25 March 2012 @ 01:10 am
ninth reset  
[When Homura snaps out of her droning, she's initially confused- hadn't she... gone back home? She'd write it off as a dream if it weren't for the date on the calendar definitely being different... and the fact that she knows by now that things like that are never a dream.

... Really, she's content to stay indoors today, as it's not a school day and she needs time to think about things (and maybe call Madoka... and possibly Mami as well), but Taiwan's drone shoos her out of the house soon enough, telling her that the weather's too nice to sit around inside all day!!

So anyone looking for Homura might find her wandering around town today, more notably the stores. She'll just... distract herself with grocery shopping and otherwise just shopping in general, yup.]
12 February 2012 @ 04:10 am
eighth reset [phone]  
[Homura doesn't think much of her own birthday other than it being just a date on a calendar, another year older. Up until recently, she didn't have anyone to celebrate it with, and in a place like Mayfield, she's less inclined to want to start celebrating it now, even if she has friends. There's no telling what the town may do, after all. However, the drones at school, despite her never mentioning it, seem to know her birthday is in a little over a week, and keep asking her what her plans are.]

I was wondering... people have had their birthdays come and go here, and I guess they grow older, but...

[A small pause. She's not sure how to (properly) word her question... and she's not sure if she can successfully avoid mentioning her own birthday coming up if asked why she's asking.]

W-When you return home... if you return home... does it change anything? Are you still the same age when you left? Has... time passed at all? [Has she really been here over half a year?]