20 April 2012 @ 10:23 am
A:) phone.

[there's a small voice on the line belonging to a little girl -- but she sounds rather mature (or maybe compensating) for her age. her tone is polite, anyway.]

Good day. [...] My name is Schierke, and I have just arrived in this town several days ago... I understand that we cannot leave, and whoever is responsible for our situation has somehow also stolen certain things from us. [outside the obvious of 'freedom.' you can hear a hint of distaste in her voice at that...]

I have been separated from my companions and my magic; for this reason, I would like to make a request. [here, her tone becomes a little tentative. she misses them -- is more than a little overwhelmed by this place without the comforts of home; her magic and her friends. but! that isn't going to stop her from figuring this out and finding them, plus a way back.]

If... anyone has heard of a tall man named Guts? [...] Or-- perhaps a woman named Casca, or Farnese? There is also Serpico and Isidro... [she wonders if Puck and Ivalera might even end up here by this strange... concept of kidnapping.]

Please inform me. I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer to their locations.

...Thank you.

B:) action - around town // open.

[that over with, Schierke is now dressed in the uncomfortable garments the town provided for her in place of her usual witch's garb Flora had given her. she doesn't have so much as her staff! it's a truly deplorable situation.

you might see a less than enthusiastic little girl with green hair traveling the town today. she isn't quite sure what she's looking for, and she's never been great in crowds, so she might accidentally bump into you while distracted! or, maybe you'd like to say hello? whatever the case, it won't be hard to spot her in her travels if you'd like to.

C:) action - 1248 Williams // closed to housemates.

[this girl has kept to herself since she woke up here a few days ago and ran into Vash -- she hasn't seemed very fond of being a part of this 'family unit' deal and seems apt to look after herself. but, today, she'll be poking her head in the various rooms of the home in search of her 'family.' maybe it's time to admit that this isn't some trick or illusion and she might want to address the others stuck in the same position as her. except for the tall idiot, of course.]