25 March 2012 @ 02:06 pm
Sixteenth Wind [Phone/Action]  
[Phone; Drone Filter]

I remember well what happened last time this census went around. Spring Cleaning, they called it. A form of population control that, in the end, didn't even work. I'm not sure the full details of it, but you'll notice some people were even honored for what they did back then. Some of them that are still here carry that guilt. Some... well some just don't care. Either way, whether it will be the same or not, remember, don't give in. We're stronger than this town. Don't you ever go forgetting that.

[Action: Makeout Point; Late Afternoon]

-Bang. Bang.

The sounds of pistol fire and pullets slamming into empty soup cans echoed throughout the nearby area. Her injury had made her sloppy, and she needed to practice. Especially if the town was planning something again. She wasn't as fast as she usually was, but even without her cane, she seemed to handle her guns in a way that no one would question her expertise with them. Hopefully no one was stupid enough to catch a stray bullet...-
25 January 2012 @ 03:13 pm
Fifteenth Wind [Phone/Action]  

Look... I know a lot of people are upset right now. And... they have a right to be. But you have to understand what happened back in March. What we had been lead to believe that machine was. Or the state of mind of people who have been here longer than you. Not everything is black and white. And decisions rarely fall into "right" or "wrong" any longer.

I know this, because it's a lesson I've had to learn myself. Before I even came to this place even. A sense of right and wrong is important, but sometimes you can't get hung up on possible miscalculations. Sometimes you feel the only way a difference can be made is if you act.

No tomorrows, no regrets. That's how a Drifter lives. You risk everything for the day to come. That's what we did back then. And I'm not sorr-GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHGHH!!

-The scream sounds suddenly, and the phone is seemingly dropped to the floor. There's a sharp ping of static, but following that any further sound is muffled, as if the phone is face down in fluid. Virginia will not be answering any direct calls. She just lost an arm. And that won't be all...-

[Action: 847 Goldberg]

-Virginia had barely any time to recover from her right arm suddenly falling off, as if ripped from her by gravity itself. Soon enough, she's blasted all the way across the house by force unknown, feeling as if several of her bones have broken at once and she was hit by an invisible wall moving at terminal velocity. She winds up crashing out of the window, sprawling onto the grass in the front yard bleeding and crying out in pain. She's not dead, by some miracle, but she won't last long in that state...-