17 June 2012 @ 02:34 pm
I - [John Doe park]

[Byakuren Hijiri does not get mad often. In fact, it's actually pretty hard to make her mad, with the exception of managing to hurt her precious girls from the temple. Today, however, has managed that terrible feat. Because someone, incredibly, is pissed off. If you manage to encounter her at the park, you'll probably get an eyeful of lasers lighting up the sky and/or an incredibly charred and chipped tree, somewhere in the secluded back. Being at least wise about her "karma levels," she decides to avoid the phonelines for the day--as well as everyone else, if she could. Instead she's taking her frustrations out on the tree, which is oddly close to falling over...from large hunks taken off its side. She has been kicking and punching the bark off of the tree.

She never really knew her father well, not at all. She knew he died when she and her brother were just small children...but it was just that. What had been going on? What was this 'celebration of fathers' going on? For whatever reason, she'd found herself trying to go out of her way for her not!son's drone that morning. She tried to help him out of his destructive habits, but she'd normally never go that far. Something was up with her, and she knew it. But she really didn't need the town shoving it down her throat. Hooray dads. Hooray brothers.

Hooray brothers..

Today I will...allow myself this. [She sniffles. It seems she's been crying a bit.] Once and never again. This has...gone on for far too long...

II - 335 Brady
[If anyone wants to find her after that? She's pretty much locked herself up in her bedroom's closet, completely silent. Eugh.]
13 April 2012 @ 06:36 pm
05 ❀ {{let's open the day up with the sound of humans screaming}}  
I - [phone] 

Hello, this is Byakuren Hijiri. [Except it sounds nothing like Byakuren. In fact, it sounds like a little girl, familiar to some.] I seem to have been involved in these...body-switching events as well. Satou-chan, I believe the one I'm wearing is yours. 

Additionally...girls, please let me know if you're all alright. ["Girls" being her babbies from the Temple, as she expects them to recongize her choice of words if nothing else.]

II - [action, around town]

[Later in the day, Satou!Byakuren can be seen wandering around aimlessly, muttering to herself and looking frustrated. She may or may not accidentally trip and fall on her face, because what is walking with tiny legs after 1000 years of long ones.]
11 March 2012 @ 11:37 am
04 ❀ {{watch the seasons? I wish we could have watched together}}  
I ♡ Action, 335 Brady & surrounding area ♡ Morning
[Ichirin was gone. Byakuren was sure of that, when she picked up the phone to call her dear junior, and she was greeted with the cheerful tone of a drone. At first she passed it off as a minor incident--after all, she'd just returned from being droned, herself. But later, when she spotted "Ichirin" in the street, there was a noticeable lack of Unzan.

And that was when the panic set in. She was gone. She wouldn't be coming back any time in the near future. She still had Murasa, she still had Kyouko, and Mamizou, but...Ichirin. Outside of Shou, she was the one Byakuren trusted the most, and even had secured a place in Byakuren's heart as a little sister figure.

So sometime in the morning, after the nun returned from her walk, she screamed.

It was a sound very unlike her, filled with the despair she never let surface. And at the moment she let it all go, there's a flash of intense purple light; it seeps out of every window of the house, every crack, every pore. Every object within the house gets lifted up, if for a split second, and then dumped on the ground unceremoniously. All that's left at the end of it is a quiet sobbing coming from the house's attic.

II ♡ Phone ♡ Noon
[With Ichirin and Seiga both gone, Byakuren finds herself torn between feeling relief and finally being able to breathe, and feeling like a piece of herself is missing, all of the sadness within her holed up when she saw Shou's drone weeks before finally pouring out. After the Incident, she takes up the phone to attempt to deal with her ~*~FEELS~*~ in a more productive manner.] Hello, everyone. This is Hijiri. I think at one point, we've all had someone we care about droned, even if for a short period of time. Coping strategies differ from person to person, but has anyone ever considered a type of memorial for our fallen comrades?

[A pause.] I realize it might seem rather silly, seeing as many return (without their memories, granted), but it might help to ease the pain for some. It could be as loose or as formal as you wish...

Please let me know if any of you are interested.

III ♡ action, park ♡ evening
["Better" was a subjective word, but she knew she felt "better". It didn't stop her from being sad, nothing would for a while, but she no longer felt "awful". She appears happier, at least superficially. And her face holds no signs that she'd been crying earlier.

Wherever you happen to be, most likely outside in a wider space, Byakuren is probably there. She's taken to levitating every object in the vicinity. Doing....something. Lamps, books, mini-tables, everything is up and floating around her in a purple aura. She seems to be studying the way they float? Or perhaps observing something.

Approach y/n?
05 February 2012 @ 01:23 pm
03 ❀ {{you were behind me, but never all the way}}  
[action - downtown]

[She was never really one for violence. It was against her newfound path, you know! But seeing what the town had done to her these past few days, finally slipping out of her psychosis, after murdering people in cold blood.

Yeah, she's mad. Almost angrier than when she was still suffering from the affects of being revived. So in the downtown area, yeah? You can see a witch with her scroll out, shooting lasers and bullets god knows what else at every structure still standing. Though if you choose to approach her, she'll instantly cease firing.