18 July 2012 @ 08:27 am
Target 001 ☪  
i. morning | 1762 beaver street | housemates

[ With a quick yelp, the redhead sat up on her bed as she clutched onto the unfamiliar pajamas that she wore while trying to catch her breath. It was that dream again. She already talked about it with Mion so she shouldn't be fazed by it... at least that's what she thought. Rena shook her head to try and rid the fear that lingered from the dream. ]

It was just a dream Rena. There is no way you killed... that woman in your special place. Mii-chan said to talk to dad about it and that's what I will do and then a quick treasure hunt.

[  She closed her eyes and took deep breathes. ]

Alright Rena, what is that magic word again?


[ The girl opens her eyes and then finally noticed that she was not in her house in Hinamizawa. Just where was she? She got out of the bed and glanced around in 'her' room. However she walks closer to a corner where laid various photos of her and... Rika? ]

E-eeh? Why is Rena... in these photos? I don't recognize these people... wait is that Rika-chan? Just where am I?

ii. afternoon | around town

[ Rena will be walking around as to explore this new place. If she was going to stay there for a while... why not? She'll glance at the many citizens with interest, at least until she settles upon the unfortunate bystander that just triggers her 'take home mode' and jump them. ]

Hauu~ Rena will take you home!

iii. evening | phone

Um, does anybody know where to find stores with cute things? Rena would love to start up a collection here! Anything is fine! Like um chairs, statues, dolls... Any other information about this place is also great to know.

---oh! And if my friends: Keiichi, Mion, Satoko, and Shion are here, I'd like them to know that I'm living with Rika-chan at 1762 beaver street.