05 June 2012 @ 11:20 pm
Chapter 11: A Fork in the Road of Time  
AU Information and introspection under cut. )

[ACTION - A (In and Around 458 Stone, Morning, HOUSEMATES)]

[Gat's busy taking care of house chores. Much as he'd rather be outside the house doing things other than being here with this woman who sees him as an arch-nemesis, this house was a shared living space. There's Chen to think about, and the drone human kids, too. He's got some responsibility to keep house.]

[ACTION - B (Mayfield Firehouse, Afternoon, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Where the technology of Mayfield's era once left Gat a little awkward due to its relative primitiveness compared to that of Gurhal and Coral's, he's now more confounded by it because much if it is actually more advanced than the technology Coralian civilization is capable of producing after the Great Blank.]

[This isn't exactly a good switch-up when you're trying to check the fire engine's ... engine ... for problems.]

[Are you a fellow firefighter? Or just passing by the firehouse? Feel free to bug the RAcast!]

[ACTION - C (Shooting Range, Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[When you're living with a woman who thinks you're her arch-nemesis and is more than ready to kill you to satisfy her deep-seated grudges, it pays to keep your own fighting skills at top notch. Which is why, while Dakki's out spending time training or exercising her skills as a Hunter, Gat's doing the same as a Ranger. Even though he has a strange mechgun that was sent to him for Christmas last year, Gat's preferring to train with whatever weapons are at hand—mostly shotguns and hunting rifles. As might be expected of an android, he's not a bad shot—but it looks like he's working on his timing and speed more than his aim.]

[ACTION - D (Anywhere in Mayfield, Evening/Night, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Rather than go home, Gat's decided to take some time to explore the town. Not necessarily to get a feel for the lay of the land—he'd already done that a few times, especially after he got this strange non-Coralian CAST body. It's mostly exploring for the sake of exploring—and the closest thing he'll get in a town such as this to the lifestyle he led in the post-Great Blank world, drifting from one town to the next.]

[Given the increase in violence in the town recently, though (to say nothing of Dakki's behavior), he's not letting his guard down.]
19 March 2012 @ 07:53 pm
Chapter 10: Greenill Section ID Day?  
[ACTION - A (BACKDATED TO MARCH 17, Anywhere in Mayfield, Morning to Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[See that six-foot android covered head to toe in some sort of armor, going about his business?]

[He's not wearing green. At all.]

[Try to pinch him. Go on, try it.]

[ACTION - B (BACKDATED TO MARCH 17, John Doe Park, Afternoon, OPEN TO ALL)]

[That same android now seems to have a couple of drones following him, even hanging on to him, desperately trying to pinch him—on the hard, armored parts of his body. Suffice to say, they're not having much luck—and the android looks a little annoyed as he tries to brush some of the drones off of him.]

What in th' hell are ya'll on about?

[ACTION - C (BACKDATED TO MARCH 17, Olney's Tavern, Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Gat's noticed the sizable amount of patrons heading toward the tavern, both droned and undroned alike. Curious, he's come to the tavern himself, though judging from the way he carries himself and rubs the back of his helmeted head as he scans the tavern in a manner not unlike the Terminator, he's a little perplexed.]