01 June 2012 @ 08:54 pm
[A - Action; 461 Stone

Len's paper-delivering bicycle is parked on the sidewalk in front of 461 Stone, and he is standing next to it, staring thoughtfully at it with crossed arms. He's tapping his foot lightly as he thinks.]

♪ Well, the first thing to do is to look for clues. Or maybe the second thing, I'll need to find my new lodgings, won't I? Ah, if only I had my loupe...!

[B - Phone]

♪ Hello - if we haven't met yet, my name is Len Kagamine. Until today, I had been assigned by Mayfield to the house at 461 Stone Street; but when I tried to go home today, the drones who used to think I was family, greeted me as if I was a stranger! My picture isn't on any of the walls, even though my "father", who has now unfortunately been droned, still does. My expert deduction is that I must have been assigned new living quarters. Only one mystery remains: where, exactly, do I live now?

If any of you have had a blonde boy with a ponytail, aged about fourteen, appear in your family portraits today, I would appreciate it if you would let me know. I may be your new housemate.

((Len is AU'd into a self-proclaimed "world's greatest detective" ala this video, and also dealing with his housing change! He now lives at 1331 Benny. Replies will come from [personal profile] delusionaldetective.))
23 April 2012 @ 05:16 pm
Kagamines campaign for the crown!!  
[1 - Rin and Len]

[IT'S THE PROM AGAIN! Rin remembers last year's fondly; especially the part where she got more votes for Queen than Miku. Therefore, she's enthusiastically going forward with another campaign. This year's strategy combines more printed fan art from her computer regains with clever taglines and placement all around the school! You, the students, can check out these posters:]

In the Music Room!
In the Home Ec Room!
In the Gym!
In the Chemistry Room!
In the Biology Room!
In the Art Room!
In the Cafeteria!

[ANY QUESTIONS? Well, Rin and Len are both hanging up her posters together! Why not chat them up while they're at it?]

[2 - Rin]

[ That was a lot of work! Rin takes a breather in the cafeteria with an orange juice and some lunch. And she's all alone... the perfect chance to talk to her about anything you could possibly want to talk about.]

[3 - Len]

[Len has no idea what this prom thing is, really, but it sounds like fun. And, of course, like a great opportunity to further the ~GLORY OF KAGAMINE~. So whether or not you know him, whether or not you've encountered his sister in the halls or in class today, you now have +1 Kagamine at your side who is really interested in whatever you're doing.]

♪ Hey~ What's up?

[4 - Both]

[After school, Rin and Len rush out of class to perform outside the school. Len has his keytar, Rin has a spare microphone, and they both have a fire in their belly! Together, they wave over as many students and passersby as possible, and Rin calls out,]

Come this way~! Now, we're going to sing for you! We are Kagamination! ♪

[and soon enough, they start playing and singing... doing anything to get attention!]

Song: Bonus Stage )

[when it's done, they take their bows.]

♪ That was Bonus Stage, and we are Rin and Len Kagamine! If you liked it, you should vote for us at Prom! Thank you, everyone! ♪

[Now, who wants an encore performance?]

((OOC: SO TO CLARIFY, Options 1 and 4 are joint tags, Option 2 is for Rin tags, Option 3 is for Len tags! Happy tagging! ))
13 April 2012 @ 10:17 pm
[A - Action; 836 Hastings

the first thing Len notices as he wakes is that Rin is not beside him. that's unusual; usually whoever wakes first wakes the other too. so he opens his eyes to see--

there's a white hoof stretched out in front of him. purple hair in his eyes. and this is not Rin's room.]


[anyone still in the house can hear that shout: loud and coarse and decidedly un-Rarity-like.]

[B - Action; around Mayfield

hey look, it's Rarity! ... maybe. She's stumbling around like she's not sure how to move on four legs, her mane and tail have not been groomed to their usual impeccable coif, and she has a look of panic on her face. that's because this isn't Rarity - it's Len Kagamine, walking around in her body. heaven help him when she sees how he's handling it.]

♪ H-Hey! Someone help! What happened to me?!

((Replies will come from [personal profile] kagawhinny))
17 March 2012 @ 12:34 am
backdated to White Day  
[A - Action; Bodine Fashion, March 13

Hey, look, Len's in the clothing store. That's nothing unusual! He's got a concert coming up, after all.

Hey, look, Len's in the girls' section of the clothing store. Well, okay, maybe Rin was just too busy to shop for herself. What a good brother Len is!

Hey, look, Len's... holding dresses up to himself in the mirror to see how they look. drones are giving him scandalized looks. Just what is going on here? Maybe you should go ask.]

[B - Action; 947 Beulah street, March 14; locked to Rin Kagamine

Len sits up in the too-small bed and shakes his sister awake]

♪ Rin, hey, wake up! It's White Day~
10 March 2012 @ 06:08 pm
[A - Action; around town

Are you on Len's paper route? If so, you just might see one of these flyers pasted up when you go out to collect your newspaper:

WHEN: Next Saturday, March 17
WHERE: 947 Beulah - look for the spaceship!

For the first time together in Mayfield, the Kagamine twins will be performing live in concert!!
You won't want to miss this!!

If you're up early enough, you might be able to catch him before he heads out on his way]

[B - Phone]

♪ Hey~ I hope you'll be coming to Rin's and my concert next weekend!
02 February 2012 @ 04:49 pm
[Action A: Store

For all that he wants to go directly to Rin's side, Len is surprised to find himself reluctant to do so. He's not entirely sure why - Rin is his sister, his other half, the stronger of them in many ways, and the one he always relies on. So why is he so hesitant, now that he needs her more than ever?

Trying to think about it is uncomfortable, so he doesn't. Instead, he makes excuses for himself to go anywhere but Rin's house. The malt shop was his first idea: he's a little hungry, and his mouth hurts. A milkshake might soothe the pain. But the realization that he wouldn't be able to taste it was enough to make him turn around on the spot.

It was the pain that finally drove him to the store. There was medicine for pain, right? And stuff to keep his wounds clean. Bandages. First-aid stuff.

The only problem is that he still has no idea what he needs. So if you're in the grocery store today, you might see a lost-looking blond teenager in the pharmacy section, staring helplessly at racks of pill bottles.]

[Action B: 947 Beulah

After finishing his shopping, Len couldn't manufacture any more excuses, and he's missing Rin too much to want to try. Onwards to 947 Beulah he goes.

... And he can't bring himself to knock on the door. Something inside him goes cold at the thought of Rin seeing him like this. At the idea of trying to talk to her, without a tongue.

He wants to see her, too much to bring himself to leave. He's afraid to see her, too much to knock on the door.

He ends up just sitting disconsolately on the stoop, quietly humming an eerie tune to himself. It's not one of his songs, or even Rin's, but he hasn't been able to get it out of his head.]
27 January 2012 @ 08:44 pm
[Action; 461 Stone

Sharing a bed with Rin was much easier when they had futons that allowed for some degree of sprawling. These twin-sized Western beds just do not accomodate two people comfortably. It's better than nothing, though.

After extricating himself from the bed, and probably getting kicked by Rin in her sleep for his troubles, he plods downstairs in his pajamas, yawning. His drone mom is already up getting breakfast ready, of course. That's one thing he has to admit he likes about this creepy setup. As he enters the kitchen, the smell of bacon and eggs and copper greets him.

Wait, copper? What kind of food smells like copper OH GOD DRONEMOM'S BLEEDING OUT FROM A GASH IN HER THROAT

you can probably hear him screaming all the way down the street.]


15 January 2012 @ 08:34 pm
[Action: Outside of 461 Stone]

[It's rough, getting used to this human body all of a sudden. Len keeps trying to cue up music files to sing from, only to remember that he doesn't have a hard drive any more. And his singing - the less said about that the better. It's still his same beautiful voice, and talking isn't so hard, but the muscles of his new human throat don't seem to want to cooperate when he sings. It's already a little better than when he first woke up, but he still wants to tear his hair out every time he tries.

At least bananas still taste good!

He manages not to slam the door behind him today (who knew judging his strength in a new body would be so hard), and he's feeling pretty triumphant about that when an old, faded piece of paper blows across his path, with a faint but somehow familiar image on it. Curious, he picks it up...

Thirty seconds later he's tearing it to shreds]

Rin!! H-how could you, when I wasn't even here to defend myself--!!