29 April 2012 @ 08:53 am
Blueprints 012: Sometimes you just need a little more crazy  
[Engie's been pretty busy lately. He's hardly come out of his garage at all, having been seized with the usual fervor that comes with all madboys when they stumble on an idea.

And boy, does Engie have one now. What started as an innocent walk around town two weeks ago took a turn for crazy when he idled outside the cinema. There was a poster there of a new movie, and it reminded Engie of the craziness of last Halloween...


Action: John Doe Park, All Day

Mayfield, there is something new set up at the park. It's big, it's mechanical, and it shoots fire. It's...a fire-breathing robot dinosaur lizard thing! And there's the Engineer testing out the controls to his latest creation. Being around the size of a car, the robot takes a few jerky steps forward as Engie moves the joystick forward. Grinning, he presses the giant red button in the centre to release a thin jet of flame into the air.
13 February 2012 @ 11:03 pm
Blueprints 009  
Action: 1450 Mitchell Road

[Look who's got a bouquet of iris in his hands, looking slightly lost and confused. The sweet smell of the flower permeates through the kitchen as Engie rubs his temples with one hand. Speak with him, y/n?]

Town / Bakery

[The effects of the iris continue to plague Engie as he heads to work. However, along the way he encounters carnations, and they start to work their magic on Engie.

Please state whether you'd like to speak to Engie under the influence of the iris flowers, or the carnations.]
03 February 2012 @ 10:32 am
009: I can fix it...  
Action: Outside the hospital

[No sooner had the hospital released him did Engie start to make the long, tiring road back. Without a mirror, he has no idea that there's a sapper stuck to his back that's draining him. But right now, he knows that the first step to fixing the problem is to know what it is.]

Action: 1450 Mitchell Street

[He pushes the door open and stumbles into the house. The walk back had taken out quite a bit of his energy, and he now knows that Dr Johnson must have done something else to him other than implant those metal wings on his back. He sinks down on the couch; he needs to catch his breath and rest or he won't be able to carry on.]


Howdy there folks. Engie here. I was wonderin' whether any of ya want some help? I can't claim to be a doctor, but I've got a degree in Medicine an' I know a thing or two.