowly stalking through the streets of Mayfield in her magical girl guise, desperately clutching at her chest and breathing heavily.]

Damn it... what's wrong with me?
25 September 2012 @ 04:55 pm
[Action; Mayfield High; after classes]

[Sayaka sees even less point in paying attention to Mayfield school than she does her classes at home, so she hasn't really been taking things very seriously.  Today seems a little different, though, as she isn't heading home right away.  Instead, she hangs around for a little while after the last bell rings, making her way to the school's music room.  Spending a little time wandering around, she eventually comes upon a violin that had been left behind by one of the drone students.]

Hm... I wonder...

[Picking it up slowly, she turns it around in her hands a few times, just inspecting it.  Finally, with a shrug of her shoulders, she takes up the bow, awkwardly resting the instrument between her chin and shoulder the way she'd seen Kyosuke do it on the rooftop of the hospital.  Her form is obviously terrible to anyone familiar with this, as is the sound that issues forth from the instrument as she drags the bow across the strings.  It's so bad that she fumbles and almost drops the violin before recovering it at the last second with a sigh.]

Ack...!  Geez, I hope nobody heard that...

[Action; Record Store]

Maybe I should just stick to listening to classical.

[Sayaka laughs to herself a little as she walks into Mayfield's record store, hoping to find something nice to listen to that will remind her of home - of the boy she loves and misses every day, the one who became her reason for becoming a magical girl in the first place.  Most people are disappointed when they come into this place looking for good music, but Sayaka's eyes light up immediately at their surprisingly large collection of classical performances.]

Oh, wow, I've always wanted to listen to this one!  Kyosuke talks about this guy all the time... Vivaldi, right!

[Although she seems pretty puzzled by the format.  Girl has probably never seen a vinyl record in her life, let alone a device to play one.]

...How do these play, though?

[Help her out?]

15 September 2012 @ 07:23 pm
[Action; Makeout Point; Afternoon]

[Sayaka may have been miles away in her search for the memento on Day 6, but it seems Mayfield has been kind enough to reward her effort all the same.  When she got a small envelope in the mail earlier in the day, she immediately and excitedly tucked it into her pocket and ran all the way up to the top of the mountain, anticipating that it might be another of her magical girl abilities.  Opening it up slowly, she pulls out a piece of paper depicting countless swords, smiling to herself as it disappears in her hand in a burst of light and musical notes.]

All right... time to try it out!

[Drawing out her Soul Gem, she transforms into her magical girl form, holding her hand out to the side as a cutlass materializes in it.  Smiling broadly, she takes a few practice strokes with it.  Her form is not one of a practiced warrior by any stretch, but there is clearly some power behind each stroke.  Once she's satisfied with that, she sticks the sword blade-first into the ground in front of her, throwing her cape wide open with a flourish.]

Now, let's see just how much they really gave me back!

[As the cape flutters back around, Sayaka twirls it around behind her and to the side, revealing another half-dozen blades that certainly weren't there just a moment before.  Picking them up one by one and spinning in place, she hurls them with expert precision at the trees surrounding the area she'd chosen for her practice, keeping the one she started with in her hands and ending in a defensive pose.  Seemingly pleased with the extent of what the town had returned, she nods, dismissing the blades with a second wave of her hand before taking out her Soul Gem and inspecting it.  The glow is slightly less radiant than when she started.]

That's all for now, though.  I need to be careful how I use this power.  It'll have to be for emergencies only.
20 August 2012 @ 08:25 am
[Action; morning; 836 Hastings]

[Sayaka wakes up on Monday morning with her usual difficulty, tossing and turning in bed as the sunlight peeks through the window of her room.  Yawning, she rubs her eyes and wanders around the bedroom bleary-eyed and half asleep for a minute or so before finding the doorknob.  She manages to get all the way to the bathroom and is in the middle of brushing her teeth before she finally realizes that this place is unfamiliar and her pajamas aren't the ones she went to bed with.]

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?  What the heck?

[And now she's immediately kicked into high gear, running back into 'her' bedroom and tearing the room apart.  There's got to be something familiar here, or at least something to tell her where she is.  She starts panicking even more when she notices she's not wearing a ring and her Soul Gem is nowhere to be found.]

No way!  No way, no way, no way!  Where is it?

[Action; afternoon; around town]

[Once Sayaka's done tearing the house apart looking for a Soul Gem she isn't going to find, she wastes no time in taking to the streets of Mayfield.  She's managed to find a baseball bat owned by one of the drones, and she holds it protectively at her side as she jogs up and down unfamiliar roads.  It's clear that she has no idea where she's going, evidenced by all the time she spends looking around warily.  She also seems off-put by the backwards-walking drones and other weird things going on.]

This is the weirdest labyrinth I've ever seen...

[Phone; evening; unfiltered]

[At this point, Sayaka figures that if she isn't in a witch's labyrinth, she can probably at least still contact her friends.  So now she's on the phone after having dialed Madoka's number.  Unfortunately, she has no idea that the call is going to go out to the entire town.]

Madoka?  Madoka, are you there?
31 May 2012 @ 02:50 pm
 [Action - 1336 Benny]

[Upon waking up in a strange house, Sayaka has taken it upon herself to explore--carefully, and armed with a plunger she found in one of the bathrooms.]

[Action - high school]

[There's a new, non-drone kid in class! And, like any good student would do on their first day, she's...sleeping? It's the end of the school year anyway, so it's not like it matters, but...

...Maybe someone should wake her up before the teacher catches her.]


So, uh...how long have people been here, anyway? 


Oh! I should probably introduce myself! I'm Sayaka Miki and I'm new here, I guess!

Also, if anyone here is from Mitakihara...or the term "Puella Magi" means anything to you...we should talk! Even if I don't know you, there's no need to be shy!