03 March 2012 @ 01:41 pm
✝ 04 ✝  
[ACTION: for anyone around Taylor Road (mostly between 1123 and 1124)]

[After school and throughout this weekend, Sin can be seen by anyone living on or passing through Taylor Road, hanging around, playing (well, "playing") on the sidewalk and in the yards between these two houses. Of course he's not much of a stranger to this area by now, with constant visits to his mother living here, but he seems to be particularly visible this weekend- almost as if he's trying to get someone's attention...]

[(So what if the old man didn't remember him-- or even know him yet? He'd just have to make up for lost time anyway. And besides, he was feeling really rusty and the threat of incineration was, for once, not a factor! Totally an excuse to push his buttons.)]
02 February 2012 @ 05:51 pm
✝ 03 ✝  
[Action: 341 Brady Lane, morning]

[After an approximate 24 hour absence, Sin stumbles back home looking rather worse for wear, muttering and cursing to himself. A solid crunch of a wall getting a fist punched through it alerts to his return, the drone mother glancing up to greet him with her fake cheerfulness, without a hint of shock or fright at his lashing out.]

--Shut up!

[A sickening crackle follows his spat retort.]

[Action: In and around Mayfield High, daytime]

[Anyone who runs into Sin today will note he's not his usual cocky self; what he is seems to be wildly different for each person he meets.. and thensome.]

[ooc; Warning for possible gruesome violence and/or character death if you get homicidal!Sin! Let me know if you'd prefer me not to tag with that moodswing and also if you'd prefer not to have your character die (or, if you'd like them to)! I'll check for permission first either way.]