24 June 2012 @ 05:55 pm
Dexter's Log Stardate 195X-008 : I've got a feeling.  

Since others are offering their services to the town, I, Dexter, shall also lend a hand! If you are in need of mechanical repairs, or perhaps some computer troubleshooting, Seek me out at 729 Anderson. I lack my usual... resources, but I can certainly provide some tune-up and emergency repair...

I've heard that this place may be nothing more than a computer simulation, some kind of virtual world. If that's the case, us geniuses should get together and find a way to crack this baby open, if we can. We may not have enough computer power, but put enough geniuses in a room together and that's when SCIENCE happens...

And whatever this "Carnival" thing is that the radio mentioned, I am staying far away from it! Clowns are scary enough as it is - We don't need Mayfield Clowns. They'd probably steal color or something or just outright kill you!

I've got a bad feeling about this...
01 May 2012 @ 07:23 pm
Dexter's Log Stardate 195X-007: Deja vu all over again.  
[Dexter's practically falling asleep in his chair. The simplicity of these subjects were so boring that they are putting him to sleep! That, and late nights in the garage working on stuff isn't too helpful, either. Feel free to do what you wish.]


[Why is Dexter in the highschool, you ask? Well, he's pretty good at sneaking out of his elementary school classes. They're much too dumb for him. He'd rather be trying his brain with sciences of a higher level. Besides, there was plenty of stuff in the science labs and other areas to work with. You'll probably notice the kid trying to dart between the hallways, running out of breath often. ]


[Sadly, his height and nerdly attire made him the perfect target for the drones. Unfortunately for him, he's now stuck in a high school gymnasium, and of course, they are playing the worst possible thing to be playing. Dodgeball. Dexter's having horrible flashbacks, and trying to hide, for he fears what the teachers will do if they see him.]


[Well, Dexter's funds are running short, and that Beard-O-Tron is just gathering dust in the garage. You'll see him outside his house, with a strange machine that kind of looks like a mix between a death ray and an electric razor. On it is a large sign that says : BEARD-O-TRON FOR SALE. Inquire! Ask for a demonstration!]
05 February 2012 @ 07:37 pm
Dexter's Log Stardate 195X-006 : blasted shave points!  
[Action, Mayfield General Store]

[As much as Dexter would like to get the beard off his face right now, the beard has other plans. The past few days have been long and torturous for Dexter, the beard slowly consuming his mind. His will is no longer his own, as much as he tries to fight it. It is not until they reach the beard's destination that a word is uttered from Dexter. The beard speaks, using Dexter's voice. However, it's deeper than usual, almost fake-sounding.]

Yesss.... Yess... while everyone around is occupied with their pointless folly, my plan shall soon come to fruition. You too, will take part in this place's destruction. But for a different cause.

[Dexter picks up a rock, tossing it at the window of the general store. There is much reluctance, and his motions are very jerky. Dexter is putting up as much resistance to the beard's influence as he can, but sadly, even the mind of a genius has its limits. He was never good at dealing with people.]

Once we rid this store of my sworn enemy. My people... my children will grow. The beard will spread. It is futile to resist. I have full control of your body, and your mind, Dexter. Resist, and your end will be painful.

[Dexter manages only to get enough strength for him to gulp, as the beard turns his body towards the razor blades.]

Now, Let us begin, shall we? Your skills with science will provide quite useful in creating the weaponry.

[After a montage... Dexter has used the supplies in the general store to create an array of weapons from the shaving asile of the store. From grenades made out of shaving cream bottles, to throwing razor blades. Those who would not submit to the beard's plans would be shaved off the face of the earth. He almost looks like an action hero. Shirtless, beard, and a ton of grenades attached to belts. He almost looks manly, but let's face it: He's more facial hair than man at this point. Do you dare speak to him?]
31 January 2012 @ 08:58 pm
Dexter's Log Stardate 195X-005 : Carried Away By a 5:00 Shadow (Forward Dated to February 1st!)  
[Action, around town]

[Dexter's feeling much better now that the meds have worn off. And now that he realizes that he has a full-fledged beard... well. There is only one proper way things can be described....thanks to Dexter's "improvements"...