11 September 2012 @ 04:20 pm
13th great power stolen; Phone  

Despite everything, I had pretty fun at the carnival the other day. Met some interesting ones, too. Ah, but I guess I might have to make a proper cleaning to the CariBlaster.

17 June 2012 @ 11:12 am
12th great power stolen - what's up with this father's day  
A: Outside 1250 Williams, early morning. OPEN

No, I don't-- [ Argh! Why was his so called kids looking at him with those friggin' puppyeyes and why were they trying to cling? ] I don't want to go to dinner with your mom, now let me go, damnit.

B: Around Mayfield. OPEN.

[ After having snuck out of the house after his "children" and "wife" tried to coax him into something called "fathers day", Basco wasn't the most pleased. Sure, if they had been normal and not drones - it was still weird to watch their faces and think that they didn't actually have those personalities, and then it had been quite some time - then it would have been alright. As it was now, he's a bit irritated at everything in general. ]

C: Olney's Tavern, later afternoon. OPEN

[ He's all but collapsed against the bar, and has buried his fae against his arms. So.. tiresome... Not only had he run into his "kids" when they were out playing, but he'd also run into his "wife". And they all requested him to go on a dinner in the evening. Drones just didn't listen did they? Augh! ]

D: Phone, evening. OPEN

...I don't think I like this "fathers day" thing.. I really preferred the zombies.

((( I have a terrible deja vú about B for some reason... Either way, Basco's not!family seem to not be affected into doing anything the father want them to... He's quite pissed at me for that but no matter no matter~ )))
22 April 2012 @ 12:00 am
11th great power stolen // Not very well liked irony  
A )) 1250 Williams Road

[ Basco got out of his bed in a very good mood. Yesterday, he found lots of flowers. He should have suspected something, since the flowers had probably been the cause of those weird relationship effects.
But when he get into the bathroom, and see himself in the mirror, he just stare. This is almost as odd as waking up in Greed's body. But a gloria? And white wings? Why? And just what ---- that wasn't a tail, was it? A black one with that typical painting-devils tail. ]

What stupid irony is this town playing at now?

B)) Phone

People running Mayfield? There are a lot of messed-up stuff's happened during my year here. But, I don't like this irony, thank you very much. I don't want these things.

C )) Rec Center

[ Having cut a hole in the back of a pair of his pants given from the town for the tail to stick out, since it was really uncomfortable with it stuffed into his pants.

He's at the shooting range practicing, since it ease his mind. He is still wondering about the choice. Why angel? Devil, he can actually understand. He's betrayed more than one. But he's far from an angel.

Idiotic. Fucked-up. Town. ]

D )) Around

[ He tried to see what happened if he removed the gloria – if it was even possible. And yes, it was possible, but the moment he took it off, his world toppled over and he felt like puking. His arms are so wobbly that he can't even put the thing back.

Now he's just sitting leaning against the wall, trying his best to regain his strength, although it's not really working very well this far. ]
13 April 2012 @ 03:35 pm
10th great power stolen // This is a bit...  
[ When Basco woke up, he noticed that something was wrong. He could see properly, because usually when he woke his bangs are all over. But now there are no hair obscuring his sight at all.

He make his way through the house, not really noticing any difference. All he can think is to find a phone. Without even thinking of looking into a mirror. He can feel that his hair is suddenly short, however. He has been to Greed's house, and dose not give the new location another thought. Because of this, he does not know that he is in Greed's body. ]

A: Phone.

[ He sounds a bit annoyed, a bit confused, and a bit tired. But it's not his voice, even though it's him. ]

Mabe-chan, did you cut my hair during the night?

[ Because obviously, the first thing that you do when you notice your hair's not right is to wonder if your former crew mate pranked you without noticing it. ]

B: Action – 624 Topper Street – Open to Erika and Alphonse.

[ A confused Basco!Greed will be found blinking into the bathroom mirror. He will even be found mumbling to himself. ]

Sure, I really like Greed-chan and all, but this is just plain weird. This must be something of the weirdest things that's happened in this town this far...

[ And then he's been in Mayfield for almost a year now. ]

And he is cute and all but I'd rather chat with him normally instead of having to look in the mirror when I want to look at his face.

C: Action – Around Mayfield.

[ So he finally found a mirror. And managed to figure some things out, after also having inspected the house. He has been to Greed's house before, and that was probably the reason why he didn't even notice he was in a place he wasn't supposed to be at. It wasn't unfamiliar, after all. He's not really wearing the usual clothes that Greed wear, though. He miss his pirate gear so much, and the more he think about it all, the more odd it feels in Greed's body. But he's also getting used to it. Anyone he know might be called upon, not mattering if they've met Greed or not. Basco want to continue his antics as normal.
While he's making way towards his own house to see if Greed was in the same predicament, he is also working out the tricks. He know Greed has a shield like a fullbody suit, but he don't know how to make it appear. Yet. ]
13 February 2012 @ 08:41 pm
9th great power stolen | All these flowers creep me out  

[ Day 1, afternoon, somewhere around the curch, locked to Abel. ]

[ Basco basically fled the house this morning, when he found his so called 'wife' and 'kids' among all of those silly amounts of flowers. Besides, seeing his 'wife' and 'daughter with those expressions were just as wrong as it usually was, and this? Today was even worse.

Corrently, he is crouched in front of a flowerbed, running his fingers along the petals of the different sorts. The flowers - most of them - are kinds that has never seen before, or sorts that he had only first seen upon coming to earth. He poked at a red rose, and watched it sway. He snickers; it almost look as if it's protesting against the touch. ]

..Just like Mabe-chan, huh...

[ Day 2, close to the school, locked to Yamame ]

[ He has been wandering again. The day is quite nice, and he always wanders away when he has nothing better to do. He usually don't end up here, though. Most of the times, he end up in the tavern or so.
He smiles cheerfully upon seeing a familiar face. ]

Hey, Yamame-chan.

[ Day 1 & 2, any time of the day, all about Mayfield, open ]

[ He is looking for people he knows, right now. Well, that, and just trying to ignore all the flowers. What good was flowers for, anyway? He sure didn't know. Obviously, the drones liked them, as that was why he refused to go back 'home'. Well, that was all good to him, though. He didn't mind wandering around town, after all, and if he got tired, he could just go crash somewhere not in that drone-filled house.

If you spot him, you can be sure that he won't hesitate to talk to you, and won't mind you talking to him. He loves talking to people and finding out how to tease them. Just be aware, he does have his gun close at hand, because that is something that he will not leave at the house. Well, you don't know that, though, unless you happen to be know that he has this gun close at hand at all times. ]