16 August 2012 @ 07:18 pm
006 | Aoko Nakamori  
{{ →!Action | Beulah Street | Morning }}

[ Aoko's in a good mood today, a much better one than she's been in recently as she strolls down the street humming to herself, twirling what looks to be pair of dulled silver handcuffs. Yes, handcuffs. ]
09 July 2012 @ 11:34 pm
005 | Aoko Nakamori | [ !Phone ] ( Shortly after Jeanne's post )  
U-um.. the lady that lives in the same house as me is-um.. trying to burn down the house.

...could... someone... try and stop her?
13 June 2012 @ 11:28 pm
004 | Aoko Nakamori  
{{ →!Action | Mayfield High | Before School }}

[ Aoko made it to school super early today after cooking a nice healthy breakfast for her lovely Drone!Bro, Drone!Dad and Crazy!Mommy. What could have possibly convinced her to be at school this early you ask? Maybe it was a recent claim about a haunted house, or maybe she has detention, or maybe she just wanted to come early and sweep the front walkway. ]

[ ...Wait a minute... didn't school let out for summer vacation? No matter! As a way to distract herself Aoko is happily humming as she sweeps the front walkway. ]

{{ →!Action | Hospital | After School }}

[ Not ready or willing to go home yet, she's decided to take up some extra volunteer hours and if you're looking for the dear little candy striper you can find her dusting this and scrubbing that clean. She's a very busy girl. ]

{{ →!Phone }}

Does anyone here need a maid? I-I don't exactly like staying at home right now, so I thought maybe I could make myself useful by cleaning houses-that is if anyone wants a maid...
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01 June 2012 @ 12:24 am
003 | Aoko Nakamori  
{ →!Action | Mayfield High | During Class }

[ Hakuba-kun managed to make it to school on his own. She was proud of him at first but then it became obvious that he wasn't the same Hakuba Saguru-kun she considered to be her friend. She tries not think about it and does the same thing she always does with potentially unpleasant news: She ignores it. ]

[ It's not a normal thing for Aoko to sleep in the middle of class. She's one of the very few that are happy to give the teacher their undivided attention. However, lately she hasn't been sleeping well and as a result she's got her head down on her desk snoring softly. You can try and wake her if you'd like but she probably won't budge she's just so out of it. ]

{ →!Action | John Doe Park | After School }

[ Aoko isn't going home. Not yet. She'll wait a little while longer as she'd rather collect her thoughts before going back there again. ]

[ She's seated on a bench with her backpack beside her with knees pulled up to her chest with her head down. She's trying to stay calm but the fact that Hakuba's there anymore, there's not Kaito, and no Daddy around makes her realize that she's alone in strange place with strange people and not all of them very nice. ]

{ →!Phone | 949 Beulah | Evening }

[ The poor girl's voice is slightly shaky as she hold the phone to her ear. ]

U-u-um.. hello? I-I just thought I should say that H-Hakuba-kun's u-um.. d-droned now... I guess... s-so if you knew h-him-

[ She stops, pulls the phone away to wipe her eyes and takes a few seconds to regain composure. ]

W-well.. I-I'm gonna-gonna go... g'night.
13 May 2012 @ 11:50 pm
002 | Aoko Nakamori  
{{ →!Action | In Front of the Police Station | Early Morning }}

[ Aoko was never known for being able to recognize danger as usually she tried to make friends with it. However, seeing that lady standing over her drone!dad looking as fierce as she had left little room for Aoko to recognize the situation as anything but dangerous. As a result she collected her drone brother with some difficulty as he didn't want to leave his mommy and carried him off to the police station. She hadn't even realized yet that she was still in her night clothes as she pounded on the entrance door. ]

[ Her first thought had been to run to Hakuba's house but she realized this was a little different than a case and in fear of endangering him she found herself here, at the police station. The one place she should have been able to trust the most. ]

P-please open up! I need to speak to an officer! Please!

[ She's got a tight hold on her drone brother's hand so he can't run off back home to that woman he was insisting was his mother. ]

{{ →!Action | John Doe Park | Late morning }}

[ Aoko is just sitting on a bench with her head in her hands. She's still undoubtedly in a night dress but she really doesn't want to go back to that house and she doesn't have money on her to get more clothes. Her drone brother has informed her several times that it's indecent to be seen out of the house in her night clothes and Aoko has waved it off every time. Better to be indecent than dead right? ]

[ The Drone boy is just sitting next to his 'sister' and watching her about like any small boy would watch his sister while she was doing something embarrassing. At least she managed to convince him not to go back there. ]

((ooc: takes place after this. She's having a bad morning.))
19 April 2012 @ 08:27 pm
001 | Aoko Nakamori  
{{ →!Action | Early Morning | 949 Beulah }}

[ When Aoko first wakes up it doesn't immediately register that something is a miss and merely rolls over to fall back asleep. ]

[ When she wakes up the second time a jolt of panic hits her full-force and she sits up, reaching blindly up for her alarm clock only to fins her hand connects with a wall and not the small shelf above her bed. It is then that she takes a moment to notice she's not in her room nor is she in any room that looks even vaguely familiar to her. What's going on here? ]

[ She slides out of bed and looks down at her pajamas button down pajamas. They're similar to what she went to bed in but subtly different. She frowns and moves over to the bedroom door, shoving it gently open as she keeps her ears open for the sound her dad or maybe even Kaito. ]


{{ →!Action | Anywhere }}

[ Aoko is still reasonably confused about this whole situation and she thinks it's probably best to look around for people she knows. Like Kaito! }}