16 September 2012 @ 11:35 am
action; phone (forward dated to Monday!)  
{ACTION} Mayfield Elementary; before class
[Despite seeing and hearing some things he didn't want to encounter during the trip into the void, Czeslaw has been attending school without missing a day. Dressed in a white shirt with a tie (fixed to be straight by his drone mother) and jacket but missing his usual hat, Czes makes his way on campus, arriving a little bit early.

He bumps shoulders with people sometimes, uttering a small "sorry" whenever he does. But if he sees a face he recognizes, he looks up with the best smile he could plaster on his face.]

Hi... good morning! How's it going?

{ACTION} Stone Street; afternoon
[Czeslaw received something in the mail after coming home from school. It was just an envelope with a card inside, but what's important to Czes is what is dran on the card. It's a two-panel comic, a simple picture of a human with a wound in the first panel; the human's wound is healed in the second. He looks at it for a couple of seconds before he pales and nearly drops it, turning white and running inside the house.]

{PHONE} filtered to Firo Prochainezo
Firo! Hey Firo, can I talk to you?

[First he calls Firo, because this is the guy he was living with back home. First he's got to call Firo and see if he's still alive and around, and tell him what happened. He already tried to see if the mail wasn't joking, and sure enough it was real. The cut on his lip he bit down on it earlier healed in seconds.]

Not over the phone, though -- I can come to to your house or meet you anywhere, but I need to talk to you!

{ACTION} Nelson Street; nighttime
[Czes was also going to try calling Elmer C. Albatross but instead he runs. He remembers that Elmer lived on Nelson Street, so he runs as fast as he can to that street, hoping he'll find the house. But it's the one with the treehouse, right?

He's running so fast he might crash right into a passerby, saying "Sorry!" and hoping he won't get pulled into a conversation.]
11 August 2012 @ 06:56 pm
[action - grocery store]
[Early in the afternoon, Czes is wandering around the produce section of the grocery store. He parked his shopping cart nearby, some groceries already inside -- detergent, a bar of soap, coffee and some vegetables -- but he's stuck on what to do about fruits. Which ones taste good at this time of the year? Which ones are ripe right now, anyway?

He goes between the fruits, occasionally picking up an apple, staring at it, putting it back. He'll do the same with oranges, with some bananas...]

[phone - filtered from drones]
I guess school is supposed to start in a few weeks. I got asked by a few drones if I was ready for it, anyway -- and I've got to admit, I'm not. What are some things I should know before classes start?

When do classes start at Mayfield Elementary, anyway? [Elementary school. Elementary school. He has no idea how he's going to deal with being in grade school, but if he's got to go, he wants to go without screwing it up.]

[action - evening; Stone Street]
[As the sun's starting to set and the temperature also begins to cool down, Czeslaw steps outside his house and sits on the edge of the sidewalk, book in hand. He's also watching anyone or anything -- cars, animals, what have you -- go past, wondering if it's okay to appreciate the quiet, orderly peacefulness of the town. And wondering exactly when and how Mayfield will become the dangerous place he was warned about a month ago.

He eventually closes his book and starts drawing on the sidewalk with a box of chalks he also brought outside with him.


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12 July 2012 @ 11:21 am
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[action - around town in the afternoon]
[There's a small little boy walking around town. A flat cap pulled down over his eyes, and a brown jacket even in the middle of July. His outfit choice looks a couple decades out of date, too, although the clothes are definitely from the right era. Fashion statement?

Seemingly lost in his thoughts, Czeslaw Meyer-Stanfield is not paying much attention to where he is going. He passes by houses, by shops, by people. He might accidentally bump into people, at which point he will blink the surprise away and smile sheepishly, with a natural-sounding]

Oh...! Oh, I'm sorry [mister, or miss]. I guess I wasn't watching where I was going. I didn't mean to run into you. Good afternoon!

[action - 459 Stone Street]
[Nope. Nope. Nope nope nope. He can't handle this family arrangement. His "mother" won't let him hole up in his room, though, so he's sitting in a chair in the corner of the front room watching the door so he'll never be surprised by his "father"'s homecoming.]