18 July 2012 @ 02:39 am

Would anyone like to play a game of chess? I may as well open the offer now that so many people have been arriving and even returning. The influx was enough to prompt the town to make note of it as well. What do you think it could mean?

--Oh, you don't need to answer that. I already know what your answer will be before you say it. But I do implore you to play chess with me. I'll be waiting at 916 Bilko Boulevard if you're interested. Or you can voice your decision over phone.

Action; Outside 916 Bilko Boulevard

[And for anyone walking by, whether you have come to play him or not. Until someone does come to challenge him he's playing a match by himself. And for a game against himself, there is a rather intense look on concentration of his expression.]

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13 April 2012 @ 11:31 am
[o] Be Mami Tomoe  
Introspection/Private Action )

1125 Taylor Road

[After making a quick assessment of what this body is capable of, "Mami Tomoe" is now walking down the stairs and going to the kitchen. If he will be out all day in this girl's body, he may as well get something to eat beforehand. Housemates (or bodyswapped-mates even) are free to come up to him while he gets food. For those familiar with Mami, you may notice her being a bit more quiet and reserved than what may be normal. Unfortunately, Doc Scratch has never actually met Mami and has no idea how she acts. He'll have to wing it. Though he has a feeling he'll be outed eventually, keeping low until he finds a way to defend himself is necessary. Security is the top priority, next to finding the girl in his body.]

Around town

A] Before Magical Girl Transformation:
[After leaving the house, Scratch immediately begins his search on Bilko Boulevard. The obvious place to go, seeing as how the girl occupying his body should have woken up there. But, as he waits on the street with the hopes of his body walking out, he wonders if they have walked off like he did. That means they may have gone to town.

So, Scratch sets course for town to search. Anyone of Mami's CR is free to intercept, though expect a Mami who may not be acting like her regular self. Scratch is an expert in the art of manipulation, but he's playing in the dark here. For anyone else, he'll be walking around to a few places on his adventure. Clothing store (though he ignores a slight temptation to take advantage of this body and try something on), the bakery (a slight craving for sweets, which is normally not one he has) and even the library (though now none of the books he used to read are available).

B: After Magical Girl Transformation:

[And then Doc Scratch figured out how to cause the magical girl transformation with the soul gem. It's certainly...different. This girl isn't nearly as powerful as he is, but she is certainly above average in this form. Now to test it out.

So now he's in this outfit and shooting out single shot muskets at the trees around the park. His aim is fairly good, but the free-flow of the powers he has can be challenging to control. In short - expect several bullets whizzing past the tree and possibly even grazing past you.

Along that he's also creating muskets out of thin air in his hands, making them come from the small hat, from the skirt and even having them pop up right out of his chest. He is having too much fun with this power than he would like to admit.

--But, it isn't just for fun. He's hoping that the real Mami Tomoe, in his body, will be attracted by the display of her powers being used so fragrantly. Lets hope it works.

Phone; Later in the day

[So as the day comes to a close and it's almost time for dinner, he'll get on the phone to pose an amusing question.]

I have a thought. What if we were all stuck in these bodies for the rest of our stay in Mayfield? How would you feel about being switched with someone you know or even a complete stranger at that? I'm not saying that is what will happen, but it's an amusing thought, right?

[And a light giggle is added to the end. Yeah Doc Scratch sure did ruin Mami's reputation in one day. He'll give her some candy to make it up another time.]

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24 March 2012 @ 10:07 pm

[So Scratch finished his census and he is just really bored. Time to pick up that phone.]

That census was a chore to fill out. Honestly, I'm hoping for something less droll than last year's battle royale murder spree. Killing is also boring and tedious. Well, there are consequences for it now. But, that doesn't change how anti-climatic it is. And if they choose to run it again, then it will only be because they are running out of creative ideas and just want to see everyone turning against each other. [A dramatic sigh, done only for dramatic purposes.] We'll see what happens. I won't make any bets either way, by way of not being a gambling man.

And, that reminds me: I wrote a note to myself after that series of events ended last year that I would send gift baskets to the ones I took out. My apologies for letting that slip my mind. The human mind is not good for flawless memory storage and retrieval, unlike my original head.

Let me see - Nall, Ilsa Higa, Charles Fei-Ong and Sanae Hanekoma. If any of you are still around, tell me what you want in your gift basket. Food, clothes, essential household items, if it fits in I'll send it over. If you don't reply I will assume that you are still in a sour mood over the events of the last year and not send you one out of respect of that mood. That or you're droned. Either or. If it's the former, I advise you that being bitter is not a very good way to live. It wasn't at all a personal affair or one done out of hatred. The first time is always the hardest they say. [tl;dr, stop being mad that I murdered it, it was my first "crazy thing" going on in Mayfield.]

One more other thing: Bernkastel, would you like a rematch? Our fight was undecided and we never had the chance to make it up. We could do something else that is less taxing on our power if you choose to. I know you enjoy games of chess, for example.

And yes, because I am sure you are dying to know, I am that Doc Scratch. The one with a cheap gold trophy in the roller rink I never visit. I saved you several moments of suspicious thoughts toward my message. No need to thank me.

[It's hard, being Doc Scratch and bored. So hard...]
13 February 2012 @ 11:36 pm
Private action )

Phone; Feb 14th (Filtered from Touko Aozaki).


White chocolates or regular chocolates. Which one is better to give. A third 'dark chocolate' option is also available. I need to pick out a gift and I know many girls have different tastes in treats. It seems customary to give out chocolates in some form, so I wish to abide by that.

Also, what are the best brand of cigarettes sold in this town?

Action; 916 Bilko Front Lawn (Joint with Touko Aozaki/[personal profile] aozaki) Feb 14th

[During the day, Scratch mainly spends his time outside his home. But he isn't alone. He managed to track down a certain puppeterer he is fondly acquainted with and felt the need to spend time with her. So, here he is, sitting down with the red haired woman around a simple patio set he managed to buy and set up on the flat and clean lawn. She's smoking and he's drinking some wine and the two of them are generally speaking about different topics.

If one feels inclined to approach, for whatever purpose, then they are free to do so. After all, they have a very unique understanding about their relationship. It isn't quite love on a romantic level, but on the intellectual level and they are always willing to branch out to speak with others and what not.

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24 January 2012 @ 02:31 am
[Phone; BEFORE the Dairy opens up.]

Do you believe in souls?

And yes this is a serious question. That machine they are talking about on that phone may or may not be a machine powered on the "souls" of the droned members of Mayfield. Both the ones we knew and the ones we did not know. So, if we are to believe the phonecalls which have a very frequent rate of being unfiltered to the public, the machine is malfunctioning and the Smith family husband must go to fix it.

However, are there really "souls" in there? It depends if you believe lifeforms have souls. What is a soul anyway? Is it you as an individual, your lifeforce, or something abstract that resides in a heart? Or do you fool yourself into believing you have a soul because you are afraid of being nothing but a vessel, almost akin to the drones. Are the drones soulless then? What do they take away when someone drifts off and goes into that mysterious machine that no one truly knows about. Maybe it is not even the machine in question that they spoke of.

So really it boils down to two choices, which relate to the first question. If you can answer this question, then you can decide if you want to go and take the risk of entering the lion's den.

Do you believe in souls?

If you believe in souls, then go into the dairy. Maybe you will find something worth of interest?
If you don't believe in souls, then you may as well just go on with your daily life the way it is and wait for others to report.

Think of that before you run into something headfirst and get your head blown off, or something equally unpleasant. From experience I find that a lot can happen in two hours. Make yours count.

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