23 February 2012 @ 11:52 pm
T R E S + alea iacta est  
[Action - mid-afternoon - Ricardo Street

Denizens of 506 Ricardo, you might see an odd sight this afternoon: a vertically-challenged egotist scaling the walls of your house, a megaphone tucked under her arm.

...wait, what?

Yeah no you saw correctly! She's absolutely just impudently scrambling up onto the roof, not even giving a shit that this isn't her house. Why doesn't she just do this at her own house? Damned kids and their horseplay.

Once settled onto the roof, Saber faces the house across the street - 505, her own home - and brings the megaphone to her lips.

Just what could be so important that she's shouting about it from a goddamn rooftop?

Hakuno Kishinami! There is something I must tell you! Will you listen?

[...oh so she's calling out her derp of a Master, that's cool. Was that it?

...apparently not; she turns towards each end of the street, as she continues.

Friends! I would have witnesses on this momentous day!

[Goddamn showboating.........]

[ooc: okay so here's the dilly-yo: saber's going to be pouring her heart out to hakuno, and more or less asking her out (although in much more grave and dramatic terms). she's been trying to do this for a while, but hakuno is DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS, so... she's finally decided that the proper way is to literally shout her love from the rooftops. make sure to include who your character is talking to - saber, hakuno, or both - in the subject line!]
13 February 2012 @ 07:51 pm
D U O + odi et amo  
[A. Action - Earlyish Morning (2/14) - 505 Ricardo - Locked to Hakuno Kishinami


Hey Master.

Guess who's waiting outside your room for you to get up?

And who's holding a long strip of leather in her hands, which appears to have been dipped in paint? Also a small parcel, but that's probably not the eye-grabbing part.

I'll give you a hint.

It's not Rin.

[B. Action - Noon or so (2/14) - wherever the hell Rin lives idefk - Locked to Rin Tohsaka

Knock-knock, pigtails! It's impolite to keep an emperor waiting~!

Saber's waiting at the door with a small parcel, and a stubbornly upbeat expression on her face; if you can read it, you'll be able to tell that the day hasn't been going QUITE to plan so far, but she's still gonna make the most of it, dammit, so OPEN UP YOU DUMB TSUNDERE GOSH

[C. Phone - Evening (2/14)

Someone sure sound like she's full of Valentine's cheer! Has she been drinking, or... no she's always like this, okay.........

This is the phone call that never eeeeends... )